Streets of Goong – Stage 6 is COMING SOON!

Oh yeah, Stage 6!! Open-mouthed To all of you who can’t be arsed to check it out/haven’t checked it out, you really should do. It’s a martial arts film called Tom Yum Goong, only it’s been completely redubbed by me with Streets of Rage sounds, a Streets of Rage HUD and music from Streets of Rage Remake! Open-mouthed It’s MUCH better than the original soundtrack, seriously. Open-mouthed

Streets of Goong – Stage 1!
(There are Annotations which link to the next stage at the end of each video. Open-mouthed This one and Stage 2 were mentioned on the SoRR forums, and Bomberlink (main developer of SoRR) apparently approved of them, which was quite awesome. Open-mouthed)

The film keeps getting more and more ridiculous, though. It’s supposed to be about some guy called Kham looking for his elephants that have been kidnapped. But, the places he goes and how he goes about rescuing them seems SUPER weird… probably because I’ve never actually seen the whole film – I’ve only skimmed through it to find parts that I want, and deleting the audio before I do ANYTHING. Open-mouthed Anyway, here it is in a nutshell:

In Stage 1, Kham kicks a bunch of guys’ asses in a bar, gets a picture of some guy called Johnny, then he gets chased down a river and makes half a village explode.

In Stage 2, Kham finds Johnny in the street and gets his ass owned by him, then Johnny escapes, and Kham beats up couple of guys for no discernable reason, then he finds Johnny again, who escapes again, then there’s a 5 minute (or so) scene of stunts and a massiveass bunch of chavs on BMXs and rollerskates, and Kham owns 98% of them, and then finishes the stage by dodging someone on a quad bike with a l33t wall run.

In Stage 3, there’s a 4 minute long single take scene of Kham owning about 30-50 guys in a Thai restaurant, then he finds Johnny again, gets his ass kicked, and just when Johnny thinks he’s beaten him, Kham gets a piece of rope with a bell on it, ties it round his hand, and then kicks the living crap out of Johnny, then pushes some woman over, then owns some cronies in the back room, including a chef, and finds some guy (who I’ve named Max, because there’s a SoR character called Max. Tongue out), and clears the stage.

In Stage 4 (some time after Stage 3), Kham’s in a burning building, and sees some guy in a black cape who starts showing off some movez. Then the guy takes off his cape, and incredibly, it’s Eddie Gordo off Tekken 3! They have a little dance, and it ends with Kham kicking Eddie Gordo in the balls and eventually owning him. Then some noob ninja guy (who someone in the comments dubbed as Yun-Seong) comes along with a sword and nearly owns Kham, but then Kham uses some gong sticks to pwn the noob ninja guy, and clears the stage.

In Stage 5, some big muscley invincible guy comes out of nowhere and completely obliterates Kham. Then the invincible guy runs away for some reason, and Max comes and rescues Kham. Then in the next scene, after eating some chicken (my addition Tongue out), the viewers get Rickrolled (my fault again Wink), Elephant joins the game (Who I should have actually named Korn, but I didn’t actually watch the film before I started dubbing… Tongue out), and they invade a corporate building of some sort, with Kham yelling his oh-so famous line "WHERE ARE MY ELEPHANTS?!" Elephant runs off, and Kham owns some guys, then catches up with Elephant, who has been caught by some Galsias (SoR slang for crap enemies Open-mouthed). Kham takes three or four steps forward, and some cool guy points a gun at Kham, who starts speaking. Then the lift opens next to the cool guy, and MAX is there, who miraculously shoots everyone apart from Kham and Elephant. Elephant runs off again, and Kham follows Elephant into a room with about 20 Galsias in. Then some old bloke says something, and unveils a elephant skeleton, which turns out to be the elephant Kham was looking for. Elephant walks off a bit, headbutts a couple of enemies, and Kham throws about six people around before clearing the stage.

Yes, it’s pretty retarded so far, but Stage 6 takes it up a notch, and Stage 7 is going to take it to another planet. In Stage 6, all Kham does is get supremely pissed off and becomes SUPER MANLY, and there’s a Shenmue ripoff 80-man battle where Kham somehow owns everyone employed by… whoever the main bad guy is. Tongue out In Stage 7… naaah, I won’t spoil it for you. I’ll tell you though, I laughed so much when I first saw it, and it’s not even supposed to be funny. Open-mouthed

But anyway, ya, Stage 6 is coming soon, and Stage 7 will probably follow shortly afterwards. Open-mouthed Watch them all, they’re AWESOME! No, really! Open-mouthed

7 thoughts on “Streets of Goong – Stage 6 is COMING SOON!

  1. I’ve watched the first two videos, freakin awesome, the use of the sound effects is funny, especially when Kham tries to talk normally but says "MEGA PUNCH!" multiple times cause Axel never had enough dialogue in the games. XD

  2. Thank yous! 🙂 Hee hee, the dialogue dubbing was fun. 😀 He says "GRAND UPPAH!", by the way. 🙂 That, "AAARGH!!" and "OOOAH!" are the only things Axel says in the whole of SoR2. 😀

  3. I swear it sounds like he’s saying "MEGA PUNCH!" to me…. Cursed low quality Megadrive sound files. XD I was never that good at hearing to begin with anyway. Seriously put me next to an indian or any guy with a heavy/unique accent and I’ll never figure out what they’re saying.

  4. Lol! Ya, it’s "GRAND UPPAH!". Although in SoR3, it changed to "BARE KNUCKLE!"… which sounded crap. :PI used to be like that with my brother’s girlfriend (now wife) when I first met her – she’s Scottish. Couldn’t understand ANYTHING she was on about! :S

  5. " then he gets chased down a river and makes half a village explode.", lmao. It makes it sound like it exploded because of his awesome presence – youve just got about enough room for 2 more stages – 7 & 8, remember the next bit is where the two gigantures chuck the elephant (which weighs a huge ammount) out of the window, then kham goes all mentalist like and uses his elephants bones to obliterate the whip woman

  6. LOL, you just gave it all away. :PYa, Stage 7 is where Korn gets owned, and Kham goes psycho and owns everyone with elephant bones, and Stage 8 will probably be the bit where Kham goes all suicidal and does a Jump-Down B stun attack on the whip woman Electra as she’s flying away on tha choppah. :PThen Kham gets the high score, and Korn comes 6th or something. 😀

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