WOO! ZOMG, I’m in shock! I made it onto the front page of The Daily Click! Open-mouthed


I’m amazed, considering that I’ve only been on the site for about a month. That was a REALLY nice surprise to wake up to! Open-mouthed I thought that they were gonna reject my download for some reason, or accept it but not put it on the front page. Open-mouthed

Today is a goooood day. Open-mouthed

4 thoughts on “OH YEAH, FRONT PAGE NEWS, BABY!!

  1. Congrats, it deserves front page. I wish you even more success with the game because it still deserves far more recognition. XD*Goes to download it now*

  2. That’s cool, but the guy who posted it as news is abit weird. ‘Where else can you find a game filled with snicker bars and Mr.T all in one package?’ That could have been written lot better…Like maybe. ‘Where else can you find a game with snicker bars, chuck norris, spartans, cillit bang, a flying cow and Mr.T all in one awesome package?’There wouldn’t be any harm in naming more of the features either, anyone who like any single part of the list would just jump straight to the download page don’t you think.

  3. Aye, it was a bit disappointing the way he advertised it. 😦 Snickers and Mr. T have something to do with each other, too, so that’s not even the most random combination!Still… it got some downloads, and about a 4.6 star average, so all was good. 😀

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