HOLY CRAP, enough stamina?!!

I just had a peek at the Single Player high score table for ULSG, which has two new names on it. One of the new entries is a frankly terrible 3.4 million in 75 seconds by Connor. ConfusedYes, Meesh, I can see the scores people submit. Wink I’d expect he’d be better at this. Tongue out I can also see the 1353 miles he managed… how can you last for that small amount of time?! Tongue out You should play Single Player and submit a score. Open-mouthed

HOWEVER, the other entry is quite incredible. DoomGuy, who I knew at NEW College, set a score of 191 trillion. Not too shabby, but what REALLY amazes me is how long he lasted… 3200 SECONDS! That’s nearly 53 1/2 MINUTES! Surprised!

DoomGuy, you may only be number 8 in a list of 9, but you have inadvertantly set the world record for the longest game time ever recorded in ULSG with no cheats active! Even I only managed to last 20-30 minutes… and that was with “SCORELOCK” on… and, well… it’s my game! Then again, I can’t get massive times because I end up hitting the score cap before I hit 15 minutes, anyway. Open-mouthed

By the way, if you ever want to check the ULSG high scores at any time, you can bookmark these pages:

ULSG Single Player High Scores!
ULSG Survival High Scores!

They have the full high score tables on them, not just positions 1-15 like you get in-game. Open-mouthed I’ll try to make them look shiny after V13 is completed, but I’m not very good with HTML. Tongue out

While I’m on the subject of ULSG, NO, I haven’t been updating it recently. Sad I HAVE made the Multiplayer lobby and Race Mode a LOT more stable, and with MUCH allowance for lag (about 5 seconds of it, to be precise Wink), but other than that, not really. I did get the idea that any leftover Creditz at the end of a game would be converted into Experience (Not much, about 1XP per 5CZ), and that the third unlockable Super Ship would be the Resupply Ship, which will be a little faster than the Failien Cruiser, and it will have two autocannons, but it will be bigger, and since it’s a bigger craft, it will disable the Resupply Ship. Because, you know… you can’t fit a Resupply Ship in a Resupply Ship. Tongue out Still don’t know what the fourth Super Ship’s gonna be, anyone got any ideas? Open-mouthed

But ya, I’ll start updating it when I finish off this Counter Challenge game. It’s gonna be easy to make, UNTIL I get to the AI part. THAT’S gonna be hard, I can’t think of many ways to program the AI to make thoughtful moves. I’m gonna have to do a search on all the AI’s counters to determine the most points the AI can get out of a single move… and I guess that’d take a lot of time and a LOT of events… Confused

I’ll get there, though. Open-mouthed

2 thoughts on “HOLY CRAP, enough stamina?!!

  1. Ahhhh damn… I was trying to knock Connor off the highscore tables. >______>Well atleast I knocked him off the highscore tables ingame. 😀

  2. LOL! I see, I just thought you were trying to beat my times. 😀 How the HELL did I manage it in 573 seconds…?I’ve gotta try and get eight players on Multiplayer at some point – I need a recording of an 8-player race for my updated trailer. "Frantic Eight Player Online Modes!" 😀

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