I think I insulted myself more times in the past 3 hours than anyone else does in a YEAR.

"LOL WUT?" are the first words floating in your brain after reading the title of the entry. Tongue out But yeah, it’s true. Why? Well… it involves paper and pencils. Wink

Yeah, I’ve started work on my drawing of Ikari, like I SAID I would.Β Open-mouthed I posed and rendered a SubDragon in DAZ Studio, and attempted to use that as a reference. At first, I couldn’t even decide where to start, but I eventually decided to start with the feet and work upwards. After two MINUTES, I decided to start with the head, instead – I can NOT draw dragons’ feet. Tongue out However, that wasn’t really a great idea either, because I also can’t draw dragon heads. Tongue out That’s ABOUT where I started to murmur about how shit I was at art, and questioning myself why the hell I was even trying. Every single mistake I made (And trust me, I make A LOT of mistakes Tongue out), my brain just thought of a new and fruitier insult, which I’d grumble to myself. Tongue out

I was getting really REALLY frustrated with myself. I WANT to draw dragons, and I know I CAN do it (to a minor degree of awesomeness Wink), but… it wasn’t really showing as I drew the basic shape. I know there’re things that you have to do to draw well and prevent brain hemorrhage while doing so, such as using construction lines (ovals for the body and circles for the fingers and stuff)… but ah, I don’t do that, because, quite honestly, I don’t even believe it helps. My technique level is pretty much, ZERO. I’ve no knowledge of anatomy (and quite frankly, I couldn’t give a crap, because it’s horrifyingly boring Tongue out), I suck at shading, I have no idea how you can show a light source in a pencil drawing, I can’t seem to draw in such a way as to make the image look 3D, my perspective drawing skills are pathetic, and I sometimes get into a situation where I’m confused about how to draw something (YES, I KNOW, that’s really retarded…Β Tongue out). I basically just draw and hope for the best… which isn’t usually what I get. Tongue out It’s as if I have a very specific physical disability which prevents me from being able to draw well, no matter how hard I try. Tongue out

I watched a speed painting of a dragon a while back (it was recommended to me on YouTube for some reason, when all I usually do is watch YouTube Poops and Red Zone remixes Tongue out), and it was pretty impressive… but that guy didn’t use construction lines or anything. Nor did he make a single mistake. He just DID IT, just like that. From nothing to fully coloured, IN ABOUT TWO HOURS. I still don’t believe that it was legit – I don’t know how he could CHEAT, but… seriously, AS IF you can just draw a perfect dragon, or a perfect ANYTHING, without making ANY mistakes… that’s like playing MegaMan and completing it without getting damaged. IMPOSSIBLE. Tongue out

I NEARLY gave up on this about four times. But I promised myself that I would finish it, and I FORCED myself to keep going, even if it killed me. Tongue out Eventually, I started to concentrate properly. And slowly… VERY slowly, the drawing started to come together. I (through some miracle) managed to finish the basic head shape, although I CANNOT even BEGIN to understand how to draw the underside of a dragon’s head when he’s looking upwards and to the side, like this:

Whatever I do, it looks SHIT. Sad Even with a reference. Maybe it’s something I can only do in colour? I dunno – you tell me. Tongue out

I also managed to get the body shape down, and finish the arms and hands, too. In his right hand, he is holding a staff, which looks okay, but it looks TOO "flat". My aim isn’t to make this impossibly realistic – it’s only a cartoon-style drawing, but I at LEAST want it to look a LITTLE bit 3D… Tongue out His hands aren’t bad, and his arms are okay, too – apart from his left arm, which I just can’t seem to draw right for an unknown reason. Confused Maybe its these chest plates which are throwing me off a little.

Yep, the chest plates are there already, and it’s the only specific thing in the drawing which I can say "that looks GOOD" to, at the minute. Tongue out Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any chest muscles, because I can’t friggin’ do them, because either the chest plates are confusing me, or I’m a retard. Probably the latter. Tongue out

He has wings, which don’t look too bad, but again, my perspective skillz are totally non-existent.Β Tongue out His tail is finished, and it has these small spikes in the side of the tail, which would look cool if I could actually do them right. Tongue out His legs are done, but yes, as is quite usual for me, I’ve left a fairly critical detail out. The poor dragon doesn’t even have any feet. Tongue out

I’ll draw them tomorrow (it’ll probably take me about an hour or two Tongue out), and then I can start adding details and stuff. Open-mouthed I have to say, though, he doesn’t look bad – he’s really beginning to look like Ikari. By the time I’m done with him tomorrow, he WILL be Ikari. Hopefully.Β Smile He just won’t be wearing robes – I’ll have to try and transfer him onto another sheet of paper before I even ATTEMPT that. Tongue out I’d show you what he looks like so far, but I can’t use the scanner right now, and I might as well just show you the complete version tomorrow. Wink He’s not gonna be coloured, but I’ll get him coloured eventually. I bet that colouring him will increase his WIN factor by at LEAST 3%. Open-mouthed

Anyhoo, I’m off. I’ll see yas later! Smile

10 thoughts on “I think I insulted myself more times in the past 3 hours than anyone else does in a YEAR.

