The internet connection at this place is UTTER SHITE! Seriously… it’s like running on dial-up again. Or sub-dial-up. Did a speed test the other day and I was getting a download speed of 0.09Mbps! That’s… 11.25KBps, which is SLOWER than the slowest dial-up connection available. I think. Tongue out

When I first got here, I had 7MBps… that’s megaBYTES, not bits. I literally downloaded Garry’s Mod (about 6GB or so) in about 20-30 minutes. I could’ve lived with that SO well. Smile Unfortunately, it’s gone down the drain, now. Sad Repeatedly losing connection to Skype, can’t host online servers, problems connecting to people on Unreal Tournament, problems with Xbox Live, can’t even browse the Internet sometimes… it’s like descending through the seven stages of Internet Hell. Sad

It’s as if, every so often, someone in Storthes Hall starts downloading something MASSIVE for a few minutes (therefore throttling my connection), then they get bored and stop the download, giving me back SOME sort of speed. I’m thinking of trying to get my own Internet connection… because it seems pretty possible. I’ve got a phone line (that I never use) and I’m paying for the room… Tongue out Meh, I’ll see if I can do it. Open-mouthed

The TV reception’s rubbish, too – I get SIX channels, consisting of two
shopping channels, a radio station that never has any signal, a dating
channel which doesn’t have a signal, some fuzzy channel that I can’t
remember, and Dave, which is watchable every 10 seconds or so. I don’t get any BBC or ITV channels at all…
strange, because EVERYONE ELSE CAN. It’s also quite strange that I
always have full signal on my phone in my room… yet no-one else does.
Tongue out

Not staying here next year, hell no. There’s gotta be some other student place to stay next year.


Okay, so I got my graphics card ordered, which is sweet! Yes, it will work in my PC… JUST. Tongue out It needs at least two graphics card power cables, a 6-pin and an advanced 8-pin (which I have), at least a dual core processor (which I have), and recommended 680W power supply (mine’s 700W). If I’d’ve bought the 600W PSU I was considering when I first built my rig… I’d have four extra USB ports… but I’d be screwed right now. Tongue out

So what’s the problem? Well, the company won’t ship the card HERE, because it’s my first order, and my delivery address is different to my billing address. They do that to stop credit card fraud, which is fair enough… but now I’m gonna have to have it sent up to me from home, which is gonna cost even more. Sad You think my parents are gonna PAY to post something to me?

It’ll all be worth it when I get it, though – I’m pretty sure of that. Open-mouthed I’ll just plug it into my PC, connect it up, turn it on… and HOPE I don’t hear a massive explosion. Tongue out I should SEE a massive explosion of pure 60FPS on the screen when I play games. Wink

By the way, my Student Finance came through today… so all is goooood. Open-mouthed


Okay, so… I got bored of looking at the order page for the GTX 295, and sort of bought one. Tongue out

Oops. Tongue out

I was a bit shocked for a second after I bought it, because I’d spent such a massive wad of money for SOMETHING… then I realised that this SOMETHING was never going to be replaced, because it’s so powerful, it doesn’t need to be replaced. Open-mouthed Well… unless it explodes, of course, but I’m SO keeping an eye on my temperature monitor when it’s in mah rig. Open-mouthed

So that’s my graphics completely maxed out. Next… I think I’ll need a new CPU. Open-mouthed Not right now, though. Maybe sometime next year. Wink

I bet you ANYTHING that I’ll get screwed at by my mum if she finds out about this. She’d be like: "OMG WTH WERE YOU THINKING?!" But what the hell… I don’t care! Tongue out No game is gonna run slowly anymore. Open-mouthed

I’ll be bahk to tell ya what it’s like, when I’ve installed it. Open-mouthed


Ya, so I’ve been thinking over getting the GTX 295… and I’ve decided that I’m GONNA GET ONE! Open-mouthed

Soon, anyway. Tongue out When student finance gets their ass into gear and actually give me the loan I’ve asked for (it was SUPPOSED to be deposited YESTERDAY), I’m gonna get one. Because if I buy the GTX 295 NOW, and Student Finance don’t put the bling into my account within the next month, I’m kinda not gonna be able to afford it. Confused Thing is, if I DO buy it now, my overdraft will take care of Student Finance failage… but I sort of don’t like to use that, even though it’s interest free. And I also have a credit card… but I REALLY don’t want to use that.

GAH… I wants eet NAU! I’m going to snap at some point and just buy it. Open-mouthed

I’ll let ya know when I get it, and what it’s like when I install it. Open-mouthed

I shouldn’t… but I want to.

Right, as you may know, I managed to get a healthy amount of bling for completing that Counter Challenge game. The problem is… just HAVING this amount of money has made me realise that I can afford the graphics card I’ve wanted for a fairly long time.

