Can’t access BBC iPlayer because “I’m not in the UK”.

… >.>

<.< …

Um, yeah, last time I checked, I didn’t accidentally sleepwalk, steal a car, drive to the airport, buy a ticket to some other country and fly there, then subsequently check into a hotel and wake up in the hotel room.

"Oh, your ISP might be routing your connection through a foreign country" says the FAQ. Yeah… sure… even though "" detects that my IP and ISP are both BRITISH.

D’ya know what I think? I think they’ve blacklisted certain ISPs, more specifically, STUDENT ISPs, from accessing video on iPlayer, so they’re FORCED to buy a TV licence. That sounds like a good theory to me – it makes sense…

TV Licensing, just to let you know… YOU CAN SUCK MY COCK. I’m watching TV when I want to, and I don’t care about your crappy license. How’re you gonna get evidence that I’m watching TV, huh? Break my door down, find my booster, charge me £1K, and then get screwed over for MORE than that for breaking and entering AND damage to property? Tongue out As for watching shows that have passed, I’m not stupid… I DO know what BitTorrent is… I’m downloading Top Gear S12E03 right now! What’cha gonna do about it? BAN me from initiating peer-to-peer connections? LOLOLOL. Tongue out Go eat a flange. Tongue outTongue out

Just in case you haven’t noticed, I hate the TV Licensing dicks, because they think they’re all high and mighty, and they think can give you threatening letters as a result. "ENQUIRY OFFICERS WILL BE VISITING UNLICENSED STUDENT ACCOMMODATION FROM 01.11.09." Yeah, that was over a month ago – still not got a visit. Tongue out "WE KNOW THAT OVER 99%* OF STUDENTS HAVE TAKEN LAPTOPS OR PC’S TO HALLS THIS YEAR." The star means "Test sample of 494 students." FAIL RESEARCH. Tongue out And so it goes on. Oh, by the way, I wrote underneath that line that says "Please do not write below this line." Oh noes, you gonna arrest me? Tongue out

See yas later – my download’s about to finish. Wink


Okay, apparently it’s Keycom – my ISP. Or IPS, as I like to call them – Intolerable Pile of Shit. Tongue out They should be fixing it, although I dunno how their servers could’ve suddenly believed they were in another country, not the UK. Tongue out Videos from (streamable only in America) now supposedly work (for a limited time only, folks!! Wink), but they won’t work for me. Sad Peh, doesn’t matter – there aren’t any US programmes I’d wanna watch anyway. Tongue out

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