There are no more download slots available for free users right now.

Right, so I’ve been looking around for some more content for DAZ Studio, because content = power. 😛 I’ve already gone over all the torrents I could find on Demonoid’s site and found a couple of cool things, and I also found a couple of good sites with a LOT of content on them. Managed to get a fair few environments and props from those sites, nothing massively special, except for the futuristic environment and the starship I managed to find. :DA really interesting find, though, was a pack called Monsterlove. It was just a set of poses, something I wouldn’t usually be interested in… and I wasn’t. 😛 I WAS interested in the promotional image, though, which showed Victoria 4 (extremely common model) and some weird alien/monster thing. There were 10 poses for Victoria, and 10 poses for the monster, which I could only figure out was called “Alpha”.The reason it interested me was because the monster LOOKED LIKE PURE WIN. 😀 I checked the site I was on for anything called “Alpha”… and found nothing. It seems that someone had uploaded POSES for “Alpha”… but not the “Alpha” model. Intelligent… -.-

Checked DAZ’s official site for the model… it didn’t exist, even though there was some artwork of it in the gallery. From the gallery, I found out that the monster was called “SA Phenotype 003-Alpha”.  When I clicked on the link to the product… it didn’t exist. From that point… I sort of KNEW it was gonna be a challenge to find. 😛

The hunt went on… and on… and on. It wasn’t on ANY torrent site I knew of, searching the model name just came up with places you could buy it (a flash of hope came from a site that supplied a torrent to ALL the Phenotype models… but it had no seeders :() and results to do with science and stuff. I therefore gave up after an hour or so. I REALLY wanted that model. 😦

AND THEN, a little while later, I accidentally found another site with uploaded 3D models on it. Searched for “Phenotype”… and it came up with poses and animations, but no models. GAH! 😦

BUT THEN, a little while later, I accidentally found ANOTHER site with uploaded 3D models on it! Searched for “Phenotype”… AND I FOUND EET! :D:D See, you always find stuff when you aren’t looking for it. 😛

Problem is, there are 12 Rapidshare links to get. I’ve managed to get the Alpha Phenotype and the Drub Phenotype, but I can’t get anything else, because “There are no more download slots available for free users right now.” Riight, sure. How many download slots are there in total, about 6? 😛 Not as bad as Oron, I suppose – that doesn’t work at all for me. I have to use a PROXY to get stuff downloaded from that site… 😛

… OH YESZ! I just got the Havoc Phenotype to start downloading! 😀 Still a long way to go, though. I may just get a 30-day premium account and go on a content downloading frenzy again. 😉

Anyway, yes… in the face of nearly impossible odds, I was successful AGAIN. 😀 Either Phenotypes are ultra-rare models… or… just… no-one wants to share them. 😛 Here’s what he looks like:

Phenotype 003 Alpha (No Textures)

When I first imported the model, I was pretty impressed… until I started poking around, looking for morphs and stuff. The Phenotype Alpha head has… FOUR morphs – Snarl, which is completely useless, because it just shrinks his nostrils… Left Eye Blink, Right Eye Blink, and Eyes Close. The eye morphs are good, but… no expressions?! :O
There are no global morphs to make him more muscular, no morphs to make him fatter or skinnier, no morphs to make his talons longer or shorter… nothing. You ONLY get the four head morphs, a slider to open his mouth, and a partial pose to make his “horns” stand on end. I say “horns”, because they just aren’t horns. They’re more like… um… like… THINGS. 😛 I don’t know if the model actually has a severe lack of morphs, or whether they only appear in Poser.

But anyway, on top of the lame selection of morphs, you get a fairly weak set of preset poses (which don’t seem to work (in DAZ Studio at least)), and ABSOLUTE CRAP texture settings. I swear, NO-ONE can make their textures look good. These artists can make the texture IMAGES really, really well, but when they come to choose some preset NUMBERS, O MAI GAHD, they SUCK ASS.

