You sent a payment of £593.12 GBP to Ebuyer (UK) Limited.

Oooh, it’s so painful reading it back. Sad

"OMG WTF WHAT’D YOU SPEND THAT ON YOU COMPLETE IDIOT?! YOU’RE A STUDENT!!" I hear you say. Well, I felt that my GTX295 has enough dust on it, now, so I decided to upgrade. Tongue out Yes, in case you didn’t know, I already bought a £330 GTX295, tried it out, and found out that there was NO performance increase from my 8800GT. A little research into ‘why’ later, I found out that my processor wasn’t fast enough, and the card was therefore ‘bottlenecking’. I assume that’s probably something along the lines of "processing data too fast for the CPU to keep up". Tongue out

So, to counter this… I got a new i7 processor. Pricey – ~£200, and that’s just for the basic 2.66GHz model, but I can change that. Wink To be able to USE the processor, I needed a new motherboard for another £200 (an ASUS P6T Deluxe V2, oh yes. Open-mouthed) and some different RAM . DDR2 apparently won’t work, so I needed at least 6GB of DDR3, which cost £135 for some 1600MHz stuff – pretty nippy. Smile To be able to COOL my CPU so it didn’t fry itself within 30 seconds of me turning the PC on, I needed another fan, because my current one is TOO SMALL. Confused I hate my current one, anyway, it’s pretty lame, so I got a Scythe ZIPANG 2. I’m NO good with fans, but that one cost £45 and had quite a few good reviews, and it has tool-less installation, too. Open-mouthed Plus, it’s fairly quiet… not like it matters in my machine, though. Tongue out I also had to get some thermal paste, so I got a tiny capsule of Arctic Silver 5, which cost £5 and contains no more than 3 or 4 grams of the stuff. Confused Still, it’s probably the best stuff you can get. Smile

SO, assuming it all goes well (WHICH IT’D FRIGGIN’ BETTER DO!), I’ll have some spare components laying around that I’m gonna sell at some point. Wink Let’s see what I’ll have spare…

I’ve got a Core 2 Duo E6750 – a pretty awesome processor, very fast for what it is… an nVidia GeForce 8800GT graphics card, a common mid-range card that’s probably one of the greatest cards ever made (just because it’s so well-rounded)… an ASUS Striker II Formula motherboard, which is one hell of a board, awesome overclocking features… 4GB of OCZ DDR2 RAM (I’m no good with understanding RAM, but this stuff is fairly fast) and a Zalman CPU fan of some sort, which you don’t want. Tongue out

When I’m finished with them, I’ll sell them relatively cheap, cuz they’re used. No, they’re not busted, I’m using those components right now. Tongue out CPU and RAM life might be a bit down, because of overclocking and stuff, but they’re not gonna A-splode within, say, 90 seconds of you recieving them. Tongue out

Right, I’m off for now – just got a little bit of programming left to do. See yas later! Smile

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