LMAO, I love made up statistics… they make me laugh.

I’ve got another render to show you peepz, but firstly, I want to milk some lulz out of this Windows Mobile newsletter I’ve just recieved. It contains all of the usual stuff – new apps for Windows Mobile devices (98% of them I would never use), new ringtones, backgrounds, tips and tricks, and announcements of new phones that have been released that come with Windows Mobile on them. Nothing really interesting, and I don’t know why I’m still subscribed to it… maybe just in case something interesting pops up. Smile But, since a mobile version of Bejeweled Twist (one of the most fun casual games I’ve ever played) never came up on their newsletters, I doubt anything interesting ever will. Tongue out

Anyhoo, the featured download this month is "Microsoft My Phone", which syncs the information on your phone with the web, so all the data is backed up. Nice. But… the first sentence of the description immediately caused me to not take it seriously:

"Did you know that an estimated 12 million mobile devices are lost or stolen every year in the United States?"

LMFAO, 12 MILLION?! JUST in the US?! So, what Microsoft are saying is basically that about 33,000 Americans lose or get their phones/PDAs stolen EVERY SINGLE DAY? Yeah, right… as if I believe that… Tongue out

Gotta love made-up statistics. Open-mouthed

Right, now, I’ve been working on a good render of Ifri for a while. Check it out:

(I’ve got it rendered in HD, too, if you want to check that out. I even decided to go berserk and experiment with HDX2! Open-mouthed Why? Because I can. Tongue out)

Haha, that looks pretty cool to me! I reckon that’s my best render yet, it really emphasises their friendship, and Ifri’s casual personality… and Ifri’s size, of course. Open-mouthed Unfortunately, I have actually run out of environments, there were only three included with Daz Studio. Confused I’d get more, but I’m not paying a ridiculous £10 for a couple of flat objects with pictures on them, and I can’t freaking search Demonoid, which is where all the Daz Studio torrents are, even though I could about a week ago. No, I don’t have an account, and I have NEVER seen the registrations open before. Sad If I had seen them open, I’d have lunged at the opportunity and made the fastest sign-up of anything EVER. Tongue out If anyone out there wants to give me an invite though, that’d be really nice, and I would love you forever. Open-mouthed Don’t worry about my share ratio, I share what I leech… uTorrent says I’ve got a ratio of 1.878 (7.86GB uploaded, 4.18GB downloaded), which you’ll find is very respectable. Wink

I’m amazed, though, that the textures still look seriously detailed, even at HDX2 resolution! I was expecting them to become a stretched mess of pixels after HD, especially Whirlwind’s, who is actually at 200% scale… but nope! These textures, and this rendering engine is da bomb. Open-mouthed Slow sometimes, but still da bomb. Wink

I still need to modify Ifri’s eyes, though – they’re supposed to be red… and speaking of eyes, Whirlwind’s are supposed to be light blue. I’ll do that later on, but it shouldn’t take too long to do. Smile

Also, I managed to find a shadow-catching plugin that I’m gonna experiment with later. It basically allows you to take pictures of the real world and add shadow maps and reflections from different non-real objects into them, therefore making the objects look more realistic, as if they’re actually in the scene, and not just floating in 3D space. Example from the manual:

<LOST, because of my idiot webhost. Sad>

GENIUS. Open-mouthed Yep, that’s a real photo, just set as a backdrop, with a 3D hippo rendered into it. Open-mouthed So, if I put my mind to it, I could put the Millenium Cat next to my own cat, I could have Michael 4 in a Superman costume flying overhead laz0ring something, or maybe a SubDragon/MilDragon could be perched on top of my roof! And it would look relatively realistic, because of the shadows the plugin projects!