Don’t believe me? Well, here’s a render with the preset material settings:

Phenotype 003 Alpha (LAME Texture Settings)

Ugh. He looks too shiny, unrealistic, and fairly crap. If he were a ROBOT, I’d say the texture settings were fine… BUT HE’S NOT A ROBOT! He looks NOTHING like he does in the promotional images. So… I have to spend 15-20 minutes to get Alpha to LOOK GOOD, even though he should ALREADY look good when I unpack him. Here’s what a novice can do with a little patience:

Phenotype 003 Alpha (MY Texture Settings)

Not the best lighting in the world, and he could do with a little more shine/bumpmap height, but he sure as hell looks more realistic than he did. So, I was a little disappointed with the lack of morphs. I was VERY irritated at the textures, and REALLY REALLY irritated at the promotional images, because they must’ve been Photoshopped. But, when the textures are fixed, I think this model could be used to make some fairly kickass stuff:

Nightmare - DracoAurarius
(Click the image for full version!)

Speaking of Photoshop, I’ve used it to do some fairly nifty touch-up, too, which I’m quite proud of (since I suck at this kind of thing :P) – the blood on his teeth and around his mouth was done in Photoshop. 😀 And as a bonus, he actually fits most of my description of a Nightmare from Dragon Tail, which is odd, since I’ve never seen this model before now. 😛 PLUS, Depth of Field looks REALLY GOOD now! Yep, still using DAZ Studio 3… DoF probably needs a good background to work best. 🙂

I’ll see what else I can do with him another time. For now, though, I’m gonna play with the other Phenotypes for a bit, and see if I can get the others downloaded. 😀


LMAO @ Rapidshare – “Unfortunately right now our servers are overloaded and we have
no more download slots left for non-members. Of course you can also try again later.”

Um… so, your servers are overloaded, yet you STILL allow members to download files at maximum speed. Yeah, right… 😛

Still got the Horde, Scythe and Shrieker Phenotypes to get, and then I’ve gotta get all of the addons after that, like Ultimate Alpha. Shrieker is a 3-part archive, too… fun, fun… -.-


All right! I’ve now got Alpha, Drub, Havoc, Horde, Scythe and the first part of Shrieker! 😀 REALLY good models, but greatly lacking in the “Morphs” department. 😛 Oh, yeah, and one of the models doesn’t even have any limits on it, which is quite annoying, because it practically lets me spin ANY part of the body round further than it should go. Limits are a GOOD thing… most of the time. 😉


Alright, I’ve noticed there are a fair few other people who are searching for Alpha or the other Phenotypes, yet not managing to come across my MediaFire account. So here, have a link: Broken, see below.

Everything’s in there. You’re welcome. 😉
Oh, and if they’re not there for some reason, just let me know, and I’ll get them reuploaded. 🙂


Sorry, the link died somehow. Here’s an updated one:

And it’s time for another…

SPAM MESSAGE ANNOUNCEMENT! Open-mouthed Oh, how I love these.

Anyway, today’s spam message comes from a user called "Brittney Finn"! It’s not a long message, but it contains around about the same level of DUMBASS. Tongue out

"Hey I’m Julia. I saw that you’re in my area;) We can have a good time together, meet me here:)"

LMAO, I thought your name was Brittney? Tongue out And how do you know that I’m in your area, my location says that I’m in "Internet Awesomeness". Tongue out The link supplied leads to another site, which is also quite hilarious.

