Okay, so maybe this isn’t much to you, BUT…


I’ve never, EVER had ANYTHING that I’ve created on a list that has a header reading "Top Rated" before. Open-mouthed It feels so good… people actually LIKE what I’m doing! Open-mouthed Sure, I knew that some of my mates liked my game way before now, and that’s awesome, too! Smile But these are just random people somewhere on the Interwebs. It’s different… cuz… y’know… they don’t know me?

Yeah, I know, I’m probably over-reacting. This is a small site, and even though I’m on the Top Rated list, I still only have a small amount of favourites. But hey, you’ve gotta start somewhere. Wink

Anyhoo, now that I’ve got MMF2 working again, I’m making a little bit of progress every now and then on ULSG. I’ve still got quite a few Challenges to make, still got a load of Achievements to think of, still got Two Player mode to update, and I’ve still got Multiplayer to create. And Duel mode to finish. And 2 more Drones to think of. (the D.E.V.E.L.O.P.E.R Drone and the P.I.N.G.A.S Drone are coming soon! Smile) So yeah… quite a lot to do.

I’ve also got some ideas for V14, incredibly. Open-mouthed The primary idea is a new menu system, which will be quite ace. Open-mouthed I’m gonna leave it to V14, cuz I’ve already made a new menu system for V13. Besides, I don’t want to pile much more into V13 – if I added ALL my newest ideas into V13, it’d take forever to make. Besides… there’d be no more updates after that, and I want to keep this game going. Open-mouthed

Anyhoo, I’m heading back to update some more Challenges. See yas later! Smile


Oh yeah, and by the way…


Volvic Reviiiiiiive!!! Open-mouthed

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