Just thought I’d let you know…

…that I’ve been playing Divinity 2 for about an hour, and I can safely say that it’s turning out to be the best RPG I’ve played in a long time. Open-mouthed Like… a LONG time. Trying to get it to WORK was a bit crap at first, it wouldn’t let me select my native resolution for a while, and it kept hanging every now and then, and when I finally DID get into the game (setting all graphics options to Extreme), my FPS was 15 and the graphics were less-than-great. Knocked it down to High, and it’s pretty smooth… just the strange bursts of frameskip can be pretty irritating.

But I don’t care about the fairly lame graphics, or even the occasional slow down, when the game HAS A TRUE REAL TIME BATTLE SYSTEM!! Open-mouthed YES! Finally, someone who CAN do it right. Open-mouthed

You can go up against about five (or more) enemies at a time and NOT die. You click rapidly to attack. You can jump and click to do an awesome air-to-ground attack. You’ve got a maximum of EIGHT (not TWENTY MILLION like SOME games…) skills in the bar that you can activate. And best of all… when an enemy shoots a fireball/magic missile at you, it doesn’t home in on you, hit you and say "DODGE"… the only way to dodge it… is by… get this… MOVING OUT OF THE WAY! Surprised And if it DOES hit you, it doesn’t have a CHANCE OF MISSING! SurprisedSurprised And for those who have insanely slow brains and can’t take having to think quickly, there IS a tactical pause button, but you don’t HAVE to use it every microsecond to win. Unfortunately, random critical hits are still there, which is a bit annoying. Sad

The battle system did feel a bit half-built at first, I don’t really "sense" all of my hits. It’s kinda like Oblivion – I hit them, and I know I hit them… but it didn’t FEEL or LOOK like I hit them. But I got used to that after a bit, and now it’s just FUN. I like how if you make a few mistakes and run low on health, you don’t always need a potion to be able to make it through – I’ve had less than 5 HP and have been able to RUN AWAY, dodging and jumping over all the magic being thrown at me. Open-mouthed Unlike SOME games, where you run away and the enemy can still hit you with a sword from 100 yards away.

And the REALLY cool thing about all this is… this is the first HOUR, and I haven’t even got to the point where you’re able to use your dragon form yet. Open-mouthed

As for the other things, the voice acting is not GREAT, but it’s not terrible or boring, and it sounds like they actually TRIED, unlike SOME OTHER RPG that was released quite recently. Oh yeah, and the game has a pretty good sense of humour (evident in some tooltips, like when hovering over a low Strength stat: "Frail old ladies beat you at arm wrestling and you have trouble lifting a weapon, let alone fighting with it." Open-mouthed) and some of the funny dialogue is actually quite funny, unlike SOME OTHER RPG that was released quite recently.
The story hasn’t really gone far yet, but it’s not truly what I expected yet – I thought you were some knight dude that could transform into a dragon, and the mission was to kick some other bad guy’s ass. But no, you’re actually a dragon slayer who, somehow, can turn into a dragon, and the mission is to kill a load of other dragons. That’s what I’ve gathered so far, anyway. I’m kinda miffed at that. Sad But at least the story isn’t so boring that I’ve not been able to PAY ATTENTION to it, unlike SOME OTHER RPG that was released quite recently.
As for the gore… well, there isn’t any, or it’s so minute that I haven’t actually noticed it. That’s perfectly fine with me, you don’t need massive amounts of gore for a good game. At least it doesn’t go ridiculously over the top and make the game seem like a complete joke, unlike SOME OTHER RPG that was released quite recently.

Basically, what I’m trying to get at here is that if you buy Dragon Age over Divinity II… you’re completely stupid. If you claim that Dragon Age is better than Divinity II without even playing the latter… you’re a completely stupid retard. If you DO play both games and think that Dragon Age is better… you’re still completely stupid. This game has what Dragon Age DOESN’T have. EVERYTHING. Tongue out And YES, I played Dragon Age. I was already starting to become BORED after an hour. After two, I couldn’t take it anymore.

I’m gonna play a bit more of Divinity II, and if I like what I see… I’m going to buy it. Open-mouthed Now… if only it had multiplayer co-op…

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