"I was on a lot of social sites but they don’t let
me show what "I want to show you". I like having fun on my webcam and I
really like when I’m being watched, it’s such a turn on :)"

LOL, WOW. Some girls REALLY badly need to pull someone. Me, though? I’m fine, thanks – being single is quite nice as it is! Tongue out And if I did choose to look for someone, I wouldn’t choose anyone who gets turned on by being watched over the Internets. Tongue out

At the end of the page, there’s a link saying "Verify your age for just $1!" ANYONE who falls for that should be banned from the Internet. And anyway, I know I’m 19. I don’t need to be scammed to verify my own age. Tongue out

Thanks for that Brittney/Julia – keep the retard spam coming! It’s quite hilarious. Open-mouthed

Anyhoo, that’s that off my chest. Open-mouthed Now onto the main part of my entry. Smile


As for me, I had an awesome day – it was fun! Open-mouthed Mainly because I’d suggested they get some GOOD games for the Wii, and I listed off four or five games for them. Then they got me two of them for Christmas, even though I DON’T OWN THE WII. Tongue out Doesn’t matter, though – I still really wanted to try them. I got Mario Kart Wii, and Super Smash Bros Brawl. And as I expected, they’re AWESOME, a million times better than any of the games my Dad bought for the Wii. Open-mouthed Still really want to try Super Mario Galaxy, though. Smile

Other than the Wii games, I got a fairly large amount of Draconic stuff, too (surprise surprise Wink). Open-mouthed I got a dragon pen, which is very hard to write with, but it looks cool, so phooey. Tongue out I also got a model of a dragon hatchling named "Aled", who is RIDICULOUSLY cute. Open-mouthed I got another model of an adult dragon, who looks seriously awesome – probably one of the greatest dragon models I’ve seen. Smile The coolest thing, though, is the dragon lamp I got. It’s basically an orb on a short stand, with a dragon perched on top of the orb. The cool part, though, is that it’s touch sensitive, so when you tap the base, the orb lights up, dimly at first, but it increases in brightness as you touch the base, and then switches off again when you touch the base while the light is at maximum brightness. It looks, and it IS really, really, REALLY cool. Open-mouthed Saves fumbling around for the switch on my old lamp, too! Smile

What else did I get… oh yeah, I got a special hair razor thing, which is gonna be pretty handy – I don’t have to go to a hairdressers that often anymore. Open-mouthed It was apparently REALLY hard to find. Haven’t tried it out yet, but I will do soon. Smile I got a hat in the shape of a TURKEY, which is COOL, and I got a load of sweets and stuff, which is… shweet. Wink I didn’t get the i7 processor, Rampage II motherboard or 6GB of DDR3 RAM that I wanted, but I wasn’t expecting them anyway, because they’re stupidly expensive, and my parents don’t know where the hell to get them, hehe. Wink

Nope, I didn’t get any games for the 360. Gaming this year was complete turd – Modern Warfare 2, Guitar Hero 5 and (to a slightly lesser extent) Borderlands were the only highlights for me. Sad Still… Mass Effect 2 next year! I think. Tongue out BioWare may be able to redeem themselves after that over-rated, steaming pile of turd that was Dragon Age. And maybe Blizzard will release Diablo III or Starcra… nah, forget it. Tongue out
Anyone know any other games out next year that sound alright? Smile I can’t think of any that I’ve seen advertised.

Oh yeah, I forgot… gave me a GREAT Christmas present!
Similar to what AOL did one Christmas day! They DISABLED Even though it says "active" in my account
settings. GAH! Angry
So, most of the image links on my blog are now broken. I’d transfer all
of the data from that webhost to my new one,, but
I can’t access the old data from ANYWHERE. Sad Grrr, whatever. I’ll just have to start from scratch.

Anyway, now onto what I’ve been up to lately…

I’ve been poking DAZ Studio a fair amount recently, thanks to the epic site that is Demonoid. They had a pretty long downtime due to server issues and corrupt data and stuff like that. They’re back up now, though! Open-mouthed And the cool thing is, you are now able to browse their torrents and download up to 5 per week, which is fair enough. Open-mouthed I got some really awesome torrents for DAZ Studio, including a massive weapon pack, an awesome-looking axe, some forest props and NightWorld Fallen (a pretty versatile demon). Open-mouthed I also found a torrent for the Multi-Layered Image Editor, which I have been DYING to get for AGES… but alas, it was for an earlier version of DAZ Studio, and/or it couldn’t find the path to my content directory for some retarded reason. Typical… Angry

