And it’s time for another…

SPAM MESSAGE ANNOUNCEMENT! Open-mouthed Oh, how I love these.

Anyway, today’s spam message comes from a user called "Brittney Finn"! It’s not a long message, but it contains around about the same level of DUMBASS. Tongue out

"Hey I’m Julia. I saw that you’re in my area;) We can have a good time together, meet me here:)"

LMAO, I thought your name was Brittney? Tongue out And how do you know that I’m in your area, my location says that I’m in "Internet Awesomeness". Tongue out The link supplied leads to another site, which is also quite hilarious.

"I was on a lot of social sites but they don’t let
me show what "I want to show you". I like having fun on my webcam and I
really like when I’m being watched, it’s such a turn on :)"

LOL, WOW. Some girls REALLY badly need to pull someone. Me, though? I’m fine, thanks – being single is quite nice as it is! Tongue out And if I did choose to look for someone, I wouldn’t choose anyone who gets turned on by being watched over the Internets. Tongue out

At the end of the page, there’s a link saying "Verify your age for just $1!" ANYONE who falls for that should be banned from the Internet. And anyway, I know I’m 19. I don’t need to be scammed to verify my own age. Tongue out

Thanks for that Brittney/Julia – keep the retard spam coming! It’s quite hilarious. Open-mouthed

Anyhoo, that’s that off my chest. Open-mouthed Now onto the main part of my entry. Smile


As for me, I had an awesome day – it was fun! Open-mouthed Mainly because I’d suggested they get some GOOD games for the Wii, and I listed off four or five games for them. Then they got me two of them for Christmas, even though I DON’T OWN THE WII. Tongue out Doesn’t matter, though – I still really wanted to try them. I got Mario Kart Wii, and Super Smash Bros Brawl. And as I expected, they’re AWESOME, a million times better than any of the games my Dad bought for the Wii. Open-mouthed Still really want to try Super Mario Galaxy, though. Smile

Other than the Wii games, I got a fairly large amount of Draconic stuff, too (surprise surprise Wink). Open-mouthed I got a dragon pen, which is very hard to write with, but it looks cool, so phooey. Tongue out I also got a model of a dragon hatchling named "Aled", who is RIDICULOUSLY cute. Open-mouthed I got another model of an adult dragon, who looks seriously awesome – probably one of the greatest dragon models I’ve seen. Smile The coolest thing, though, is the dragon lamp I got. It’s basically an orb on a short stand, with a dragon perched on top of the orb. The cool part, though, is that it’s touch sensitive, so when you tap the base, the orb lights up, dimly at first, but it increases in brightness as you touch the base, and then switches off again when you touch the base while the light is at maximum brightness. It looks, and it IS really, really, REALLY cool. Open-mouthed Saves fumbling around for the switch on my old lamp, too! Smile

What else did I get… oh yeah, I got a special hair razor thing, which is gonna be pretty handy – I don’t have to go to a hairdressers that often anymore. Open-mouthed It was apparently REALLY hard to find. Haven’t tried it out yet, but I will do soon. Smile I got a hat in the shape of a TURKEY, which is COOL, and I got a load of sweets and stuff, which is… shweet. Wink I didn’t get the i7 processor, Rampage II motherboard or 6GB of DDR3 RAM that I wanted, but I wasn’t expecting them anyway, because they’re stupidly expensive, and my parents don’t know where the hell to get them, hehe. Wink

Nope, I didn’t get any games for the 360. Gaming this year was complete turd – Modern Warfare 2, Guitar Hero 5 and (to a slightly lesser extent) Borderlands were the only highlights for me. Sad Still… Mass Effect 2 next year! I think. Tongue out BioWare may be able to redeem themselves after that over-rated, steaming pile of turd that was Dragon Age. And maybe Blizzard will release Diablo III or Starcra… nah, forget it. Tongue out
Anyone know any other games out next year that sound alright? Smile I can’t think of any that I’ve seen advertised.

Oh yeah, I forgot… gave me a GREAT Christmas present!
Similar to what AOL did one Christmas day! They DISABLED Even though it says "active" in my account
settings. GAH! Angry
So, most of the image links on my blog are now broken. I’d transfer all
of the data from that webhost to my new one,, but
I can’t access the old data from ANYWHERE. Sad Grrr, whatever. I’ll just have to start from scratch.

