Windows 7 pre-orders, anyone?

It’s coming, dudez! On the 22nd of October 2009, we will have a version of Windows that people will not moan about! Well, okay, SOME will, like Mac and Linux fanboys, and those who constantly moan about Windows anyway. Tongue out It irritates me how everyone bitches about Microsoft nowadays. They were even moaned at by the EU when they were bundling Internet Explorer with Windows, and it looks they’ve been pressured into taking it out, because Windows 7 won’t come with a browser, or barely any of their own software, for that matter. I find that ridiculous. I don’t LIKE Internet Explorer, at all, but Mac OS X comes with Safari pre-installed on it, why can’t Windows do the same with IE? It’s damned annoying, they make an amazing OS that is used by 90% of people around the world, and to allow people to get up and running with their OS quickly, they pre-install certain programs like a web browser, picture editor and e-mail client… yet they’re moaned at because of that. It’s as if people want it to be more complicated than it should be…
And it’s not their fault that people actually BUY their operating system because it can do everything you want the computer to do… I’d like to see the people who moan build an OS like Windows. Tongue out

Seriously, though, you NEED Windows 7, ESPECIALLY if you have Vista. Windows XP is old now, and yes, Vista wasn’t much good – it was slow, sluggish, stupid, prone to crashes, didn’t use system resources efficiently, and didn’t work with a lot of things, especially when it was in 64-bit mode. Windows 7, though, is very stable, and much faster than any other Windows operating system – trust me on that. I was expecting to uninstall the Windows 7 RC after a few days because I thought it would explode or something, but nope! Not a single mistake! I HAVE had two blue screens, and a few freezes now and then, but that was because I overclocked my processor a little too high. It prefers to run at 3.0GHz, not 3.5. Tongue out

Microsoft are having a limited offer, basically to say "thanks for your support". You can pre-order Windows 7 and get about 40-50% off. It’s expected to be around £99 for the Home edition, and £199 for the Pro edition, but they’re offering it for £49 and £99, respectively. Smile I’ve got my pre-order in… I’d recommend you’d do the same, this offer WILL sell out. Tongue out

What are you waiting for? <Arnie Mode> Do it… NOW!!!! Open-mouthed

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