I am thinking of downgrading to DAZ Studio 2 again, though. I can’t really see a point to DS3 anymore, especially since THREE key plugins just won’t work in DS3 – Multi-Layered Image Editor, ahRenderControl and UberSpot Light Shader. Also, I was playing with Depth of Field (DoF) and following a tutorial on it, and the guy who made the tutorial must’ve been using an earlier version of DAZ Studio, because my DoF renders looked like crap compared to his, and I wasn’t doing anything wrong. Sad Plus, he was using ahRenderControl, a plugin which can set DoF settings automatically, which doesn’t work in DS3. Tongue out

I’ve never used DoF before, and I should really start to use it, because it’s really, REALLY effective. In DS3, though, it just doesn’t look right. Here’s an example (the scene’s a WIP Wink):

Lock 'n' Load!
(When I saw that shotgun, I just HAD to give it to Ifri. Open-mouthed It was a nightmare to get him to hold it semi-correctly, though. Confused)

See what I mean? Just look at his wing in the background, and along the edge of his neck. The blurriness doesn’t look right to me at all. The scene looks fairly realistic compared to when I render it with no DoF, but still, that blur irritates me. I’m gonna try pressing a few buttons in the render settings window later, just to see if I can make it better. Open-mouthed

I AM getting the hang of rendering, though. Open-mouthed

One more thing – I made a Christmas render for everyone. Open-mouthed I posted it on Facebook on Christmas day, and I think it’s pretty nice. Open-mouthed I would’ve posted it here, too, but I didn’t get around to it. Besides, this links to Facebook, so it would’ve looked stupid. Tongue out

Anyway, here ya go – it’s Santa Claws! I’ve also added Depth of Field, improved the shadows and generally injected more awesome into the image as a bonus. Open-mouthed

Santa Claws - DracoAurarius

"Santa Claus
is a busy guy – so what if one year, he forgets to pay his sleigh
insurance? Or what if his reindeers catch that year’s "special" disease
(mad cow, swine flu, bird flu, etc.)? Who’s he gonna call to save
Christmas?! Well, Ghostbusters sure as hell won’t be able to help… so
he calls Santa Claws the Christm
as Dragon, instead!"

You can click on the image for the full 1680×1050 version – perfect size for most widescreen desktops. Merry Christmas. Wink


Ha-ha, yeah, I said "keep the retard spam coming", but I DIDN’T mean GIVE ME THE SAME MESSAGE! Tongue out I’ve just recieved the exact same spam message as I did earlier off someone else. The username is "Amber Stover" this time. You can’t ALL be the same Julia! Tongue out

C’mon, I’ve already laughed at that message – give me a new one. Open-mouthed


See, now look what you’ve done. You’ve set me off on another rant about the gayness of MMORPGs.  You can blame EVE Online for this, and you don’t have to read it, but please do. I can generate quite a few lulz in these blogs. Open-mouthed

I unsubscribed from them, about two years ago, maybe longer than that, because it didn’t take me long to realise that the game sucked, and every single expansion did balls all to the gameplay. Now they’ve offered me free access to play THE most boring game in the history of the universe for FIVE DAYS.

Free? That’s a freakin’ ripoff. FIVE DAYS, man! FIVE DAYS of time when I could be doing something GOOD, or CONSTRUCTIVE! And the ridiculous amount of bandwidth the client eats up, too… that’s just a joke… I’d want to be PAID at least £100 to play that crap for five days. I’m still waiting for the reimbursement of the 2-3 months of my life that EVE destroyed. I could’ve created quite a bit of ULSG during that time, because, y’know, that’s a better game, IMO, because it’s FUN to play, not a chore…

Here’s some free, simple advice for my fellow aspiring game developers to help you
all avoid the mistakes of MMOG developers: WORK is the EXACT OPPOSITE
of PLAY. If your game is ridiculously hard work to play, IT’S NOT A
GAME. Not saying it shouldn’t be a CHALLENGE, but the player should be
at least having FUN.