I’ve SO gotta play with that plugin later on. Open-mouthed But right now, methinks it’s time for a lickle break from posing. I’ll see yous later! Open-mouthed

PS: Chazz, you’ve got spyware! Just got this IM from you:

Hey, how are you. Just wanted to let you know about these new supplements I tried. I lost 12 pounds in just a week and a half. Best thing, it only cost me $5. Check it out here: http://www.bagnice.com

Yeah, as I said, blatantly spyware, it came through MSN, and it can’t use targeted ads. Tongue out I’m not the kind of dude that would use supplements. I don’t care about my weight, and besides, if I lost 12 pounds, I think my skeleton would pop out. Tongue out

Recommend you do a Spybot Search & Destroy scan. Wink

Ifri wants to say hello!

(Wide image, you’ll need to click the blog title to be able to see it! Or, if you’re cool and have Firefox, right-click the image and select "View Image". Open-mouthed)

I’ve been poking Daz Studio for the past few days, wanting to do an animation, and then looking at the terrible timeline that has no keyframe indicators when I add a keyframe. I then become outfaced and decide to try something else. Tongue out So, I’ve been messing with textures, trying to improve my understanding of them.

And… I still don’t really get them. Surprised I can now find what texture segment is applied to what part of the model, cuz I accidentally found the UV Map screen when I misclicked trying to select a camera. Open-mouthed Even so, they are still ridiculously hard to modify well. For example, the Millenium SubDragon, like pretty much all other objects, has a freely editable texture, which is at a resolution of 4000×4000… pretty outfacing, if I have to be honest. And that’s JUST the body, you’ve still got another 4000×4000 texture for the face, two 4000×4000 bump maps for both the face and body… even the eyes are fairly massive 1000×1000 textures! I know massive resolutions give the objects awesome detail, and they look amazing when rendered… but the size of the textures is just crazy!

Anyway, I was planning to create Ifri, the Drake from my novel, Dragon Tail, for those of you who don’t know. Smile To make him accurate, I needed the correct texture – red scales with a white underside. Annoyingly… I had a texture with red scales, but an orange underside. It looked good, but it wasn’t really as accurate as I wanted it to be. Sad So… all I wanted to do is modify the base red body texture, and give it a white underside instead of orange. I knew what bit of the texture map was the underside, so I used Photoshop and the Black/White tool, converting it to white. Saved the texture, brought it into Daz Studio, applied it to a SubDragon… and it looked as if someone had run a white paintbrush straight down Ifri’s underbelly. Confused So, I had to modify the edges of the main part of the texture to convert them to white, painstakingly using careful selection and refining the selection edge constantly. It took me 17 attempts to get to a stage where I was happy with it. Confused Woot… the joys of texturing… Sarcastic I DON’T envy 3D graphic artists. I envy your WORK, but not you. Tongue out

After I’d done the texture map, I started some model tweaking. This is where Daz Studio and these models start to become REALLY cool, because you can change LOADS of aspects of the model! Want a seriously muscular dragon? The "Muscular" slider’s right over there. Need a longer neck? No problem, "NeckLength" will help you out. Want ridiculously long talons longer than the dragon’s fingers? Go ahead, there are sliders in Morphs | Shapes, and then in either the Arm/Hand or Legs/Feet category, depending on where you want to modify. It’s AWESOME! Open-mouthed

So, after giving Ifri longer legs, slightly smaller hands, shorter talons, and making him smaller, skinnier and less muscular, I then got onto the extra-fun bit – posing!

…Okay, so maybe I lie. Maybe posing can FREAKING IRRITATE me a lot of the time. Tongue out It’s especially hard to pose something from the "Zero" pose, because the Zero pose is about as useful as a cup made out of tracing paper. Confused All the irritation is worth it at the end though, most of the time, anyway. It all pays off when you do that final test render and say, "Oh yeah… I did it… I actually POSED that, and it looks WICKED!" Open-mouthed

After posing, I did the REALLY fun bit – playing with the face morphs. Open-mouthed This bit truly IS fun, because there are 15 special morphs for the SubDragon, they can all be set anywhere between -100% and 100%, and further tweaking can be done with the ~25 other more specific morphs in another tab. When you’re done with that, there are at least 30 more morphs to help the dragon express themselves. If you want something crazy like 5-foot horns, you can even modify the limits – although that WILL mess up the texture if you overdo it. Tongue out That’s the main reason why I love this program and these models so much – there are barely any limits, and there’s SO MUCH CHOICE!! Open-mouthed

After some final tweaks, and a horrible character saving process (I won’t go into it too much, but saving characters takes around 10 minutes just to choose the options, and it’s unbelievably boring, but you’ve gotta pay attention to what you choose to save, otherwise you’ll have to start all over again. Confused), and some slight Photoshopping… Ifri was ready!