Anyway, now onto what I’ve been up to lately…

I’ve been poking DAZ Studio a fair amount recently, thanks to the epic site that is Demonoid. They had a pretty long downtime due to server issues and corrupt data and stuff like that. They’re back up now, though! Open-mouthed And the cool thing is, you are now able to browse their torrents and download up to 5 per week, which is fair enough. Open-mouthed I got some really awesome torrents for DAZ Studio, including a massive weapon pack, an awesome-looking axe, some forest props and NightWorld Fallen (a pretty versatile demon). Open-mouthed I also found a torrent for the Multi-Layered Image Editor, which I have been DYING to get for AGES… but alas, it was for an earlier version of DAZ Studio, and/or it couldn’t find the path to my content directory for some retarded reason. Typical… Angry

I am thinking of downgrading to DAZ Studio 2 again, though. I can’t really see a point to DS3 anymore, especially since THREE key plugins just won’t work in DS3 – Multi-Layered Image Editor, ahRenderControl and UberSpot Light Shader. Also, I was playing with Depth of Field (DoF) and following a tutorial on it, and the guy who made the tutorial must’ve been using an earlier version of DAZ Studio, because my DoF renders looked like crap compared to his, and I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Sad Plus, he was using ahRenderControl, a plugin which can set DoF settings automatically, which doesn’t work in DS3. Tongue out

I’ve never used DoF before, and I should really start to use it, because it’s really, REALLY effective. In DS3, though, it just doesn’t look right. Here’s an example (the scene’s a WIP Wink):

Lock 'n' Load!
(When I saw that shotgun, I just HAD to give it to Ifri. Open-mouthed It was a nightmare to get him to hold it semi-correctly, though. Confused)

See what I mean? Just look at his wing in the background, and along the edge of his neck. The blurriness doesn’t look right to me at all. The scene looks fairly realistic compared to when I render it with no DoF, but still, that blur irritates me. I’m gonna try pressing a few buttons in the render settings window later, just to see if I can make it better. Open-mouthed

I AM getting the hang of rendering, though. Open-mouthed

One more thing – I made a Christmas render for everyone. Open-mouthed I posted it on Facebook on Christmas day, and I think it’s pretty nice. Open-mouthed I would’ve posted it here, too, but I didn’t get around to it. Besides, this links to Facebook, so it would’ve looked stupid. Tongue out

Anyway, here ya go – it’s Santa Claws! I’ve also added Depth of Field, improved the shadows and generally injected more awesome into the image as a bonus. Open-mouthed

Santa Claws - DracoAurarius

"Santa Claus
is a busy guy – so what if one year, he forgets to pay his sleigh
insurance? Or what if his reindeers catch that year’s "special" disease
(mad cow, swine flu, bird flu, etc.)? Who’s he gonna call to save
Christmas?! Well, Ghostbusters sure as hell won’t be able to help… so
he calls Santa Claws the Christm
as Dragon, instead!"

You can click on the image for the full 1680×1050 version – perfect size for most widescreen desktops. Merry Christmas. Wink


Ha-ha, yeah, I said "keep the retard spam coming", but I DIDN’T mean GIVE ME THE SAME MESSAGE! Tongue out I’ve just recieved the exact same spam message as I did earlier off someone else. The username is "Amber Stover" this time. You can’t ALL be the same Julia! Tongue out

C’mon, I’ve already laughed at that message – give me a new one. Open-mouthed

3 thoughts on “And it’s time for another…

  1. Hahaha, ace santa claws – that dragon looks ace, nice to hear you had a nice christmas, not a bad one myself, got a few decent things, oh about games to look out for, keep an eye on dantes inferno for xbox 360 if u havent heard of it, I played a demo of that on my cousins 360, it was pretty awesome – also "Warhawk" for xbox 360 is an ace flight game. (You can also get demos and stuff extra early if you create an AMERICAN xbox 360 profile instead of a british one) – my cousin was able to get stuff that his online friends werent using this trick 😀

  2. @ Aaron – Thanks! 🙂 I’m getting the hang of DAZ Studio now… even though I’m SUPPOSED to be a programmer. :PWUT?! You can get demos EARLY if you’re an American?! That sucks ass! >:-( I’ll take a look at those games at some point, though. Gotta love flight games. :D@ Shadowmaster – LOL, I do overuse smileys just a LITTLE bit. 😛 😉 Makes the blog a bit more interesting. 😀

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