I had a look at the features of EVE’s new expansion (yes, ANOTHER one came out 17 days ago). And guess what? NONE of it would benefit me, or any other players who have been playing the game for less than 2-3 years, even though they claim that this expansion is basically THE reason why more people are playing EVE than ever before. "Even more engaging gameplay"… yeah, right… my COCK is more engaging than this game. I can probably have more fun IN MY SLEEP.

"There’s no reason NOT to reactivate your account…" – O RLY?! That line made me LOL my throat out. There are MANY reasons not to reactivate my account! I’m not bored, I have better things to do, I have better GAMES to play, I have more FUN games to play, and most of all, I HAVE A FUCKING LIFE! I don’t want to be spending FIVE DAYS playing the most repetitive, boring game known to man… heck, I hate World of Warcraft too, but at least that actually has some fairly good GAMEPLAY… it’s just a shame the gameplay kinda DISAPPEARS after you max out your level.

I forget which dumbass company makes this turdy game, but whoever they are, listen up, a’ight? I CLICKED "UNSUBSCRIBE" OVER TWO YEARS AGO. I am now clicking it AGAIN. FIVE TIMES. You e-mail me again, and I am going to mail bomb you the exact same e-mail you sent me. A MILLION TIMES. You keep my details on file without my permission, and you use them when I don’t want to be contacted, then you WILL get digitally fucked in the ass.

You’re just lucky I don’t have the knowledge nor the resources to start a DDoS attack. Tongue out

Yes. I… can’t… stand… MMOGs. Why? Well, because they’re destroying the games industry’s soul, because MMOGs, the worst games on the planet, can actually earn the most revenue. The crap games live on, and the legendary games die out. Many people will notice this, and continue to make MMOGs, and soon enough, 99% of the games industry only cares about profits, and therefore 99% of games are MMOGs. Games dead. MMOG’s fault. Just a theory. Wink

But to be honest, that has the potential to be a good thing… but ONLY IF the games are twitch-based. That basically means the game requires a good level of reactions and skill to play, ie: "Swing sword at enemy, if sword hits enemy, it hits", not "Click buttons and watch", or "Swing sword at enemy, if sword hits enemy, a random calculation determines whether you hit or not and how much damage you do if you hit". And NO, FUCKING RAIDS AND INSTANCES ON WORLD OF WARCRAFT DO NOT REQUIRE ANY SKILL! Instances are a PRESET MAP with PRESET ENEMIES, and they only require your numbers to be HIGH, and your teammates to NOT BE STUPID. Seriously, don’t even TRY to disprove my statement, because IT’S TRUE. If you think it’s false, you’re obviously a fanboy/fangirl.

To be honest, I don’t mind random damage between two numbers that much, and I can bear it, but it REALLY HACKS ME OFF when that last attack JUST didn’t do enough damage that last hit, and the enemy’s ONLY JUST did. And I FRIGGIN’ HATE RANDOM CHANCE CRITICAL HITS. Doesn’t matter what game it is or how good it is, World of Warcraft, EVE, Final Fantasy, Star Ocean… random chance critical hits are the GAYEST things to ever be implemented into computer games. Here’s an example WHY:

Me: "Ah, only got 50 HP left, but the enemy’s got 40, and I do more damage per hit, so this should be alright."
*You hit enemy for 37 damage!*
Me: "Nice, just one more hit, and I’m done."
*Enemy CRITICALLY hits you for a x2 damage bonus! Enemy causes 52 damage!*
*You died.*

Anyway, yeah. Fingers crossed Jumpgate Evolution actually comes out in my lifetime. I’m just praying that the developers truly know what makes a good game, so they can kick the living crap out of EVE, and give me an MMOG I can actually HAVE FUN playing.