And here he is, say hello, Ifri!

YEAAHH! Open-mouthed He looks good, no? Okay, so maybe he can’t speak yet, but no matter… he still looks super-cool, just like he’s supposed to be! Open-mouthed I’m quite pleased with that texture work I’ve done, and I think that pose really captures Ifri’s attitude. Took me forever to get him to fold his arms, though – after about five or ten minutes of trying, I was about to assume that the model couldn’t actually do it… until I went really berserk with all the position sliders. Open-mouthed

That’s three characters created, now! Open-mouthed Still… I’ve got Thunder, Emerald, Ice, Blaze, DracoSkaar and Dimari… and Nagira… to do. Confused I may skip Nagira, as the closest model I have to him is an Eastern Dragon… which looks nothing like Nagira looks like. Tongue out

Gonna try making a scene with Ifri later on, should be interesting to see what I can do with him, as he’s about half the size of the other dragons. Smile I’ll sees yas later on, then! Open-mouthed

One more thing…

Don’t mean to post three times in one day, but there’s something I just want to LOL at on my latest DAZ 3D newsletter that I recieve for some reason.

<LOST, because of my idiot webhost. It went something along the lines of "DAZ Studio 3 Advanced’s render engine is more accurate and renders faster!">

FALSE ADVERTISING MUCH?! SophiD is one of the big dumbasses of the world, congratulations.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, read this here post. Open-mouthed I compare DAZ Studio 2.3 and DAZ Studio 3 by rendering the same image at the same resolution under the same conditions. Much lulz ensue, and much life wastage is revealed. Open-mouthed

It’s official – Google is trying to take over the world.

Just noticed this in the news section, under yet another Michael Jackson story, which are boring me already. He was cool, and he could make music, and he could entertain, but he’s gone now, alright? Get over it… it’s not like his music’s dead… you can still listen to that by buying his Greatest Hits album which is inevitably going to be released by some music company that wants money…

Anyhoo, onto the article I actually wanted to talk about:

"Google is developing a new operating
system for laptop computers in its boldest challenge yet to Microsoft’s
control over people’s computing experience.
The new operating system will run through Google’s nine-month-old web
browser, Chrome, according to a post on the company’s website.
Google plans to introduce the operating system during the second half of 2010.
The new operating system is being designed for "netbooks", a low-cost,
less powerful breed of laptops increasingly popular among consumers
primarily interested in a having a computer to surf the web.

The Chrome browser could threaten Microsoft’s Windows system, which has
been running most personal computers for the past two decades."

Google, seriously, please stop trying to dominate the universe. You’ve got the best search engine, you’ve got the best home page solution, you’ve got the best maps service, you made Google Earth, you’re aiming to beat everyone else’s web browser, and now you want to beat everyone else’s operating system. Google’s a good company, and I like their search engine and refuse to use any other one because Google’s the best and doesn’t need to advertise desperately on TV (*cough* Ask.com *cough*), but I just think that Google Earth is pointless, Google Chrome is just another web browser that is just as fast as everything else only it looks different, and their OS idea is a bit ambitious. C’mon… threaten Windows? LOL, high hopes, much?

I’m not saying Windows is awesome, but, um… it’s on about 90% of home computers (desktops, laptops, netbooks, whatever, still 90% of all those), and this operating system of Google’s is only going to run on NETBOOKS, which are popular, but not quite as popular as everything else, THROUGH Google Chrome. And what runs Google Chrome? Oh yeah… Windows. Isn’t that a bit of a flawed scheme? "Oh, we’re going to beat Microsoft by making an OS that runs through a program on their OS, so if they want OUR OS, they’ll need to get Windows!" More $$ for Microsoft, more $$ for Google, no-one really loses. Sounds more like a co-operative scheme to me. Tongue out
It sounds really weird to run an OS through a web browser, though… Confused Why don’t they just provide it as a download that you can burn to CD, or actually sell it as a CD in stores, and then install like a normal OS?

