Woot, another spam message! Let me follow the usual tradition and post it. Tongue out

"Watsup. I wuz checkin’ through for people like me. LiveSpaces showed
you, so I figure i should ask you to talk (I really can’t seem to find
anyone ;S I hope i got it right, i’m new here). Anyways, if you want to
talking with me, you can find me over @ , my name there is

O mai gahd, that was BORING! You could’ve at least tried a little harder and made a complete ass of yourself so that I’d laugh at you. Sad I mean… no spelling errors, pretty good grammar (apart from "want to talking with me". Tongue out), nothing that automatically fills in my name or location…

You suck, heatherww55. If you’re gonna spam me with some message(s) that link to dating sites and shit, make me laugh in the process. Tongue out

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