Um, okay, so it’s not just game DEVELOPERS who are fucked in the head nowadays…

I reinstalled Spore a few days ago, after hearing that Ped got Spore: Galactic Adventures and told me what the problem was with my adventure. And weirdly, all my stuff that had mysteriously vanished when I reinstalled Spore last time had suddenly REAPPEARED! Yeah, well… okay. MOST of it. Still missing all my buildings and my ORIGINAL dragon… and my Captain, but that’s not too much of a loss. Tongue out I’m gonna see if I can do something about my adventure, although it works perfectly fine on my PC. Confused

Today, though, I stumbled across a mod, called BetterSpore. It’s supposed to improve many aspects of Spore, which is okay in my book… although I can’t actually think of what they could improve. Maybe a longer Cell stage and less repetitive Space Stage would be good, so I downloaded the mod and installed it, hoping to actually GET those changes.

Ummm… no.

Firstly, there’s a NEW UI. And that’s stupid, because the original UI was not broken in any way. And in fact… no. It’s not a new UI. It’s new GRAPHICS for the UI. Actually, no, it’s not that either. Tongue out What it IS is a TOTAL FUCKING WRECK! It’s GOD awful! Seriously, what the hell were they thinking? It’s funny when game modders think they can do better than the original developers and then end up falling flat on their face. Tongue out

There are also new parts for the Creature Creator… actually, no, there aren’t, because 90% of the "new" parts are just parts from the Cell stage which have had a little bit on the top of the model raised up to make it look "better". The truly NEW parts, which consist of lame pieces of armour and random bits of equipment, are awful. They don’t fit my creature, and they can’t be "morphed" either, so it’s technically "one size fits a few out of 100 million creatures". Oh yeah, and by the way, if you use this mod, you can’t upload your creature to Sporepedia. And sharing your creations is half of the idea of the game.

Then we come onto the "main" part of the package – the gameplay mods. There’s NOTHING for Cell stage – it’s as if they totally forgot about it. Creature stage lasts LONGER (o… kay, I thought it lasted a perfectly okay amount of time, but whatever…) and there’s "no more annoying sea monster". Funnily enough, the sea monster wasn’t annoying, because when I came aross it ONCE, I learned not to swim too far from shore again. But of course, people with retardedly low IQ will find it difficult to comprehend that. Tongue out But anyway, the mod basically lets you swim out to sea and get lost instead of being eaten and saving you time. Ooh, joy. Sarcastic

There’s more for Creature stage. Epics now have 350 HP instead of 1000, and they do 50% less damage (obviously for the Achievement whores who want the "kill an epic" Achievement… Eye-rolling), the base hitpoints of creatures has been messed with for no reason, there are now 3-4 Alpha creatures per nest, making it even more annoying to socialize or hunt, more roaming creatures, blah blah blah, pointless change after pointless change. If anything, the changes make it WORSE…

Next, there’s the Tribal stage. You start with 15 more food, you can have more tribal members, and you have more HP for your tribal hut. Great. So Tribal stage, possibly the most amusing stage, actually lasts LESS time than it used to. Sarcastic I bet all these modders play MMORPGs and love to press the 1, 2, 3 and 4 keys a retardedly large amount. That’s why they made the Creature stage last at LEAST three times longer than it used to.

They’ve messed with Civilisation stage, too, possibly the most interesting and challenging stage. It says in the readme that you get slightly more money from spice mines (no you don’t…), 20 new Civilisation names (OOH JOY, LIKE WE NEED THEM!), increased vehicle cap to 60 (Like it NEEDED to be increased…), tribes are closer to cities (I never saw one any closer than they usually were…), tribes give more money when you destroy them (I didn’t notice any more than I used to get), building HP has been increased slightly (never noticed…) and vehicles cost more (no they don’t). Another change they didn’t mention was that BUILDINGS cost more. So basically… Civilisation stage is HARDER than it used to be. And trust me, when you’re a religious nation playing on Hard difficulty, it’s difficult enough as it is!

Finally, Space stage. And there are so many changes I can’t be arsed to list them off. Besides, they’re all pointless and ruin the gameplay, anyway. You get new tools and stuff, but the normal highest level tools are so powerful that THERE’S NO POINT IN MORE POWER. It would make the game TOO EASY!

Seriously, modders? If you’re going to mod something, please make sure your mod IMPROVES the game in SOME WAY! Don’t just friggin’ UNBALANCE everything! You may be able to add new features that the developers didn’t get around to doing or didn’t want to do, but you CAN’T do a better job at BALANCING the game.

BetterSpore is shit, it doesn’t add any new features, and the game is better unmodded. Don’t waste your time. Tongue out Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to try and break this Civilisation stage game out of its impossible-to-win-because-of-a-bad-save loop. Tongue out See yas! Open-mouthed

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