Okay, so I got my graphics card ordered, which is sweet! Yes, it will work in my PC… JUST. Tongue out It needs at least two graphics card power cables, a 6-pin and an advanced 8-pin (which I have), at least a dual core processor (which I have), and recommended 680W power supply (mine’s 700W). If I’d’ve bought the 600W PSU I was considering when I first built my rig… I’d have four extra USB ports… but I’d be screwed right now. Tongue out

So what’s the problem? Well, the company won’t ship the card HERE, because it’s my first order, and my delivery address is different to my billing address. They do that to stop credit card fraud, which is fair enough… but now I’m gonna have to have it sent up to me from home, which is gonna cost even more. Sad You think my parents are gonna PAY to post something to me?

It’ll all be worth it when I get it, though – I’m pretty sure of that. Open-mouthed I’ll just plug it into my PC, connect it up, turn it on… and HOPE I don’t hear a massive explosion. Tongue out I should SEE a massive explosion of pure 60FPS on the screen when I play games. Wink

By the way, my Student Finance came through today… so all is goooood. Open-mouthed


3 thoughts on “ARG…!

  1. It weighs about 1.2KG and the packaging’s probably gonna be massive. Wouldn’t feel comfortable carrying it around with me, anyway. :PLol… everyone thinks the postal service loses or nicks everything… I’ve NEVER had anything lost in the post. And it’s not like anyone here can steal it, because it gets delivered straight to security, and you need ID to pick it up. 😛

  2. Ahhhh, i thought it would be small. I have had loads of stuff nicked in the post……. but make sure it’s sent recorded just to be on the safe side cos normal mail only insured up to £30.00.And answer your phone…………………. 🙂 xx

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