I has new PC parts!

Oh yes, new motherboard, new RAM, new processor, new fan. Open-mouthed There’s no noticable speed increase when I’m using the PC normally, but I saw that games are SO much faster after plugging in my GTX 295. Open-mouthed I reckon it was worth it.

But when I look at the temperatures my CPU’s getting to, I kinda start to get a little nervous. Right now, they’re alright, they’re at about 48 C. But when I go to do certain things that are CPU intensive, they shoot up to around 70-80 C. Confused I don’t even see how that’s possible.

And when I say "certain things", I really do mean it. I mean, I started up Divinity II, because I don’t own a game with graphics detail higher than that. The graphics were on Extreme, and the framerate was a constant 55-60 all over the place (after a few tweaks, but all graphics settings were on their maximum levels). Temps were at about 50-60 C, which is understandable. Game was still impossible, as usual. Tongue out

Then, afterwards, I loaded up Black & White 2, another game with nice graphics. On maximum settings, I had 60+ FPS all over the place. However, PC Probe, the thing I use to measure CPU temperatures, starting blaring its warning siren at me, as my temperatures had hit 80 C. After a few seconds minimised, the temperature reduced back to normal. WTF?! Confused

The new fan I have seems fine in every way – it’s quiet, and it spins fairly fast. Tongue out It wasn’t cheap compared to other fans, either, and there were a few reviews saying how great it was, too. I just can’t seem to understand how my temperatures nearly DOUBLE when I start playing certain games… it even reacts badly when I play Bejeweled Blitz, for God’s sake. Unless I applied my thermal paste wrong, which I didn’t. Tongue out

Also, this new processor seems to have screwed up a few select games. Black & White 2’s controls, for example, at CERTAIN POINTS, are now EXTREMELY sensitive. Like when I go to stroke my creature to reward him for doing something, or just to cheer him up, stroking him like you normally would on a non-I7 processor results in a slap! You have to move the mouse RIDICULOUSLY slowly to stroke him. I’ve tried changing the mouse sensitivity settings, but that didn’t do anything other than making everything else MUCH harder. Sarcastic

It’s screwed up Borderlands, as well. Framerate is PERFECT in Borderlands, constant 60 all the way… UNTIL you look at SPECIFIC enemies. If you look at a Skag, it’s fine. If you look at a Bandit Murderer, the framerate GOES THROUGH THE FLOOR. Seriously, it becomes unplayable. But strangely enough, once you kill them, the framerate goes up again! WHAT THE HELL?! Why?!

I just don’t get it. It’s a Cosmos S case which has all of its fan slots filled. The processor has a good cooler which is installed correctly, and I’m not overclocking. Yet in SOME games, it’s not enough. Confused Meh, whatever, I’m just gonna ignore it. When it breaks the 100 C barrier, that’s when I do something about it. Tongue out

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