I’m now on The Daily Click!

"The Daily wha?", I hear you ask? Well, it’s a site dedicated to user-made games created with Multimedia Fusion, The Games Factory and all the other Clickteam products. It’s pretty good, because it’s got a section where you can create a project, and when you do, you get a devlog, a mini-forum and a progress bar on your project page, too – it’s a nice place to give updates. Smile I also like how it orders the projects list – it puts the most recently updated games at the top, not the most favourited or the highest progress, unlike some sites, which just care about the most popular things (YOUTUBE. Wink). The site doesn’t seem too active, in terms of USER activity (the admins update the news a lot), although it’s probably the best place for me to go and get my game noticed. Smile

Anyhoo, here ya go, here’s my project page:


So go head on over there and check it out! Open-mouthed I’ll be making all my game updates there from now on, so if you want ULSG updates, make an account and favourite me! You’ll get notified when I post a devlog entry. Open-mouthed Or you can just bookmark the page, if you can’t be arsed to make an account. Tongue out

Right, I’m off. See yas later! Smile

HOLY MOTHER EFFING SHITE, huge motivation surge! I posted ULSG on TDC… and people ACTUALLY CARE about it! Surprised I was expecting to post it and people think it was stupid and completely ignore it, but no! Open-mouthed Three really positive comments and a favourite overnight. I don’t get usually that in a week when I make something!

I like this site. Open-mouthed

5 thoughts on “I’m now on The Daily Click!

  1. This multimedia fusion thing seems tobe getting better and better. I might create and account even if it’s only to see the updates on our progress.

  2. Typo, it wzas suppossed to say ‘your’. My comp sometimes skips letters while I type.

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