I JUST got an e-mail from UCAS… about my course…

Dear Mr Holmes
Congratulations; The University of Huddersfield has asked us to tell you that it is offering you a place for
Computer Games Programming, G602; starting in September 2009
at point of entry 1.
The conditions of the offer are:
This offer is subject to you obtaining
A minimum of 240 UCAS Tariff points

Your Tariff points must include

a minimum of one 6-unit and two 3-unit awards

This offer excludes Key Skills

excluding General Studies

Alternative conditions for course:
A minimum of 120 UCAS Tariff points

This offer excludes Key Skills

excluding General Studies

See http://www.ucas.com/students/ucas_tariff/index.html for Tariff notes

HAHA, focking YES!! My grade landed me 320 UCAS Tariff points, and even if idiot teachers at NEW College got it wrong, I can’t possibly have gotten worse than an MMM grade, which gives the 240 points needed! I must’ve made a really good impression with my letter thingymabob! My l33t writing skillz must’ve paid off! Either that, or everyone else got crappy grades. Tongue out

HELL YEAH, finally, a place where I will be able to LEARN something I actually WANT to learn! Uni, here I come! Open-mouthed

<blasts off like Superman, only more rockety-like>

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