Jumpgate Evolution? Yeah, it’s a space MMOG like EVE, only it’s twitch-based. Just as long as it plays similar to X-Wing Alliance (quite frankly, THE best space game EVER made, and quite possibly one of the greatest games of all time) and adds some nice RPG elements, it’s automatic win. Just go HERE. It takes you straight to the features – I skipped out all that extra shite like screenshots, the trailer and prettiful website designs that don’t show any gameplay, and actually have NIL effect on me. I don’t buy a game for its graphics. Anyone who does isn’t a gamer, and actually needs to stop playing games, or otherwise die.

C’mon, Codemasters… you USED to be cool with the Micro Machines franchise and stuff like that, but now your games are complete crap. PLEASE, for the love of GOD, make this game GOOD…

Anyway, I’m off for now. See yas later. Smile

Can’t access BBC iPlayer because “I’m not in the UK”.

… >.>

<.< …

Um, yeah, last time I checked, I didn’t accidentally sleepwalk, steal a car, drive to the airport, buy a ticket to some other country and fly there, then subsequently check into a hotel and wake up in the hotel room.

"Oh, your ISP might be routing your connection through a foreign country" says the FAQ. Yeah… sure… even though "" detects that my IP and ISP are both BRITISH.

D’ya know what I think? I think they’ve blacklisted certain ISPs, more specifically, STUDENT ISPs, from accessing video on iPlayer, so they’re FORCED to buy a TV licence. That sounds like a good theory to me – it makes sense…

TV Licensing, just to let you know… YOU CAN SUCK MY COCK. I’m watching TV when I want to, and I don’t care about your crappy license. How’re you gonna get evidence that I’m watching TV, huh? Break my door down, find my booster, charge me £1K, and then get screwed over for MORE than that for breaking and entering AND damage to property? Tongue out As for watching shows that have passed, I’m not stupid… I DO know what BitTorrent is… I’m downloading Top Gear S12E03 right now! What’cha gonna do about it? BAN me from initiating peer-to-peer connections? LOLOLOL. Tongue out Go eat a flange. Tongue outTongue out

Just in case you haven’t noticed, I hate the TV Licensing dicks, because they think they’re all high and mighty, and they think can give you threatening letters as a result. "ENQUIRY OFFICERS WILL BE VISITING UNLICENSED STUDENT ACCOMMODATION FROM 01.11.09." Yeah, that was over a month ago – still not got a visit. Tongue out "WE KNOW THAT OVER 99%* OF STUDENTS HAVE TAKEN LAPTOPS OR PC’S TO HALLS THIS YEAR." The star means "Test sample of 494 students." FAIL RESEARCH. Tongue out And so it goes on. Oh, by the way, I wrote underneath that line that says "Please do not write below this line." Oh noes, you gonna arrest me? Tongue out

See yas later – my download’s about to finish. Wink


Okay, apparently it’s Keycom – my ISP. Or IPS, as I like to call them – Intolerable Pile of Shit. Tongue out They should be fixing it, although I dunno how their servers could’ve suddenly believed they were in another country, not the UK. Tongue out Videos from (streamable only in America) now supposedly work (for a limited time only, folks!! Wink), but they won’t work for me. Sad Peh, doesn’t matter – there aren’t any US programmes I’d wanna watch anyway. Tongue out

Just thought I’d let you know…

…that I’ve been playing Divinity 2 for about an hour, and I can safely say that it’s turning out to be the best RPG I’ve played in a long time. Open-mouthed Like… a LONG time. Trying to get it to WORK was a bit crap at first, it wouldn’t let me select my native resolution for a while, and it kept hanging every now and then, and when I finally DID get into the game (setting all graphics options to Extreme), my FPS was 15 and the graphics were less-than-great. Knocked it down to High, and it’s pretty smooth… just the strange bursts of frameskip can be pretty irritating.

