If you’ve got Windows Mobile 6.x on your phone/PDA…

…then you should listen up. Smile

I’m on my phone right now, browsing the web like I would do on a computer. Ya rly. I (somehow) found THE best phone web browser ever made.

It’s called Skyfire, and when I first read the description, I was interested, but pretty doubtful. How could a smartphone, using a mobile Internet connection, be able to browse the web like a PC can? Phones are much less powerful than PCs. Flash 9+ for phones doesn’t even exist yet, so it couldn’t browse Flash sites. And there are loads of other things that I (personally) have never seen done on a phone browser before, such as browsing technically complex sites like Facebook in full. Never used an iPhone before, though, so this may have already been done. Tongue out

I downloaded the CAB file, and installed it, firstly being surprised at how professional it looked. Usually freeware apps for WM devices are just thrown together and don’t work on some devices. Oh yeah, it’s freeware. Open-mouthed

Then I loaded up Facebook, and expected to see the mobile version of it. Yet… the full version of it appeared, like it would do on PC. And it loaded fast. AND I can navigate around it without much of a problem. And, when you go into full screen mode, it even has the Facebook toolbar thingymajig at the bottom of the screen which, admittedly, doesn’t work too well. The Facebook chat doesn’t work, either, but I reckon that simply LOADING the page was pretty damned good! Open-mouthed

And then the big "WTF HOW?!" moment came from when I actually managed to load the Cafe World app. I don’t know how the hell it did it, probably through some sort of black magic, but Skyfire managed to load a Flash 9+ app… without Flash installed. Confused I couldn’t do much in the game, though. I could serve dishes and clean stoves, but I couldn’t do anything else – trying to make a new dish would just send the app back to the loading screen. Sad But even still, again, simply LOADING the app was impressive enough for me. Tongue out

I don’t know how it works, but it is unbelievably good. If you’ve got a Windows Mobile phone or PDA that you use to browse the web on, for GOD’S SAKE, get Skyfire. Search for it on Google or whatever – you’ll find it. It’s over 9000 times better than Internet Explorer or Opera or whatever other browser comes pre-installed on your phone. Open-mouthed

Oh, by the way, if it doesn’t come pre-installed on your phone, Opera wants you to BUY their crappy mobile browser, which is slow, dumb, and can’t load pages properly at least 99% of the time, and takes several minutes to load some pages. Skyfire GIVES their awesome browser away, which can load pretty much every page properly, AND it can load complex pages within your lifetime. Hence, Skyfire beats the crap out of Opera on so many levels, and renders Opera obsolete. If every mobile user knew about Skyfire… Opera Mobile wouldn’t exist. Tongue out

Get usin’ it. Wink

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