Okay, so when I said TOMORROW…

…I actually meant in 5 days time. Tongue out Had to finish off a bunch of work for Uni, including a basic ULSG 2, a ghey report, and some stupid maths crap that makes no sense. Expression X, expression Y, Q = Billy ate the chocolate and R = Billy has chocolate around his mouth, draw a truth table to test that expression Y follows logically from expression X… BILLY ATE THE FRIGGIN’ CHOCOLATE AND HAS IT ROUND HIS MOUTH, EEKAY?! I thought we were learning how to program GAMES, not learn pointless maths… the only good and useful "maths" we’ve done is Finite State Machines, and we only did that for a week… AND it wasn’t games-oriented… AND it was in Java, which is crap… >.>

But anyway, yeah, I finished the basic prototype for ULSG 2. Open-mouthed It’s nowhere NEAR indicative of the final game, because there’re two powerups I’m missing, the S.P.A.R.T.A Drone doesn’t exist, there’re only two ship types, I’m not really making much use of the third dimension, etc. Tongue out But it’s looking pretty good, and I’ve not done too bad with the coding! A little while ago, I decided to add the Nineteen powerup before recording some gameplay, and thanks to good maintainability, I had it implemented in about 5-10 minutes, which is about half of the time it took to implement a new powerup in ULSG V13 using Multimedia Fusion. Open-mouthed Cillit Bang and Choclit Rayn may be a little more difficult, especially Choclit Rayn, but I’ll do it. Open-mouthed

Anyway, I’ve got some footage for ya. Open-mouthed


You enjoy now. Open-mouthed




This is the ONLY game I want to download JUST TO LOSE, so I can experience this jingle. Tongue out I also quite like how the YEAAAAAAHHHHH! lasts longer than the GAME OVER. Tongue out This is SO going in ULSG 2. Open-mouthed

Which leads me, quite nicely, onto my progress for ULSG 2. Open-mouthed

The core gameplay, believe it or not, is ALMOST complete already. Open-mouthed You control a ship which can fire lasers. These lasers can hit basic enemies, and eventually destroy them. The enemies, when destroyed, award you points, reset your Miss Counter and boost your Awesometer, and also have a 66% chance of dropping 1-3 multiplier icons. These multiplier icons move in pretty much the same way as they did in ULSG V13, and they can bounce off the edges of the screen. You can pick up the multiplier icons, which then increase your Multiplier. If you collect a multiplier icon when it is at the bottom of the screen OR if it has bounced off the wall, you get twice as many Multipliers. If you can collect a multiplier icon when it has bounced off the wall AND is at the bottom of the screen, you’ll get the famous INSANE STUNT BONUS!!, and you’ll earn triple the value of the multiplier icon. Open-mouthed
The HUD displays score, level and multipliers, as well as the Awesometer, the border of the Miss Counter, and the background of the health and XP bars. The Miss Counter doesn’t work yet, nor do the health or XP bars. Sad Score popups appear after destroying an enemy or collecting a multiplier, though! Open-mouthed
Powerup canisters also exist, and they spawn with the enemies. You can shoot these for a random (not really, there’s a 100% chance for a Power Up at the moment Tongue out) powerup, which you can then collect. Open-mouthed

All I need to do to finish the basic prototype is to make it so you can
collide with enemies and take damage, make the miss counter increase and
halve your Multipliers when it’s full, display health on the screen,
display the current amount of enemies destroyed on the screen, make it
so the level increases after a certain amount of enemies have been
destroyed and create the two "basic" timed powerups (Quad Damage and
Rapid Fire). Then I think I’m all set for submission to le University,
and I’ll have an A in the bag. Open-mouthed
Well, unless the tutor’s ghey. Tongue out

Here, have a screenie:

I also have a gameplay vid for y’all, but I’ll upload that tomorrow, methinks. Smile Stay tuned! Open-mouthed

The Ultimate Lame Ship Mk. II IS ALIIVE!

Yeah, I rendered this a while ago, but I’ve only just put it into the game, and I don’t actually think I posted it on the blog. So here we go. Open-mouthed

This is my render of the old Ultimate Lame Ship:

I was a beginner in modelling back then, so I guess it’s a little crappy. Tongue out HOWEVER, I am no longer a beginner! I am now ranked as "Mildly Experienced Yet Still Incompetent", and I now have a render of ULS Mk. II!! Wanna see? Here ya go:

And hey, it’s actually not awful this time! Open-mouthed Well, the textures are, but I suck at texturing, so there. Tongue out

Description: "It’s the Ultimate Lame Ship Mk.II! The second version of the 3LEET
flagship has many improved features, such as a built-in Xbox 1440 and
PlayStation 9, as well as a new coffee machine that DOESN’T break all
the time. Oh, yeah, and there are new laser cannons and improved shields
and stuff. But that coffee machine… MAN, it’s so much better."

