Oh my, this is embarrassing…

Allllright. So, a while back (REALLY a while back) I posted about how I had entered the world of animation, and gave one of my "unique" reviews about the aniMate+ tool, saying, I quote, "WHAT KIND

Now, if you’ll direct your attention there, you’ll notice that ONE OF THE DEVELOPERS OF THE PLUGIN has SOMEHOW found my Space in the dark corner of the Interwebs, and left a comment. And, compared to what I wrote about his plugin, his comment is impossibly nice. Confused

Guuurgh… that’s so embarrassing. Embarrassed I almost feel OBLIGED to e-mail him, but I’m not gonna, because he might not remember the comment he left. Tongue out Honestly, though, MOST of what I spammed that day is TRUE. When I put the SubDragon into a pose and even so much as MOVE the arrow on the timeline, it RESETS my pose. I SOMEHOW got it to work, but I’d all but run out of patience by then, so I never really got anywhere with it. Tongue out The ONLY thing that wasn’t really true was adjusting the length of one of the AniBlocks. I found out how to do that eventually, but that was just about when I stopped trying (and failing) to animate and decided to do something better with my time. I simply concluded that it was a frustrating, overcomplicated, overpriced plugin that didn’t work. Tongue out

Let me demonstrate my problem to you in this video. I don’t normally do this, but I reckon it’s the only way to show you the extent of my problems without spamming a stupid amount of text that makes next to no sense without masses of images. Tongue out

Mongz’ VidBlog Episode 1 – Retesting aniMate+
(You MAY want to download it to disk instead of streaming it – 4shared has a bad reputation for not streaming anything past the first 7 minutes. Tongue out)

It’s about 10 minutes long (was aiming for 5 minutes, but failed Tongue out), and it went quite well and was more interesting than writing stuff down – may do some more "VidBlogs" soon, just for a change. Open-mouthed Mr. Brett, I’d suggest you watch it (preferably with a notepad Tongue out) if you want to know what my problems were. Or don’t, I don’t care – it’s your plugin after all. If it helps to encourage you, there’s an awesome Snake Man remix played when I speed up the video. Wink

(By the way, sorry about my mic – I must’ve had it unusually close to my mouth for it to "pop" that much. Tongue out And I must’ve knocked the microphone jack halfway through, because the sound goes all weird. Tongue out)



*MongMaster controls his sudden orgasm and downloads the new beta* Tongue out


Oh, okay, that was a disappointment. They literally are just keyframe INDICATORS, you can’t move them or copy them. *sigh*, DAZ, when the hell are you going to make that damned timeline USEFUL?!


Okay, what the FUCK. I’m sorry, but DAZ, if you don’t grow some BRAINS, I swear, I WILL find something nasty to do to you.

I’ve downloaded the newest version of the DAZ Studio Beta, of course. In this new version, I got indicators on the timeline for keyframes. Fine. However, I LOST the ability to "pin" joints in place. DAZ, can I ask you a question?


Seriously, you CAN’T POSSIBLY BE THIS STUPID. "Let’s add a new feature, joint pinning! Yay!" *a month later* "Ah, we’re bored of this feature. Let’s remove that for no apparent reason and add arrows to show you where your keyframes are instead! Yay!"

Listen, if I’d have known you’d done that, I WOULDN’T HAVE UPDATED THE BETA. But of course, you’re stupid and never tell anyone anything, while the dumb, blind artists on your gay forums think everything is better than it used to be.

I am going to attempt to pirate you to death if you don’t put that damn feature back.

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