Well, that helped!

Okay, so yesterday, I was playing Puyo Puyo Compendium, a pretty good Puyo Puyo fangame (look it up if you don’t know what I’m on about, but it’s not needed Tongue out), while watching my CPU temperatures. I was just playing 4 player standard Fever Rules mode. After losing to the three bots that entered Fever Mode before me, I decided to look at my CPU temperatures.

90 C!

WHAT THE CRAP?! This is a 2D GAME with hardly any complex effects! Sure, the Fever Time background is pretty insane, but… this processor has four cores and eight threads FFS! It shouldn’t be OVERHEATING!

So, today, I decided to reinstall my CPU fan, and re-apply the thermal paste. I removed all of the existing paste, and applied new paste EXACTLY as the manufacturer said – a thin strip horizontally across the cpu, and then mount the fan on top of it. I also mounted the fan in a different direction.

Took me an hour or so to install it again and test it all out, but it seemed fine. Temperatures were a little lower than normal, but still hitting 60 – 70 C in games. Still… it HAS improved, and 70 is a LOT better than 90. Tongue out Plus, it should go down over time, as the thermal paste needs about 200 hours to start working at maximum efficiency, apparently. Smile

So, the MongMaster tip of the day is… "read documentation carefully". Tongue out

PS: I’ve JUST noticed that Windows Photo Viewer apparently has a Frames Per Second count, according to FRAPS. Confused This fact is now filed under "stuff no-one gives a shit about". Tongue out

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