One more thing… Compatibility. How’re you gonna get Windows programs to work on an entirely different OS with (potentially) a completely different kernel? Am I missing something? Is this not REALLY an OS, but just a case of ignorant Microsoft not writing the article up right?

Pff, we’ll see what it is in 2010. Open-mouthed


College is over! Open-mouthed Thank god, I was JUST about to lose it in there… I recommend to all my readers (and all you non-readers Tongue out) to NOT go to NEW College for any kind of award in any area of computing. Tongue out

Even so, I managed a DDM grade, which is one grade higher than I expected (and needed) to get. AWESOME! Open-mouthed I WOULD have got DDD, but one dude can only stand so many written reports. Tongue out We did more writing than anything else on the course. It’s games development, I’d expect we’d be fully DEVELOPING GAMES, not writing a bazillion reports, modifying Flash games or modifying an FPS Starter Kit along with using the worst game engine in the world…

And that engine is Torque Game Engine, folks. DON’T USE IT, FOR GOD’S SAKE! It has more bugs than an ant farm, crashes more often than a car with no steering wheel, hardly anyone can make a good game with it, and only REALLY WEIRD people use it. I found a profile of a user who builds games using Torque Game Engine, and, uh, here it is:

"I enjoy donuts and 3D graphics. I also am on a mission to taste tacos
from every restaurant in the southeast part of the U.S. I have many
nicknames, including ‘The Crayfish’ ‘Mustache Monster’ and ‘Captain
Taco.’ I have been growing my beard for about 12 months now and I am
currently in the running for the Guinness World Record for the most
consecutive Chicken Nuggets eaten without chewing–65. Thank you. On my
days off, I typically spend the morning rummaging around in the river
near my home. The goal….crayfish. I tend to eat them raw, right out
of the water. Savor that river flavor! My favorite condiment is gravy."

Riiiiight, fucking fat hairy weirdo… Confused
By the way… if the owner of the above profile is reading… let me just say – Hello. Smile Now get the hell off my blog. Tongue out

Anyhoo… I think that’s all I wanted to say… apart from the fact that I haven’t tried Rocket Riot online again yet. I’m gonna try right now methinks. Open-mouthed See yas later! Smile


WHAT THE CRAPPING HELL?! STILL no games of Rocket Riot online! There are THOUSANDS of people on the leaderboards, yet not ONE of them wants to play a game online?! As if…

Well, that was a waste of a 1 month gold card. Sad


YESZ! I finished all 80 levels of Rocket Riot single player… and it wasn’t exactly easy. Hardest level, amazingly, was Level 69, not Level 80, as I expected it to be… although Level 80 was still pretty damned hard. Tongue out

And guess what? I FOUND A MULTIPLAYER GAME!! Open-mouthed FOUR people in it, and it increased to FIVE at one point!

Now, by playing multiplayer, I heartily conclude that I am seriously awesome at the game. I won five games IN A ROW, and this is like, my first time online? Then on the 6th game, I came 2nd, score was 10-7, but I was having so much fun, I didn’t care. Tongue out Then on the seventh game, it was a duel between me and some 11-year-old, and I won so much. Open-mouthed It was funny at the end, when I had one point left to win… he was desperate for a really good powerup so he could claw back some points, but instead, as he was tunnelling through the bottom of the map, trying to find a powerup… he found a POWERDOWN, the FLAG GUN, which disables your bazooka, which is kinda important in this game. Tongue out It was so funny, cuz he was desperately trying to get away from me, and I was hunting him down as my little BANANA MAN, and then I airstriked him when he ran out of places to hide. "YOU WIN!" Open-mouthed
Then I quit, because he wasn’t much of a challenge, and I wanted to play against more than one person. Tongue out There aren’t any other games, though. Sad

I take back my "waste of a 1 month gold card". Even if I find no other games for the rest of this month, just that 15 minutes of play was worth the card. Open-mouthed

Ahaha… there’s something wrong with Rocket Riot.

