There are no more download slots available for free users right now.

Right, so I’ve been looking around for some more content for DAZ Studio, because content = power. 😛 I’ve already gone over all the torrents I could find on Demonoid’s site and found a couple of cool things, and I also found a couple of good sites with a LOT of content on them. Managed to get a fair few environments and props from those sites, nothing massively special, except for the futuristic environment and the starship I managed to find. :DA really interesting find, though, was a pack called Monsterlove. It was just a set of poses, something I wouldn’t usually be interested in… and I wasn’t. 😛 I WAS interested in the promotional image, though, which showed Victoria 4 (extremely common model) and some weird alien/monster thing. There were 10 poses for Victoria, and 10 poses for the monster, which I could only figure out was called “Alpha”.The reason it interested me was because the monster LOOKED LIKE PURE WIN. 😀 I checked the site I was on for anything called “Alpha”… and found nothing. It seems that someone had uploaded POSES for “Alpha”… but not the “Alpha” model. Intelligent… -.-

Checked DAZ’s official site for the model… it didn’t exist, even though there was some artwork of it in the gallery. From the gallery, I found out that the monster was called “SA Phenotype 003-Alpha”.  When I clicked on the link to the product… it didn’t exist. From that point… I sort of KNEW it was gonna be a challenge to find. 😛

The hunt went on… and on… and on. It wasn’t on ANY torrent site I knew of, searching the model name just came up with places you could buy it (a flash of hope came from a site that supplied a torrent to ALL the Phenotype models… but it had no seeders :() and results to do with science and stuff. I therefore gave up after an hour or so. I REALLY wanted that model. 😦

AND THEN, a little while later, I accidentally found another site with uploaded 3D models on it. Searched for “Phenotype”… and it came up with poses and animations, but no models. GAH! 😦

BUT THEN, a little while later, I accidentally found ANOTHER site with uploaded 3D models on it! Searched for “Phenotype”… AND I FOUND EET! :D:D See, you always find stuff when you aren’t looking for it. 😛

Problem is, there are 12 Rapidshare links to get. I’ve managed to get the Alpha Phenotype and the Drub Phenotype, but I can’t get anything else, because “There are no more download slots available for free users right now.” Riight, sure. How many download slots are there in total, about 6? 😛 Not as bad as Oron, I suppose – that doesn’t work at all for me. I have to use a PROXY to get stuff downloaded from that site… 😛

… OH YESZ! I just got the Havoc Phenotype to start downloading! 😀 Still a long way to go, though. I may just get a 30-day premium account and go on a content downloading frenzy again. 😉

Anyway, yes… in the face of nearly impossible odds, I was successful AGAIN. 😀 Either Phenotypes are ultra-rare models… or… just… no-one wants to share them. 😛 Here’s what he looks like:

Phenotype 003 Alpha (No Textures)

When I first imported the model, I was pretty impressed… until I started poking around, looking for morphs and stuff. The Phenotype Alpha head has… FOUR morphs – Snarl, which is completely useless, because it just shrinks his nostrils… Left Eye Blink, Right Eye Blink, and Eyes Close. The eye morphs are good, but… no expressions?! :O
There are no global morphs to make him more muscular, no morphs to make him fatter or skinnier, no morphs to make his talons longer or shorter… nothing. You ONLY get the four head morphs, a slider to open his mouth, and a partial pose to make his “horns” stand on end. I say “horns”, because they just aren’t horns. They’re more like… um… like… THINGS. 😛 I don’t know if the model actually has a severe lack of morphs, or whether they only appear in Poser.

But anyway, on top of the lame selection of morphs, you get a fairly weak set of preset poses (which don’t seem to work (in DAZ Studio at least)), and ABSOLUTE CRAP texture settings. I swear, NO-ONE can make their textures look good. These artists can make the texture IMAGES really, really well, but when they come to choose some preset NUMBERS, O MAI GAHD, they SUCK ASS.

Don’t believe me? Well, here’s a render with the preset material settings:

Phenotype 003 Alpha (LAME Texture Settings)

Ugh. He looks too shiny, unrealistic, and fairly crap. If he were a ROBOT, I’d say the texture settings were fine… BUT HE’S NOT A ROBOT! He looks NOTHING like he does in the promotional images. So… I have to spend 15-20 minutes to get Alpha to LOOK GOOD, even though he should ALREADY look good when I unpack him. Here’s what a novice can do with a little patience:

Phenotype 003 Alpha (MY Texture Settings)

Not the best lighting in the world, and he could do with a little more shine/bumpmap height, but he sure as hell looks more realistic than he did. So, I was a little disappointed with the lack of morphs. I was VERY irritated at the textures, and REALLY REALLY irritated at the promotional images, because they must’ve been Photoshopped. But, when the textures are fixed, I think this model could be used to make some fairly kickass stuff:

Nightmare - DracoAurarius
(Click the image for full version!)

Speaking of Photoshop, I’ve used it to do some fairly nifty touch-up, too, which I’m quite proud of (since I suck at this kind of thing :P) – the blood on his teeth and around his mouth was done in Photoshop. 😀 And as a bonus, he actually fits most of my description of a Nightmare from Dragon Tail, which is odd, since I’ve never seen this model before now. 😛 PLUS, Depth of Field looks REALLY GOOD now! Yep, still using DAZ Studio 3… DoF probably needs a good background to work best. 🙂

I’ll see what else I can do with him another time. For now, though, I’m gonna play with the other Phenotypes for a bit, and see if I can get the others downloaded. 😀


LMAO @ Rapidshare – “Unfortunately right now our servers are overloaded and we have
no more download slots left for non-members. Of course you can also try again later.”

Um… so, your servers are overloaded, yet you STILL allow members to download files at maximum speed. Yeah, right… 😛

Still got the Horde, Scythe and Shrieker Phenotypes to get, and then I’ve gotta get all of the addons after that, like Ultimate Alpha. Shrieker is a 3-part archive, too… fun, fun… -.-


All right! I’ve now got Alpha, Drub, Havoc, Horde, Scythe and the first part of Shrieker! 😀 REALLY good models, but greatly lacking in the “Morphs” department. 😛 Oh, yeah, and one of the models doesn’t even have any limits on it, which is quite annoying, because it practically lets me spin ANY part of the body round further than it should go. Limits are a GOOD thing… most of the time. 😉


Alright, I’ve noticed there are a fair few other people who are searching for Alpha or the other Phenotypes, yet not managing to come across my MediaFire account. So here, have a link: Broken, see below.

Everything’s in there. You’re welcome. 😉
Oh, and if they’re not there for some reason, just let me know, and I’ll get them reuploaded. 🙂


Sorry, the link died somehow. Here’s an updated one:

3 thoughts on “There are no more download slots available for free users right now.

  1. Thanks. 🙂 I’m gonna try making something a little more "action-ny" soon. :DI might do some animation soon, too… or at LEAST give it a try. 😛

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