OH MY FREAKING GOD, this guy just made my day… ALREADY! Open-mouthed Some random dude posted a comment on my ULSG trailer, saying (I quote) "MongMaster you son of the bitch. I send e-mail to you." You can see it HERE, and you can read my reply there, too.

I was thinking "What the frig?", so I checked my e-mail… and I find one from that dude. And here it is:

YOU bitch !!!!! son of the bitch !!!!
Give me cheats for Ultimate lame ship game v13 motherfucker.
motherfucker motherfucker motherfucker motherfucker motherfucker motherfucker motherfucker !!!!!!!!!!!!

ROTFLMFAO! Open-mouthedOpen-mouthed I think this has to be the WORST attempt at trolling I have ever seen. It’s GOTTA be bad if it makes you laugh for five minutes afterwards. Open-mouthed If he’d asked NICELY… I’d have given him the WTFBOOM cheat, but… y’know. Tongue out

Dude, Aloha02-whateveryournameis… if you somehow find this and read it (and can actually understand it), check the vid you posted on. I didn’t think it deserved or needed a direct reply. Tongue out

Ah… you know you’re making a buzz when you start to get hate mail. And I like that feeling of satisfaction when hardly anyone can beat what you’ve made, and that BIG feeling of satisfaction when someone actually has to try and interrogate you to be able to beat it. Open-mouthed

Anyhoo, I’ll see y’all laters. Don’t feed the troll. Smile

3 thoughts on “AH-HAHAHAHAAAA!!

  1. I forgot that cheat, by the way, about two weeks ago or something I got to the last boss on version 13.The friggin thing crashed into me and I died. So damn close, I never thought I’d ever even get to the boss of the game.

  2. NICE, welcome to the ranks of the awesome. 😀 The last boss IS pretty painful, but most games are too easy nowadays, so I’m not changing it. :PUsing the WTFBOOM cheat will only let you unlock the Double Trouble Challenge, anyway. 😀 You don’t get the Golden Point or anything else… I think…Meh, I forget… I added that cheat a loooong time ago. 😛

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