Yo thar. Smile A few things to waffle about this time, and I’ll start with… STREETS OF GOONG. Open-mouthed

Yesz, Streets of Goong had its epic finale a week ago. Yes, it WAS epic. Go see for yourself! Now includes more Haddaway!

Next, I’ve FINALLY managed to install custom firmware onto my PSP. The hardest part was just untangling the mess of info that the Internets hold, and trying to figure out what you actually need to do to get it working. So, yep, I can play anything on it now. Even emulators for the PSP, and PS1 games! Open-mouthed Dark Alex, dude, you’re a freakin’ genius. Open-mouthed

Also, I’ve been messing around with DAZ Studio a bit recently, trying to fix the preset material settings and updating my character presets. I fixed Shadow up today, and decided to make a render with him, because he looks so friggin’ awesome.

It was a bit tough at first, because the render engine thought it was funny to destroy my bumpmaps unless I got REALLY close, which isn’t really where I wanted to be. So, I poked the render engine’s settings for a while, and OWNED it, eventually. If there’s anyone out there who want detailed objects even when rendering from far away, DECREASE the Shading Rate. Yeah, I don’t get it, but it works. Tongue out

Anyway, the finished image. But be careful, if you’re sensitive to WIN, you may want to watch THIS first. The FAIL will defend you from overexposure to WIN, trust me. Tongue out

In my opinion… Shadow (the dragon, not the hedgehog Tongue out) is officially more badass than Chuck Norris. And Shadow could probably kick the shit out of him, too. Tongue out

(Right click on the image and choose "View Image", if you’re using Firefox. You’ll get the full resolution version. Open-mouthed)

Seriously. You can’t say that’s not good. Tongue out He’s a little dark on my monitor, but hell, he’s SUPPOSED to be nearly invisible at night. That’s the brightest I want to make him, really, otherwise he’ll start to look grey. Tongue out

Any thoughts, or comments? I may be a programmer mostly, but I like to hear feedback on everything I do. Wink

And… finally, I think… I’ve half-finished a pretty neat piece of remixing. I got some voice clips from the Volvic adverts (as some YouTube Poopers do), and weaved them into MAGIX Music Maker, learning how to use the Vocoder tool along the way. I’ll post a YouTube vid of it tomorrow, because I’m pretty proud of it. Open-mouthed

Right, I think that’s all for now. See yas later. Open-mouthed


  1. Comment might be a little late, but that picture’s freakin awesome and badass. Hope I get to see him in your future games.

  2. Thanks! 🙂 I SO need to get used to animation. I could create a spritesheet for him, then, and put him in some sort of 2D game. :DI also need to work on "true" programming. I’ve had an ambitious, but pretty damned good idea for a 3D game in my head for quite a while now. 😀

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