I JUST tried to go into the multiplayer menu, but it said I didn’t have a Gold subscription. That’s fine, because it’s true, I DIDN’T have an active subscription… so I used one of the two 1 month cards I got from Microsoft because of my Xboxes breaking. Tongue out

So, after I’d gotten Gold again… I went into Rocket Riot’s multiplayer menu, searched for some ranked deathmatches… and it found… NO GAMES! Searched for some unranked deathmatches… NONE! Searched for ALL games… NONE! Tried to use quick play… FAILED! There are ZERO games of Rocket Riot being played online!

How is that possible?! There are thousands of people on the multiplayer leaderboards, and at least ONE of them must want to play some more multiplayer games, right? Confused What about more newbies, like me? Some players who have just gotten the game have got to wonder what multiplayer is like, right?

Meh, maybe their server’s down or something… or maybe 100% of the people who buy Rocket Riot are American or something, and they’re therefore asleep, or at work. I’ll try again later. Smile

If, later on, there are still no games, that’s really annoying, because I’ve therefore wasted a 1 month Gold card, just because I expected there would be at least ONE game online. And I expect I’m not gonna play any other games online. Bah. Tongue out

Right, I’ll be back later to tell ya whether any games pop up. See yas in a lickle bit! Smile

I just got Rocket Riot on teh Xbox!

Now, I don’t buy Arcade games that often anymore, because many mainstream developers have found their way onto there, and are polluting Live Arcade with shit. I mean, Square Enix released… um… I can’t remember what it’s called, it has a stupid name. Whatever it’s called, it’s a puzzle game, and it REALLY sucks. Some mainstream developers I don’t mind, like Capcom… they aren’t bad, they’re worthy of being on there, because Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix and Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix (longest names EVAR) are cool games. Open-mouthed
But Rocket Riot ISN’T by a mainstream developer, it’s by an independent developer, which is a good start, because they have more imagination and generally understand that games are supposed to be fun and replayable, unlike many mainstream developers. And what a cool, catchy title, as well… "Rocket Riot"! Open-mouthed So, I decided to check it out… and within 15-20 minutes of starting the game up, I’d unlocked the full version. Open-mouthed If you’ve got a 360, you seriously have to try it, it’s AWESOME. Open-mouthed

It’s so awesome because they’re not doing what most game developers do nowadays, which is spend 80% of their budget on graphics and put way too much effort into making the game look good. Good looking games are amazing and nice to look at, sure, and I love good graphics… but if the game itself isn’t fun, it’s pointless – I might as well just buy a screensaver. Take Gears of War 2, I thought that game looked great… but it just wasn’t FUN to play. It was pretty engrossing, and had a good amount of action… but it wasn’t FUN.

Rocket Riot’s developers probably put about 10% – 20% of their budget towards graphics, because in-game, they’re all simplistic and retro-like. It’s in 3D, but from a 2D side-on perspective. Some people will think that graphic style is lazy and lame… and to be honest… they have no soul, because the retro style is NOT lazy and lame… it’s COOL. Open-mouthed And frankly, when I’m flying around on a jetpack in an action-packed level, blowing the crap out of loads of enemies with a bazooka and watching the environment blowing up if I miss, with one of the coolest and most memorable soundtracks I’ve ever heard playing in the background… I couldn’t care less about graphics. Open-mouthed

I also love how the game is so simple. Aim of the game: (usually) blow everyone else up. The left stick moves you around, you point the right stick in the direction you want to aim, you release the right stick to fire a rocket, and you press A to use powerups when you collect them. That’s it. Some of the best and most fun games are like this – they’re simple to learn, but really hard to master.

