OKAY, that is ridiculous!

HOLY BUTTFUCK, DoomGuy, if you’re reading this (which you probably aren’t), I want to gawp at your recent performance on ULSG RIGHT NOW.

Congrats on hitting the 999-trillion point mark, and congrats on unlocking the AXEL Super Ship, but SUPER CONGRATS on lasting 4255 seconds! That’s like… 71 minutes!! In ONE GAME?!! Surprised

I think RSI would kill me if I played one game for THAT long. Tongue out


I’ve just played an ULSG speedrun… and I was as quick as hell. And I mean, LITERALLY, quick as hell. No really, look at the time taken:

How AWESOME is that?! Open-mouthed

2 thoughts on “OKAY, that is ridiculous!

  1. Haha, 666s was a massive fluke, I doubt I can get 777s. :PI’ll eat a spicy chilli if I manage it, kay? 😀

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