I shouldn’t… but I want to.

Right, as you may know, I managed to get a healthy amount of bling for completing that Counter Challenge game. The problem is… just HAVING this amount of money has made me realise that I can afford the graphics card I’ve wanted for a fairly long time.

One of THESE:


It’s the GTX 295, and it’s the most powerful graphics card… IN THE WORRLD! Open-mouthed

Ya, and it’s pretty fecking expensive. Cheapest price I’ve been able to find is £337 including VAT and delivery… and that’s not really that bad. It’ll make my computer future-proof, cuz it can apparently run Crysis on full settings at my resolution at more than 60FPS… and games probably won’t be much more graphically demanding than that for a while. Tongue out Slightly concerned about whether my processor will bottleneck it, though. Meh, if it DOES, I’ll just wait until I can afford a quad core or something. Don’t want to go for an i7, though. The processor will cost about £300-500, and it’ll involve replacing my motherboard, and that’s not going to be cheap. Tongue out

I REALLY, REALLY want this brick of a graphics card, and I’m pretty sure I can afford it… but I don’t know whether I want to spend so much money at once…

I’ll think it over. Smile


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