Get on Xbox Live, and give it a try. Open-mouthed If you find yourself hooked, it’s yours for a mere 800MSP (£6.80). It’s got online multiplayer, as well… and I SO want to try that out… I bet it’s ultra-fun, especially with friends. Open-mouthed

If you do play Rocket Riot, and you can’t seem to find ANY enjoyment from it whatsoever, I REALLY pity you. Tongue out

Back at home, with my new RAM!

Yeah, I’m back at home… oh, it’s so nice. Open-mouthed Using my own mouse, got my own programs, my own desktop, and using my own hardware that doesn’t crash the PC! Open-mouthed

So, I’ve got this new RAM that’s 266MHz faster than my old RAM, which is cool. I plugged it in, configured it, overvolted and changed the memory timings, and it was good to go. Loaded up Windows 7, no faster than before, and ran the Windows Experience Index test – yes, not the best of computer tests, but it’s pretty handy, and quite accurate, IMO.

Now, previously, out of 7.9, I had a 6.7 for processor, 6.7 for RAM, 5.9 for graphics, 5.9 for gaming graphics and a 5.5 for hard disk. Guess what I have now? IT’S EXACTLY THE SAME! I went all the way up to Bradford, enduring my Mum forgetting the keys to the house and realising when she was ON THE TRAIN, then causing us to get five buses because she got on the wrong bus TWICE, enduring my bro being a boring dick, then enduring my Mum again causing us to nearly miss the train to Redditch, all that to get some new RAM, and I got NOTHING for it! Angry ARRRGH!

Craig, if you’re reading this, seriously, you can’t build computers and you can’t choose hardware, and you’re depressing and you should lighten up. I am running at the same speed as I was before I plugged in your RAM, and Windows Experience Index agrees. I’m pretty sure most other tests will also agree that there is no noticable performance gain. Tongue out

That’s settled that, then, because I can’t see any benefit of having a I7 processor or DDR3 RAM, and because this PC is so stable, I’m not upgrading this PC anymore. The only things I’ll buy for it within the next 10 years are a new graphics card and a watercooling system. Tongue out

I is in Bradford!

(On bro’s computer, it has Google Chrome, and that won’t let me use the Emoticons button, so the post looks lame. And I refuse to use Internet Explorer. Great. Sad )
(Back at home now, I’ve updated the post to look nice! Open-mouthed)