One of THESE:

It’s the GTX 295, and it’s the most powerful graphics card… IN THE WORRLD! Open-mouthed

Ya, and it’s pretty fecking expensive. Cheapest price I’ve been able to find is £337 including VAT and delivery… and that’s not really that bad. It’ll make my computer future-proof, cuz it can apparently run Crysis on full settings at my resolution at more than 60FPS… and games probably won’t be much more graphically demanding than that for a while. Tongue out Slightly concerned about whether my processor will bottleneck it, though. Meh, if it DOES, I’ll just wait until I can afford a quad core or something. Don’t want to go for an i7, though. The processor will cost about £300-500, and it’ll involve replacing my motherboard, and that’s not going to be cheap. Tongue out

I REALLY, REALLY want this brick of a graphics card, and I’m pretty sure I can afford it… but I don’t know whether I want to spend so much money at once…

I’ll think it over. Smile

Is it just me…

…or should I have died like, three times by now? Seriously! First we were all gonna be killed by birds, and now, we’re gonna be killed by pigs AND all other farm animals! Confused

And forgive me if I’m wrong… but, isn’t swine flu a WEAKER form of normal flu? And also, haven’t all the victims of "swine flu" had other underlying health problems, too? And if e-coli is such a big problem now… why don’t you, y’know… spray all the animals with Dettol or something? That kills e-coli… Tongue out By the way, I thought e-coli was a form of food poisoning? So… how do you get it from live animals? Unless the kids are REALLY stupid and lick the animals… or not even wash their hands after touching them…

KIDS are the REAL danger, not animals. You’ll see… one day, kids are gonna cause a major outbreak of a disease because they have no common sense. Tongue out The government and farms and stuff really need to stop crapping themselves over these animal diseases, and start putting more money into child education. It will save us all one day. Tongue out

ANYWAY! If you haven’t already checked it out, there’s a new update for ULSG!

If you’re a DDR fan, you’ll want to check that out. Even if you aren’t… just check it out. It’s cool. Open-mouthed

I think the people who are following my game on The Daily Click really… REALLY like it. Open-mouthed


My bad, I should’ve died FOUR times by now! I forgot about mad cow disease. Tongue out

Just ordered Guitar Hero 5!

Oh yes! Someone in my flat bought it the other day, and I WATCHED, not played, WATCHED, four people play one song, and I IMMEDIATELY wanted the game. Open-mouthed The first thing that I noticed was that GH5 has dropped the shite multiplayer system it used in Guitar Hero: World Tour. Thank God!

Why? Well, a number of reasons. Firstly, all the Star Power YOU earned in GH:WT goes into a central bank, which can be used by anyone in your band, including those people who can only play on Easy or Medium, and can’t seem to play the game without constantly tiliting their guitar in the air. And it was such a crappy meter, that I couldn’t tell when there were two shots of Star Power to be used. Sometimes I’d say "STAR POWER ME!" and I’d use Star Power, only to notice that there was a millionth of a pixel less than what was needed for two shots, so my partner couldn’t use it. GAH! Angry

Now, in GH5, the Star Power you earn goes into your OWN meter, so only YOU can use it. The best thing you can do with Star Power is to wait until everyone has Star Power ready, and then deploy it after you hit a Band Moment. I mean… IF you hit a band moment. Tongue out

Secondly, the Rock Meter was so HORRIBLE! It would decrease to zero and fail EVERYONE even if only ONE of your band members completely lost it through whatever means (arm pain, section was too difficult, generally crappy player, etc…). I could be ACING a really hard song on Expert, such as Sweet Home Alabama, then right near the end, just when I’m about to make world history… the drummer in my band may not be able to do the "End Spammery" section, and fail everyone because of it. Sad (No, I can’t ace Sweet Home Alabama. NO-ONE CAN, unless they cheat. Tongue out)

In GH5, everyone has their OWN Rock Meter, so only YOU can fail yourself out. If someone DOES fail out, the other band members need to play well to "win the crowd over", and the failed player will be brought back into the game. Every time a player fails, though, it gets harder to win the crowd over… and if people fail too much… it becomes physically impossible to win them back. Tongue out The meter decreases WAY too fast.

Finally, the band streak. IT SUCKED. The band streak would increase by one for every two notes hit if you’re in a pair, every three notes hit if there are three members in your band, or every four notes if you’re in a full band. WTF?! Why don’t you just add one to the streak every time someone hits a note?! I can earn higher streaks SOLO than in a band on GH:WT.
Oh ya, and then when someone finally breaks the streak, you get THE WORST bonus in the world. I had a 300-odd band streak when I was playing in a pair (that’s technically a 600-note streak) and I broke the streak. Earning us… 3000 points! WHAT THA FOCK?! I can get that by hitting 30 notes at X4!