But I don’t care about the fairly lame graphics, or even the occasional slow down, when the game HAS A TRUE REAL TIME BATTLE SYSTEM!! Open-mouthed YES! Finally, someone who CAN do it right. Open-mouthed

You can go up against about five (or more) enemies at a time and NOT die. You click rapidly to attack. You can jump and click to do an awesome air-to-ground attack. You’ve got a maximum of EIGHT (not TWENTY MILLION like SOME games…) skills in the bar that you can activate. And best of all… when an enemy shoots a fireball/magic missile at you, it doesn’t home in on you, hit you and say "DODGE"… the only way to dodge it… is by… get this… MOVING OUT OF THE WAY! Surprised And if it DOES hit you, it doesn’t have a CHANCE OF MISSING! SurprisedSurprised And for those who have insanely slow brains and can’t take having to think quickly, there IS a tactical pause button, but you don’t HAVE to use it every microsecond to win. Unfortunately, random critical hits are still there, which is a bit annoying. Sad

The battle system did feel a bit half-built at first, I don’t really "sense" all of my hits. It’s kinda like Oblivion – I hit them, and I know I hit them… but it didn’t FEEL or LOOK like I hit them. But I got used to that after a bit, and now it’s just FUN. I like how if you make a few mistakes and run low on health, you don’t always need a potion to be able to make it through – I’ve had less than 5 HP and have been able to RUN AWAY, dodging and jumping over all the magic being thrown at me. Open-mouthed Unlike SOME games, where you run away and the enemy can still hit you with a sword from 100 yards away.

And the REALLY cool thing about all this is… this is the first HOUR, and I haven’t even got to the point where you’re able to use your dragon form yet. Open-mouthed

As for the other things, the voice acting is not GREAT, but it’s not terrible or boring, and it sounds like they actually TRIED, unlike SOME OTHER RPG that was released quite recently. Oh yeah, and the game has a pretty good sense of humour (evident in some tooltips, like when hovering over a low Strength stat: "Frail old ladies beat you at arm wrestling and you have trouble lifting a weapon, let alone fighting with it." Open-mouthed) and some of the funny dialogue is actually quite funny, unlike SOME OTHER RPG that was released quite recently.
The story hasn’t really gone far yet, but it’s not truly what I expected yet – I thought you were some knight dude that could transform into a dragon, and the mission was to kick some other bad guy’s ass. But no, you’re actually a dragon slayer who, somehow, can turn into a dragon, and the mission is to kill a load of other dragons. That’s what I’ve gathered so far, anyway. I’m kinda miffed at that. Sad But at least the story isn’t so boring that I’ve not been able to PAY ATTENTION to it, unlike SOME OTHER RPG that was released quite recently.
As for the gore… well, there isn’t any, or it’s so minute that I haven’t actually noticed it. That’s perfectly fine with me, you don’t need massive amounts of gore for a good game. At least it doesn’t go ridiculously over the top and make the game seem like a complete joke, unlike SOME OTHER RPG that was released quite recently.

Basically, what I’m trying to get at here is that if you buy Dragon Age over Divinity II… you’re completely stupid. If you claim that Dragon Age is better than Divinity II without even playing the latter… you’re a completely stupid retard. If you DO play both games and think that Dragon Age is better… you’re still completely stupid. This game has what Dragon Age DOESN’T have. EVERYTHING. Tongue out And YES, I played Dragon Age. I was already starting to become BORED after an hour. After two, I couldn’t take it anymore.

I’m gonna play a bit more of Divinity II, and if I like what I see… I’m going to buy it. Open-mouthed Now… if only it had multiplayer co-op…


Woot, another spam message! Let me follow the usual tradition and post it. Tongue out

"Watsup. I wuz checkin’ through for people like me. LiveSpaces showed
you, so I figure i should ask you to talk (I really can’t seem to find
anyone ;S I hope i got it right, i’m new here). Anyways, if you want to
talking with me, you can find me over @ , my name there is

O mai gahd, that was BORING! You could’ve at least tried a little harder and made a complete ass of yourself so that I’d laugh at you. Sad I mean… no spelling errors, pretty good grammar (apart from "want to talking with me". Tongue out), nothing that automatically fills in my name or location…

You suck, heatherww55. If you’re gonna spam me with some message(s) that link to dating sites and shit, make me laugh in the process. Tongue out

Oooh, this looks interesting.