  1. ARGH, GRAND OODIAR! so yeah, SoRRV5 cant wait its nearly out, probably august ish im predicting, could be christmas, then we’ll be able to play online! ADAM TEAM ASS KICK SMASH, oh yeah got some things for u to try out on V4 – put these in the main menu and have a little test with them – the Speed mode, tiny and angles modes are AWESOME, the unlock everything is a must, and all the others are pretty pants due to the simple resolution modifications – yeah so have a go with those!About drawing though, get some reference images, don’t bother with the technicalities if you dont want to such as spheres for fingers and rectangles etc shapes and anatomy are quite difficult but they do help, im not even into anatomy yet! Tips though, don’t knock yourself before you start lmao thats bad, but lines help alot or atleast try and seperate a page try it via squares inside squares if you want an image to have depth and a perspective then draw directional lines – a bit like the dragon image above (I’d put the smallest square/rectangle around its teeth and nose, next square would have its eye, smaller horns and the jaw underneath, finally the last square would have the neck and right background past the neck) – not sure if this helps, I’d rather post a sketch on msn lmao

  2. ARGH forgot to post the sorrv4 codes – type them in the bomberman logo screen (can only do one at a time, except the unlock all cheat which can be saved) sorrgame4 – Everything Unlockedsorrspeed – Make Game Run At High Speedsorrghost – Make All Characters Appear Transparentsorrlong – Make All Characters Appear Stretchedbomberg – Same As sorrlongsorrtiny – Make All Characters Appear Smallsorr123 – Make Background Appear Transparentsorrfat – Make All Characters Appear Bigsorrz – Make All Characters Appear At Anglessorr0 – No Timer (Pointless Since Available In Options)

  3. GRAND UPPAH! YEAH, can’t wait for SoRRV5! πŸ˜€ I’ve still got my subscription to their RSS feed active – so I’ll know when it’s gonna be out. πŸ™‚ IMMEDIATE download when it is out, though. :DHehe, I always expect so much of myself – I want the picture to be AMAZING the VERY FIRST TIME I try, but… yeah. That’s not gonna happen. But I’m a perfectionist, so plah. πŸ˜› Next time I try drawing something, I’ll try drawing basic shapes and go from there, hopefully without beating myself up while doing it. :)I… KINDA get what you mean about the perspective thing. Sort of. Well… okay, not really. πŸ˜› I have a book which has a couple pages on perspective, and the book specifically deals with fantasy art, and to be honest… I still can’t understand how you do perspective after reading that either. πŸ˜› It gives you examples with lines drawn OVER totally finished images, but it doesn’t help me in the slightest. Perspective is just a bunch of lines – but how can you know where to draw them when you’ve got nothing? Do you just GUESS and hope for the best? πŸ˜› Perspective is a massive weakness of mine, just like lighting and shading. It’s probably one of the main reasons why I suck. :PBut anyway, thanks for the tips. πŸ™‚ I think I’ve got more of a technical mind rather than an artistic one, but I’ll continue with this drawing tonight, and who knows – maybe it won’t be too crap when I’m done. :DOh, and SoRR cheat codes, too! Nice! πŸ˜€ WOW, I’ve gotta try the small cheat. And OMAIGHAD, A SPEED CHEAT! ACE. πŸ˜€ Thanks for them! πŸ˜€

  4. yeah, didn’t explain it too well, here check this image out, you might get the jist – red lines show both how to split a sketch – in this image the perspective isnt really frontal, so the dragon doesnt decrease in size much across the page, but the boxing I did just shows how you can split it πŸ˜€ – green shows direction – i.e where you want the dragon to be facing on the page, it is facing away from the us/viewer/centre, yeah also the green lines notice they’re parallel – this is important when showing direction you can see the lower jaw, upper jaw and head lines are nearly completely parallell although dragon faces could vary, this 3d one you have though shows it, Lol I should teach art, Here :Dhttp://img242.imageshack.us/img242/2861/dragonheadexplanation.jpg

  5. Stick figures is about as good as I get, so if you’ve passed that stage then you are already 1million times better than me!!! πŸ™‚ My drawings look like a 2 yr olds!! So don’t be too hard on yaself! It takes time…… Impatience is a familt trait tho! πŸ™‚ x

  6. Nice, ive just found and downloaded your latest ulsg version (13 alpha 33) is it your latest?, ah anyway ill have a whirl on that since youve done alot on it, Lol nice that youve completed the faces unlockables, didnt think you’d include yourself and some other people lmao (Y). Oh and one more thing SoRR V4 Survival mode – when you select your character hold number 1 and 0 straight after – theres a little secret :), I dug hard for that one on the bombergames forums

  7. @ Aaron: My brain is currently analyzing your diagram and trying to understand. πŸ˜› It MIGHT "click" eventually, but as I said, my brain works better with problem solving and numbers rather than art and visualisation. Your explanation’s good, but my understanding/experience/talent/whatever isn’t. πŸ˜› But anyway, cheers for that! :DBut personally, I’d die if I were a teacher. Either that, or I’d get fired very quickly. :PULSG V13 A33 isn’t the newest version – the newest drones and equipment (D.E.V.E.L.O.P.E.R Drone, Epic Multipliers, Limit Break, etc.) either aren’t there or are impossible to unlock. 😦 I’ve got the experimental A35 with me, but I’m gonna finish everything before I post the newest version to The Daily Click. :)@ Meesh: Ha-ha, stick figures RULE, though. πŸ˜€ And that’s true – I am pretty impatient sometimes, especially when I’m trying to self-teach myself something. More evidence that I’d suck at being a teacher. πŸ˜›

  8. Alright Ill occasionally check daily click, nvm I know art isnt your thing anyway, programming (Y), oh got unconditional offer for staffordshire uni and the others are considering, I think πŸ˜€ later Axel

  9. Oh my hell. I think it just clicked. :O*goes to scribble a quick dragon head – be right back ;)**10 minutes later*Yeah… AADAAAM – I think I got it! πŸ˜€ Just a sec – I’ve gotta install my scanner drivers, then write the blog post about it. Back in a sec! πŸ˜€

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