This IS tomorrow! :P

Ya, I sort of said "I’ll see you TOMORROW for the big install", but I forgot. Tongue out

The install went well, and the drivers installed okay… but I never noticed any extreme performance increase like I was expecting. There are still slight FPS hiccups in all of my games. They’re only small, like… 5 FPS or so, but when the FPS suddenly drops as I’m aiming in a shooter, it throws my aim straight off and REALLY frustrates me. Sad

Windows 7 also kinda irritated me by not giving my graphics card the maximum rating of 7.9 (it gave me Graphics and Gaming Graphics scores of 6.9, which, strangely enough, is only 1 point more than my old 8800GT, which is supposed to be about four times less powerful), but I rarely take the Windows Experience Index seriously. 3DMark Vantage gives me a graphics card score similar to everyone else with a GTX295 (just a little bit lower), yet I’m getting nowhere near the gaming performance that other people have benchmarked on review sites and stuff – people can get like… 80FPS average on Left 4 Dead, whereas I hover around an unstable 50-60 because of the random framerate drops I get. I think this is because, A) My processor is now too SLOW for my graphics card, or B) Because Windows 7 has now slown down so much that when I’m using my computer, it’s kinda like riding on the back of a giant snail. Never actually HAD that experience, but I can probably safely say that it’s quite similar. Tongue out

I’m gonna guess (and HOPE) that it’s B. If I DO need a new processor… feck. Tongue out But I’m refusing to get an i7 – WAY too expensive for not much of a noticable performance difference. Maybe I’ll get one of those new six-core (techically 12-core) processors when they come out. I’m sure THEY won’t cost a bomb… Tongue out Open-mouthed

Anyway, I’m off for now. Can’t wait until Windows 7 comes out… then I can reset my computer. It’ll be like LIGHTNIN’! Open-mouthed

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