Ya, so I’ve been thinking over getting the GTX 295… and I’ve decided that I’m GONNA GET ONE! Open-mouthed

Soon, anyway. Tongue out When student finance gets their ass into gear and actually give me the loan I’ve asked for (it was SUPPOSED to be deposited YESTERDAY), I’m gonna get one. Because if I buy the GTX 295 NOW, and Student Finance don’t put the bling into my account within the next month, I’m kinda not gonna be able to afford it. Confused Thing is, if I DO buy it now, my overdraft will take care of Student Finance failage… but I sort of don’t like to use that, even though it’s interest free. And I also have a credit card… but I REALLY don’t want to use that.

GAH… I wants eet NAU! I’m going to snap at some point and just buy it. Open-mouthed

I’ll let ya know when I get it, and what it’s like when I install it. Open-mouthed


5 thoughts on “I WANT IT!

  1. Maybe Student Finance IS for studenty stuff… but I like to think of it in a different way – Student Finance is finance for students. :PIt’s not like I’m gonna have a shortage of cash when I’m on student finance anyway – by the end of the year, I’m gonna have about 2K spare. 😛 Yeah, I know it’s not my money… but it’s not like I’m not gonna be able to pay it back if my first job grabs me 20K-25K a year… which it will. Because I’m gonna get a 1st Class degree. I just AM – I’m not gonna let myself earn anything less. :PBesides… I’m doing a course that heavily involves computers… so upgrading my computer IS studenty! Ha HAAA! 😛

  2. lol – I like your way of justifying it! And course you will get a first class degree – if you survive freshers week! LOL! 🙂 xxx

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