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look that good in-game. But yes, it is in-game, and moves around perfectly well:

Now, I need to make it so you can select Quadrillion Mode, and move around in-game! Open-mouthed Back in a bit.


Oh, man, I’m laying out some SERIOUS C# asskickery! Open-mouthed ULSG 2 is starting to look pretty sweet! Open-mouthed

Nothing really works yet, apart from the score and movement. The score WOULD go up to about 6 quintillion if you left it running for about 1000 years, and you can move around and fire (invisible, static) lasers, but the Awesometer and Miss Counter are just THERE, and there’s no indication of your level or multipliers. Tongue out Nor are there any enemies. Tongue out

I DID manage to fix the weird graphical glitch I was getting with the Ultimate Lame Ship, where you could sometimes see the other wing (Confused), and I also found a way to activate multi-sampling (anti-aliasing), so it looks smoother than ever, now! Open-mouthed I still need to figure out how textures work, though – the ULS is the right base colour, but there’re no other shades on there at all. Just a flat green ship. Tongue out

Methinks I’ll pick this up sometime tomorrow. I’m pretty happy with what I’ve done so far, though! Smile

*headdesk* *headdesk*…

I’ve just created a scene in DAZ Studio, and after a couple test renders, I tried to render it with UberEnvironment 2 on. And now I’m stuck waiting for it to CANCEL! It’s taken about FIVE MINUTES TO CANCEL A RENDER! ARRRGH! AngryAnyway, now that I’m stuck here, I thought I’d blab on about a couple random things. Mainly ULSG. Smile

Now, I haven’t even OPENED the ULSG project file in God-knows how long. I have no real idea why, maybe because it’s becoming an extremely big project, maybe because the things I have left to do are more tedious than fun… well, apart from the two new super-ships and the D.E.V.E.L.O.P.E.R Drone, but after that, the I-Mall is finished, and I’ve got a MASSIVE amount of Achievements to code. Achievements aren’t exactly FUN to make. Tongue out

But, after doing these modifications to Counter Challenge (he’s given me an incentive of £100 to finish it), I’m gonna pick up ULSG again. Well, ULSG 2 first, to get my grade. Tongue out Then I’ll go back to ULSG V13. Wink Hopefully I’ll have an update very soon, and I’m still aiming to finish it by the end of this year. Smile

And don’t worry, I stick to my belief that ULSG can be upgraded and enhanced to infinity, and I have other things planned for V14, as well as ULSG 2. Open-mouthed Firstly there’s Infinity Mode, which lets you score as many points as you want (although there technically IS a limit of um… 6 quintillion, because that’s as high as 64-bit integers can go. I’ll probably be able to find a way around that. Wink). Then there’s the Lame Adventure Mode, which is basically a campaign mode. With a story. Oh yes. Open-mouthed I may have mentioned this before, but I can’t really remember, so mleh. Tongue out You may have an extract from the story. Open-mouthed

“One eventful day, Failiens somehow manage to bypass Earth’s early warning and planetary defence systems and enter Earth’s thermal exhaust port, and they are now heading towards the center of the Earth! If even one Failien manages to get there and stay there long enough, the Earth will almost certainly overload with Fail, and will explode… or quite possibly A-splode. The player – a 3l33t fighter pilot, is tasked to Journey to the Center of the Earth, and manages to destroy all the Failiens.

After the incident, a team of analysts are brought in to determine how the Failiens managed to bypass all of Earth’s defences without being detected. They manage to determine that the systems were shut down from a high-security station on the planet’s surface. The Marines are sent in to investigate, and they find that the place had been compromised by an unknown entity. The only clues they could find were…”

And oh dear, information beyond that point seems to require Level 1337 security clearance. Tongue out

Now, as I was deciding the number of missions to plan for the Lame Adventure Mode, in traditional ULSG spirit, I used completely retarded logic. I noticed that there were 13 (main) Final Fantasy games. And what do all Final Fantasy games have? YES, an EPIC victory tune. So, I decided that there would be 13 stages, and a victory theme from each of the main 13 Final Fantasy games would play after each stage. Awesome idea, much?! Open-mouthed

However, as I was collecting the Final Fantasy victory themes, I noticed that FFXI didn’t actually HAVE a victory theme. So, I had to take the Combo Breaker Final Fantasy X-2 victory theme. And now that I’ve seen people mention it, yes, it DOES sound quite a lot like buying a new car on Gran Turismo. Tongue out But it’s not awful, by any means.