In GH5, though, the band streak goes up by one for every note hit, no matter how many people are in your band. And if someone breaks the chain, all it does is remove their streak from the band streak, not reset it to zero.
Eg: the band note streak could be at 400. That’s 130 by me, 170 by the drummer, 70 for the bassist and 30 for the singer. Then the bassist misses a note. Instead of the game going "HA-HA, that guy failed, I’m gonna punish EVERYONE now!" it simply takes 70 (the bassist’s streak) off the band streak, making 330. Simples!
There’s no point bonus for streaks, now. The streak is just there to show how awesome the band’s doing. Wink However, if someone manages to get to a X4 multiplier, it increases the band multiplier by 1… so even if everyone’s extremely inexperienced and doesn’t know what Star Power is, they can still get some awesome scores if they can play well. Open-mouthed

The biggest, most impressive feature in GH5, though, is the Party Play mode. The game goes through the title screens (and it LOADS OTHER STUFF while playing the title screen vids, so you don’t have to wait 1000 years to start the game, oh yes!), and then immediately goes to demo mode when you get through the intro. As demo mode is playing, you can press yellow on your guitar/drumkit/controller to bring up a note chart for the song that’s playing. You choose your instrument if you’re playing a guitar (bass or lead), choose a difficulty, and you’re away. Five seconds, and you’re playing.

Then your buddy comes into the room and wants to play guitar. But you’re already playing the game… and you’re playing guitar. No problem, GH5 lets you use ANY combination of instruments, and Party Play truly is drop in/drop out gameplay. He just picks up a guitar controller, turns it on, presses yellow, chooses guitar from the menu, chooses his difficulty, and he’s in the game. No interruptions, no screwing around. QUICKplay now has a new benchmark. Open-mouthed

But oh crap… your buddy chose Hard instead of Medium! No need to panic and reset the console or make everyone quit… your buddy only has to press Start, and they can change difficulty from there without interrupting anyone else. I thought when the GH5 developers said they were adding "party play" with "drop in/drop out gameplay", I thought they were just speaking crap like all other developers do when they say "drop in/drop out gameplay". But NO! They actually MEANT it! Open-mouthed

Party Play mode is THE coolest achievement in multiplayer gaming for a LONG time. Usually in all other games, if someone else wants to join in, the other players have to quit and restart and do all sorts of crap just to get one more player in the game (Halo 3 Multiplayer Campaign, as an example), but in GH5… you just press the yellow key!

Sure, in Party Play, you can’t choose the song you play (it’s set to random), and you can’t set high scores or earn stars or anything, but you can in Quickplay. But if you just want a quick game or are actually having a big house party, you can leave the game on the demo screen, and set up all the instruments nearby. When someone wants to play, they can be up and running in less than 15 seconds, playing what instrument they want to play. When they want to quit, they just press start, and select "Dropout". I freaking love it, it’s an awesome idea, and it just gets you into the game without any faffing around! Hats off to Activision/Red Octane or whoever it is. Tongue out

Can’t wait to try out the Career mode when I get the game for myself, either. Open-mouthed I caught a glimpse of something saying "Bonus Challenge" when someone picked a song to play on Career, and that sounds like it could add a new level to the game. Open-mouthed

If you like music, and you have a ‘360… hell, ANY modern console for that matter, GET GH5. Seriously, you will freakin’ love it. If you get it on the ‘360, give us your Gamertag (if I haven’t already got it Tongue out) and we will rock out until our arms fall off. Open-mouthed I don’t care whether you can’t play the game on Medium or higher… I just want to play the game as a band. Cuz that’s "where it’s at", y’know? Tongue out

That’s all from me for now. Get GH5. Open-mouthed For those that don’t:

(That song’s on the game, BTW. If it helps your decision. Wink)

LOL, I LOVE retro stuff!

Watch THIS!

I LAUGHED MY ASS OFF. Open-mouthed Also, that funky music that plays when you win just MAKES this vid. LEVEL COMPLETE! Open-mouthed
Bob the Killer Goldfish from Earthworm Jim is so much easier, though. Tongue out


LOL, I’m finding some awesome vids lately! Open-mouthed Check this out, it’s like one of those animated shorts that you sometimes see before Pixar films… only it’s not by Pixar… and it’s not seen before a film. And I’ve never seen anything quite like it before. Tongue out

It’s completely off the topic of the blog entry, but what the hell, I found it frickin’ hilarious! Open-mouthed


Okay, where the hell’s 4shared gone? I just tried to get to the site, and it looks as if the domain name’s expired or been sold.

That’s just great… thanks for effing telling me, you failing foreign file-hosting fucktards – I had 2GB of data on your servers, and you SOLD your webpage?!


Okay, don’t worry, they’re back! Must have been a website glitch, or I must have been caught in that tiny timeframe after their website expired, but before it got renewed. Panic’s over! Tongue out