As I usually do, I have completely overlooked all the major upcoming games, like Bioshock 2, Final Fantasy XIII and Darksiders (NOT Mass Effect 2, though, I REALLY want that. Open-mouthed), and I’ve also let many recent games just sweep by, like Dragon Age, Assassins Creed 2 and Halo ODST (not CoDMW2, though. Wink) And also, as I usually do, I’ve suddenly been drawn to a recently released game that nearly NO-ONE has heard about, or probably even cares about! I’m really good at this. Tongue out

Anyway, it’s called Divine Divinity 2 (there was an original? Confused), and it seems to be a semi-linear, semi-free-roaming RPG, like Fallout 3. The thing that caught me, however, is the fact that you can transform into a dragon at will. At least… I THINK it’s "at will". Tongue out

This IS sort of annoying, because, being a pretty massive fan of dragons, I’m magnetised to ANYTHING that contains dragons. You make a game, an image, a story, or anything containing dragons, and I will be automatically interested. Open-mouthed Well, okay, not ALL of the time. There are certain things that I don’t like, and a few things that (for some reason) REALLY piss me off. And… there are a couple of things that I’ve accidentally stumbled across on the Internets that I don’t PARTICULARLY want to go into. Trust me… you don’t want to know. Tongue out

There are certain things that magnetise me even more, though. This being a GAME, where you play AS a GOOD guy (I THINK he’s the good guy… Tongue out) who can TRANSFORM INTO a GOOD dragon, it checked quite a lot of boxes. Open-mouthed The game itself sounds quite interesting, and it sounds like it’s got a lot of gameplay time and some pretty neat features. Not sure about the battle system, but for the LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE be real time… I’m bored of the lame semi-real time battle systems that are nearly direct copies of WoW’s boring battle system. I’d rather play a game and have a significant impact on the outcome than click buttons on a bar, cross my fingers and hope that my next hit does enough damage. GAME DEVELOPERS, REMEMBER, a good game is the OPPOSITE of World of Warcrap. Wink Don’t care if it makes more money, the mission of game developers is to make GOOD stuff. Tongue out

It was only released in the UK + US like… about 13 days ago, and it got pretty good critic and user reviews… yet GAME are already knocking £10 off the 360 version, and £5 off the PC version. Confused GAME’s description IS a bit shit, though… especially this bit:

"For the first time, an RPG unleashes the power of the Dragon on you!
Climb high and vaporize all that stands in your way as you
strategically use both Human & Dragon forms to defeat
Damian and become the ultimate Dragon Knight!"

"For the first time"? Confused Geez, these games where you play as a dragon really ARE unpopular… they’re rare, but they HAVE been done before, you idiots… Tongue out

Ignoring GAME’s lame-o description, Divinity SOUNDS good… but I’m not 100% sure yet. I don’t want to spend money on potential crap. As an example, Dragon Age got ridiculously good reviews from both critics and users… but I wasn’t 100% sure, and I had a strangely bad feeling about it. So, I used a torrent to try it out first. And my bad feeling was right – the game was a complete pile of shit. Couldn’t hold a candle to Mass Effect, Oblivion, KoTOR… or nearly ANY RPG for that matter. Tongue out

I’m doing the same with this game, and downloading it though BitTorrent first. Tongue out A good torrent was hard enough to find – took me 15 minutes to find the ENGLISH version instead of the German version. Tongue out Let’s just hope that it IS good…

Anyway… the torrent’s gonna take at least another 16 hours (it WAS saying 8 hours a bit ago), but I’ll let you know how it is when I’ve played it. Open-mouthed For now, though, it’s back to Star Ocean for a bit. Open-mouthed Gotta love the PS2 emulator. Open-mouthed

See yas later! Smile