But then, DISASTER. As I found the Final Fantasy XIII victory theme, the only theme I’d never heard before, a part of me died inside. Sad The first bit is alright, but then… did I suddenly get GAME OVER?! Tongue out I don’t want to put THAT at the end of the Lame Adventure Mode final battle! Urgh. Whatever. I’ll either shorten the Lame Adventure Mode by one mission, find some other victory tune I can use for mission 13, or just take it and use FFXIII’s victory tune, just without the game over section… SORRY, battle results section. Tongue out

Anyway, that’s what’s planned. I also need a new story for ULSG 2, but I’ve got something planned. All I’m gonna say is “Galactic Thermonuclear War”. Wink But first, I’m gonna finish the 2D version of ULSG. V14 is gonna be the last 2D version. Smile

Right, the render has finally cancelled, so I’m off for now. See yas later! Smile


Not really, it’s still a bag of crap. Tongue out But I HAVE managed to get the test image I did the other day from the paper onto the PC. How? Well, I have a camera. ‘Nuff said. Wink

Of course, compared to a scan, the resulting image quality is just like the quality of 4chan, Halifax and the House of Parliament all put together. SHIT. Tongue out That doesn’t really matter, though, because the image itself is pretty shit, too. Tongue out

But anyway, I’m a novice, I quite like to show things off aiming to get feedback on them, and this blog is rich in random content, so here you go:

(Please try not to shit yourself laughing – it was done by ME in 10 minutes with a blunt pencil and only a MOUSE MAT to rest on. Tongue out)
Just an attempt to get him to look as if he’s looking upwards and slightly towards you, which I THOUGHT I had done an okay job on, but when I look back at it… nah. Tongue out Maybe I’ll try again.

*10 minutes later*

Yeah, it… it came out pretty much exactly the same as my other attempt, just a tiny bit cleaner and smoother. Wow. That’s pretty big in the FAIL department. In everything else I do, I start off as being fairly bad at it, and noticably improve over time.
Take Lumines as an example – my first ever game of Lumines: less than 100,000. Second game, 150,000. Third game. 250,000. And the other day, on Lumines II, being the crazed fast-thinking puzzle master that I am, I LAPPED ENDURANCE MODE, lasting over two hours and scoring 1,650,000. Surprised
Coding – started off shite, barely being able to code a Pong game, and now I’m attempting to develop ULSG 2 and recently finished off a typing game in Java which WILL get me at least a B! Open-mouthed
Writing – I started off Dragon Tail, terrible grammar, awful description, pretty bad all round. By Chapter 15, I was starting to get used to it. Now it’s nearly 200,000 words long and I would ACTUALLY kill myself if I lost it. Tongue out
As for art? Attempt 1: Bad. Attempt 2: No improvement. Attempt 3: No improvement. Attempt 4: Barely improving. And so on. Tongue out

It must be a retardation that doctors failed to diagnose, or something. Tongue out I like doing it, it’s relatively fun, but I’d probably feel better doing it if I was, y’know, NOT shite? Tongue out

Ah well. I’ll keep at it. Maybe I’ll start to discover/understand some more techniques or something. Wink


Off-topic slightly, but what the hell. Tongue out I just searched Ikari on the Interwebs, wondering if I’d seen it before or if it genuinely was a completely random name I conjured up out of nowhere. Wink Firstly, Ikari is the name of a new gaming mouse that I’d read about for one minute in one of GAME’s newsletters. Obviously must have stuck in the back of my mind for some reason. Tongue out Also, hilariously, Ikari means "anger" in Japanese – which is pretty much the exact OPPOSITE of Ikari the dragon’s personality. How ironic. Tongue out


If you haven’t yet read the comments on the previous post, I think Aaron has helped my retardation with perspective. Tongue out Just gotta wait for the other PC to boot, then I’ve gotta find and install the scanner drivers, then link it through to my com…

… actually… I COULD have just scanned it to a memory card using the scanner’s display by now. Guh. -.-
Okay, back in a sec… Tongue out


Okay, I’m officially getting pissed off with being at home, now. I like the area, I like the tranquility, and I like the fact that I can actually get to sleep at midnight, but because of my parents (who have NO knowledge of ANY sort of technology) barely ANYTHING electrical works in this house as it should do. I JUST want to use the scanner to scan ONE THING to a memory card. So, I turn on the printer/scanner, and the warning light starts flashing saying "Refer to documentation". Something to do with ink cartridges. You know what my Dad’s done? He’s fucking replaced the black ink cartridge with a REFURBISHED one, so the printer looks at the cartridge, notices it’s an unofficial cartridge, and doesn’t know what the hell it is or how much ink is left, so it starts screaming at me and I can’t use the damned thing. I can’t even use it to SCAN to a MEMORY CARD, which involves NO INK.

When I last left it, the printer/scanner was FINE. Now it’s not letting me use it at all. Grr! Angry

Alright… I guess I’ll see if I can try and fix this printer. I’ll be back in a little while. Again.


Ah, no. I’ve done everything I can, but it’s still screwed. Great. The one time I want to use the scanner – it isn’t working. Eye-rolling