Ya, Bradford! Popular tourist destination… Sarcastic

Anyhoo, ya, I’m here in Bradford. I came here because I thought it would be different and maybe fun, which it isn’t… also to pick up two sticks of 1066MHz RAM from my brother who’s trading his RAM for mine, and also to check out his PC.
He bought a Rampage II motherboard for it a little while ago, and they’re freaking expensive, but also allow use of an I7 processor. He, therefore, has also got an I7 processor, which are also freaking expensive, but are supposedly the fastest processors on the planet. My bro’s not been shutting up about it, texting me to say "I7 rocks" and phoning me and getting me in a ten minute conversation about how fast the I7 processor is.
So, let’s get one thing straight very quickly. I7 does NOT rock, and is NOT fast. My processor is just as fast.
You’re probably laughing at me now, because, as you may or may not know, an I7 processor has eight cores and, on this particular model, each core runs at about 2.66GHz… so that’s a theoretical speed of 21.28GHz. My dual core E6850 is supposed to run at 2.66GHz, but I’ve overclocked it to a totally stable 3.5GHz. Even so, obviously has only two cores, so that’s a theoretical speed of around 7GHz, so my processor should technically process stuff about 300% slower than my bro’s I7.
My bro started up the PC, and it loaded Vista quite well… until I realised that it was a near-fresh install – he’s got barely any programs on here. When I took that into account, it actually loaded slightly SLOWER than my PC did with its own fresh Vista install. My install took about four sweeps of the Vista loading bar to finish loading, whereas my bro’s PC took six sweeps.
So, as he didn’t have many programs that I could test his CPU on, I had to load up something from my external hard drive – the ULTIMATE LAME SHIP GAME! It’s actually not a bad test, because ULSG only uses the CPU to do everything – no graphics card helps at any point in the game. As I was playing, everything seemed to be fine… and when I got into Fruit Frenzy, it showed no signs of slowdown at all… even though it shows no slowdown on my CPU either. Tongue out
THEN, halfway through a Choclit Rain powerup at 200 trillon points or so, BOOM, I get a total computer freeze with no BSOD. It’s one of those where you get that horrible stuttering sound coming from the speakers, repeating the last 1/8th of a second of audio over and over again. Confused Great CPU, freezes whilst playing ULSG… Sarcastic
So, I rebooted, and tried again, this time scoring 300,000 points before a freeze! WOW! (For the record, no other PC [other than Ped’s fail laptop] has crashed whilst running ULSG. Tongue out) So, my bro messed with some settings in the BIOS, and said that it would work. And to be fair, it did, I managed to clear the game without it crashing. I doubt the BIOS settings had anything to do with it, though, because just about 30 minutes ago, with the "fixed" settings, the PC crashed whilst playing Bejeweled Twist on Level 2. Confused
My bro has this incredible trait of making excuses, as well. He says he’s "got a faulty processor", even though he’s taking no action in order to return it and get a new one, therefore proving that the processor is in full working order. Tongue out If I bought a £300-£400 processor, and it didn’t work, I’d IMMEDIATELY send it back and request a replacement, not hang around waiting for store warranty to run out…
He’s also got this ridiculously ostentatious mouse called a Saitek Cyborg. I like Saitek, they make good hardware… but this mouse is CRAP! It has so many buttons on it that you can’t use the PC normally without pressing one you don’t want to press. It’s also designed to only look cool, not fit to the shape of your hand. You can even change the length of it, which seems utterly pointless in every way. There’s also this selector on the bottom that allows you to change the "scroll force". On one, it acts like a normal mouse wheel, but on three, it becomes very stiff and clicky and harder to move. What good is that?! And they’ve spent so much of their budget on the extra features, that when they came to do the main left mouse button, they had about 20p left! To click something, I need to click REALLY HARD, and the amount of times it’s become "unclicked" when I’m clicking and dragging stuff around is ridiculous! My bro’s excuse to the crap left mouse button is that "someone got chocolate down it". Wow, I want to know how they did that – there are barely any gaps around the edge of the button, and the mechanism to actually make the click is well hidden, so it can’t be stuck. Tongue out
Going back to the PC itself, he’s got two of the same make of graphics card by two different companies in SLI… not particularly intelligent, as they may be at different speeds, therefore killing his graphics, but I may be wrong. He’s got 6GB of DDR3 RAM, and that’s 2GB too much… he’s got FOUR hard drives, which is too many, and even though he won’t admit that it’s too many, it’s obvious… because he’s only used 100 GB of the 2500-3000GB at his disposal. Tongue out And his case is super-boring, and he hasn’t even got it maxed out, there are two empty spaces where he could mount fans, and his top fan isn’t working. Probably why his CPU is failing so much. Tongue out
The only things I like about his PC is the monitor (which is pretty sleek and very clear), the keyboard (a Saitek Eclipse II, which is nice to use and looks pretty smart), and his sound system. Rest of it, though, it’s pretty naff. He still won’t admit his CPU is crap, even when his computer crashes. Tongue out
So there you go… if you are upgrading your Intel based PC from a single core processor, you’ve got a £700 budget and you want a nice, fast, stable processor, get an Intel E6750 and save yourself £550-£600 – that’ll go up to 3.5GHz on the Crazy setting on an ASUS Striker II Formula, and it can go all the way up to 3.8GHz if you’ve got a good motherboard and you know what you’re doing. Some people have apparently got it to 4GHz and up! Surprised Make sure you’ve got a motherboard that can support a dual-core, though, most Socket 775 motherboards should. Smile
On the other hand, if you are upgrading your Intel based PC from a single core processor, you’ve got a £700 budget and you want to show off screenshots of task manager with eight processor core windows to your friends, whilst hiding the fact that your PC won’t stop crashing on simple, casual games like Bejeweled, by all means, buy a I7 ready motherboard and an I7 processor. Tongue out
Right, that’s me for now. I’ll see y’all later! Smile