Guitar Hero 5!

OH MAN, I want this game. Open-mouthed It looks and sounds so much better than World Tour, which, if I’m honest, was a bit of a disappointment. It was fun to play, but… I dunno… it felt like it was trying too hard to be like Rock Band, and didn’t have a great setlist compared to Guitar Hero 3. And it was easier, and less hectic… and somehow less exciting. Sad

It also felt a bit rushed and a bit lame in places, such as the way Star Power is used in multiplayer. When you’re paying attention to hitting notes and not paying attention to how many Star Power sequences you’re hitting, you don’t know whether you’ve got enough Star Power for all the players. So, I would sometimes risk it, saying "STAR POWER!", and find that there was about a PIXEL less than we needed for two shots, so it was basically wasted. Confused Also, when I get a streak, I want a cool display to tell me about it every time I hit a milestone, saying "50 NOTE STREAK!" or "300 NOTE STREAK!", letting me know and making me feel like I’m doing really well. I don’t want a little pathetic string of text saying "50 Note Streak" pop up and then fade out, which is barely noticable. I know why they dubbed it down from the big notifications in Guitar Hero 3, it’s because some idiot gamers direct all their attention onto a notification that pops out of nowhere, then break their chain. Sarcastic And the developers listened to these few squeals of annoyance, and made the game worse. Sad It was little irritating changes like that which ruined the experience, but it was mainly the semi-crap setlist. You’d play a good song, and then the encore comes…  and you’re expecting a really great song, and sometimes you get that, songs like "Beat It", for example. Open-mouthed But most of the time… no, some random artist gets displayed, and you’re forced to play some country music, which ruins the entire stage. Sad And there isn’t just one country song, either, there are quite a few. It’s GUITAR HERO… I know it says "guitar", but Guitar Hero featured rock in GH1, more rock in GH2, and even more rock in GH3… it’s supposed to be about ROCK, not gay country music. And it’s supposed to be about rock that sounds GOOD by artists that sound GOOD, not crap like System of a Down (which sounds like NOISE, not MUSIC) or any of the other rubbish bands they dug out of nowhere.

I really want Guitar Hero 5, though. There are loads of new touches that just make me want it. Firstly, it looks great, a much wanted improvement over Guitar Hero World Tour’s half-arsed UI – everything looks just right. Also, by the look of some screenshots, people seem to have their own Star Power and Rock Meters, which is copying Rock Band a bit, but frankly, Rock Band’s system is the only one that works properly, with the exception of the "you can’t do anything about it if a player fails out three times, you’re all going to fail" rule. If I’ve got a single player who’s crap in our band, or a single player that only lost their rhythm for a few moments and failed out, I don’t want the WHOLE BAND to be punished for it by having to start all over again… Sarcastic

Besides looking like they’ve actually tried to make the game look brand new instead of copy-and-pasting objects from older games and tweaking them a bit, there are a few other features I like, the main one being that anyone can use any combination of instruments. So there can be four guitarists, or two guitarists and a drummer… or three drummers and a vocalist, or three bassists and a guitarist, anything you want! Open-mouthed That’s an awesome idea, cuz I always want to be guitar, because bass doesn’t challenge me and it bores me sometimes, but I also want to be fair to the other guitarists. In the older Guitar Hero games, I’d alternate between bass and guitar if I had a friend who was a guitarist playing with me. When playing online co-op, it was extraordinarily gay when someone decided to constantly hog the guitar by selecting it immediately when it came up before anyone else could, and then refusing to play when he was eventually landed with bass, failing us all out… and there was nothing we could really do about it. Now, 5-year-old bitches like that online will be a thing of the past in Guitar Hero 5. Open-mouthed

There’s also a mode called "Party Play", where players can supposedly drop in and out of the game at any time, or change difficulty without interrupting the song. That’s a cool idea. Smile Then there are updates to the song maker, GHMix, which I don’t actually care about, because I find it impossible to use, and I don’t want to be sat on my arse all day making songs, anyway. I find it unbelievably boring. Tongue out

But before I blow £70 on it for the game and the new guitar controller, I have to know the setlist, because that’s the main feature of the game. The newsletter I got from GAME doesn’t really sell me. "Artists Include: Arctic Monkeys (Crap…), Coldplay (Ehh…), Iron Maiden (Great!), Kings of Leon (Who?), Nirvana (Meh…), and many more…" I’m gonna try and find the full setlist now… and maybe there’s a demo on Xbox Live Marketplace. Open-mouthed I’m gonna go check. Smile

See yas in a bit! Smile


No game demo yet. Sad And as for the setlist… I have not heard of 90% of the songs on there. I know FIVE songs on there, one which is crap (Brianstorm, it’s like listening to a food blender), one which is country music and therefore auto-fail (Ring Of Fire), one which I swear has been on a different Guitar Hero/Rock Band game (Smells Like Teen Spirit), and two which I like, but wouldn’t class as rock (Feel Good Inc, and Saturday Night’s Alright). And the rest sounds like drudgery. Sad

Full Setlist

I dunno… I was excited when I first heard about it, but now, I’m thinking of giving this a miss. But since I’ve not HEARD of most of the songs, I think it’s ridiculously harsh to say they’re all automatically crap. Unless it’s Muse. Tongue out I’ll wait for a demo, and then maybe pre-order it. If it comes and it’s rubbish, I’m gonna tell Harmonix/whatever that my guitar’s broken (when it’s not), wait until they send another guitar, and then send the game and the old guitar back. Win! Open-mouthed Hopefully, I won’t have to do that, though. Hopefully the music IS good. Smile

Anyhoo, I’m off for now. See yas later! Smile

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