Oh yeah! My mum & dad’s computer is now AWESOME, thanks to me. Wink The problem I had WAS the RAM (that’s three RAM slots out of four busted on that motherboard now, none of which I can explain… Confused), but after seeing the pathetic state of the PSU, I actually NEEDED to get another one. Now it’s got a stable power supply with connectors that HAVEN’T SNAPPED, as well as faster RAM, a VERY good dual core processor, and an 8800GT. Open-mouthed Oh yeah, and a badass case, and a version of Windows that isn’t screwed to hell. Open-mouthed

And me? I have myself a new 1TB hard drive. Open-mouthed Well… okay, 929GB, but that’s because hard drive manufacturers don’t seem to realise that 1TB is NOT 1,000,000,000,000 bytes, it’s 1,024,000,000,000 bytes. And yes, that makes a difference. Tongue out But no matter – 929GB is still WAY more than I’ll ever use.

I bought it because my old hard drive was getting pretty close to becoming FULL, and because it wasn’t the fastest thing in the world. Not bad, but it could have been better. Windows Experience Index gave it a 5.5, which was really letting my rating down (everything else got over 7)… but it’s not like I care much about the WEI anyWEI (heh, I mayde a funny. Tongue out), because it’s not very accurate (it’s not even giving my GTX 295 the top rating… Sarcastic) and no-one ever uses it. I’ve installed this new hard drive, which is supposed to be (and is) very fast… and… my WEI has gone up by 0.4 points to 5.9. Lame. Tongue out What the hell does it WANT me to do to get it to 7.9?! Could buy a WD Velociraptor, which spin at 10,000+ RPM… but they’re like… £100+? And their capacity is about a quarter of what my new drive is. Tongue out

So yeah, I don’t care about the WEI. Tongue out The new drive is pretty fast, and quite quiet, too, so it’s all good. But what WASN’T good was the switchover from my old hard drive. NOT FUN.

Firstly, I got a tool called HDClone, which… lets you clone hard drives. Obviously. Tongue out Anyhoo, I installed that to my memory stick, and restarted the PC, booting from the memory stick. I thought that it was gonna be a pathetic little DOS application which was impossible to navigate around, but it had a full GUI, and it was pretty easy to use! Just tell it you want to clone a drive, select the source and target drives, choose a few advanced options (half of which aren’t available in the Free edition), and click "Start". Then, wait a long time while it makes an exact clone of your chosen drive. It took 6 hours to clone around 300GB of data to my new drive… so yeah. Imagine if you just bought a 2TB drive to replace a 1TB drive… you’d be waiting over 18 hours! Confused Of course, if you’re upgrading to a 2TB drive, you’re probably in a company of some sort, so you’ll want to buy the Professional edition of HDClone for higher speeds. Or you’re a video producer that needs a lot of space, or you’re an imbecile who needs a 2TB drive just to show off. But anyway… Tongue out

HDClone was brilliant – I can’t fault it. However, when I booted into Windows on the new drive, it worked perfectly fine… apart from the fact that Windows was using my OLD drive as the C drive, and my new one as the D drive. That’s about where I started to get confused. Tongue out I’m not sure WHY it did this, maybe because it’d already assigned the old drive to be C (because that’s where I actually INSTALLED Windows)… but yeah, I was confused at the time. Tongue out I tried unplugging my old drive, and Windows REALLY didn’t like that. As it was booting, it was probably thinking "OH MY HOLY CRAPPING GOD WHERE THE HELL IS C:?! Okay, let’s not panic, let’s just try and load the user’s data… from a drive that… doesn’t even exist… OMGOMGOMGOMGOGMG)DKFGOFRYH:QUW(r gOBW8FR6 TWEBFYUASGFLfa  *splode*" So, I tried switching the SATA wires around to see if that would work. No, that just made next to no difference. Tongue out

It was pretty bleak – I was planning to use the old drive as a backup drive, but now it seemed that Windows couldn’t live without it. Confused Even if I tried changing the drive letters around in Disk Management, it would let me switch the old drive to be anything I wanted, but it wouldn’t let me switch the new drive to be C. And if I’d have restarted when the old drive was something OTHER than C, I was gonna be completely stuck. Confused
So… Google it was. Tongue out And I quickly found something that told me I could change some registry values to force Windows to switch the drive letters around. So… I did it, and very nervously, restarted…

EET WORKED! Open-mouthed My new drive is now the C drive, and it is an exact copy of my old drive, with an extra 550GB of space. Open-mouthed My old drive is now the K drive, and I’m backing my data up to that. EPIC. Open-mouthed

So, yes, it was difficult, but it all worked out in the end. Smile None of you who are left reading this are probably gonna be in the same situation as me anytime soon, but this is a blog of what I do, so plah. Tongue out

The Pwnage-O-Matic is SO tricked out now. It’s perfect – two drives, (one for storage, one for backup) an insanely fast DVD drive, a brilliant i7 processor, an amazing CPU fan, a retardedly powerful graphics card, 6GB of ultra-fast RAM and a wireless reciever that WORKS, all plugged into one of the best motherboards you can get, which is stored in one of the greatest cases you can buy. The ONLY thing I’d ever want to upgrade in the future is my monitor, but that can wait – this one is good as it is. Open-mouthed

Anyway, I’m off for now. See y’all lat0rz. Open-mouthed

5 thoughts on “GREAT SUCCESS!

  1. Best Security stuff – Malwarebytes Anti Malware – for malware, SuperAntiSpyware for spyware + Adware (Yeah the name puts off alot of people, but actually its 100% Reccomended, plus ive got it and it helped me destroy an annoyance). Oh and Avast for the handy net shields + chest, windows firewall is useful occasionally – thats the only ones anyone should need…Ever – try getting your parents them (all free) unless you want the upgrades, but the original versions are top notch regardless.

  2. It may not make sense in this post, but you was on about how they had alot of infections on the last post 🙂 OODIAR

  3. Hehe, thanks for the suggestions, but they’ve got Microsoft Security Essentials now – anti-malware and anti-virus in one, AND it doesn’t demolish your computer’s performance when actively scanning accessed files for viruses. 😀 As for a firewall, Windows Firewall does its job properly, so I’ve just left them with that. :)The only reason it was infected last time is because my mum and dad have NO knowledge of safety on the Interwebs – they believe it to be a super-happy-funtime place where nothing can go wrong, and advertisements are very trustworthy and should be clicked on if you’re interested in them. Hence the performance-sapping information-stealing email-hijacking spyware. 😛

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