If you haven’t yet read the comments on the previous post, I think Aaron has helped my retardation with perspective. Tongue out Just gotta wait for the other PC to boot, then I’ve gotta find and install the scanner drivers, then link it through to my com…

… actually… I COULD have just scanned it to a memory card using the scanner’s display by now. Guh. -.-
Okay, back in a sec… Tongue out


Okay, I’m officially getting pissed off with being at home, now. I like the area, I like the tranquility, and I like the fact that I can actually get to sleep at midnight, but because of my parents (who have NO knowledge of ANY sort of technology) barely ANYTHING electrical works in this house as it should do. I JUST want to use the scanner to scan ONE THING to a memory card. So, I turn on the printer/scanner, and the warning light starts flashing saying "Refer to documentation". Something to do with ink cartridges. You know what my Dad’s done? He’s fucking replaced the black ink cartridge with a REFURBISHED one, so the printer looks at the cartridge, notices it’s an unofficial cartridge, and doesn’t know what the hell it is or how much ink is left, so it starts screaming at me and I can’t use the damned thing. I can’t even use it to SCAN to a MEMORY CARD, which involves NO INK.

When I last left it, the printer/scanner was FINE. Now it’s not letting me use it at all. Grr! Angry

Alright… I guess I’ll see if I can try and fix this printer. I’ll be back in a little while. Again.


Ah, no. I’ve done everything I can, but it’s still screwed. Great. The one time I want to use the scanner – it isn’t working. Eye-rolling

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