LMAO, I love made up statistics… they make me laugh.

I’ve got another render to show you peepz, but firstly, I want to milk some lulz out of this Windows Mobile newsletter I’ve just recieved. It contains all of the usual stuff – new apps for Windows Mobile devices (98% of them I would never use), new ringtones, backgrounds, tips and tricks, and announcements of new phones that have been released that come with Windows Mobile on them. Nothing really interesting, and I don’t know why I’m still subscribed to it… maybe just in case something interesting pops up. Smile But, since a mobile version of Bejeweled Twist (one of the most fun casual games I’ve ever played) never came up on their newsletters, I doubt anything interesting ever will. Tongue out

Anyhoo, the featured download this month is "Microsoft My Phone", which syncs the information on your phone with the web, so all the data is backed up. Nice. But… the first sentence of the description immediately caused me to not take it seriously:

"Did you know that an estimated 12 million mobile devices are lost or stolen every year in the United States?"

LMFAO, 12 MILLION?! JUST in the US?! So, what Microsoft are saying is basically that about 33,000 Americans lose or get their phones/PDAs stolen EVERY SINGLE DAY? Yeah, right… as if I believe that… Tongue out

Gotta love made-up statistics. Open-mouthed

Right, now, I’ve been working on a good render of Ifri for a while. Check it out:

(I’ve got it rendered in HD, too, if you want to check that out. I even decided to go berserk and experiment with HDX2! Open-mouthed Why? Because I can. Tongue out)

Haha, that looks pretty cool to me! I reckon that’s my best render yet, it really emphasises their friendship, and Ifri’s casual personality… and Ifri’s size, of course. Open-mouthed Unfortunately, I have actually run out of environments, there were only three included with Daz Studio. Confused I’d get more, but I’m not paying a ridiculous £10 for a couple of flat objects with pictures on them, and I can’t freaking search Demonoid, which is where all the Daz Studio torrents are, even though I could about a week ago. No, I don’t have an account, and I have NEVER seen the registrations open before. Sad If I had seen them open, I’d have lunged at the opportunity and made the fastest sign-up of anything EVER. Tongue out If anyone out there wants to give me an invite though, that’d be really nice, and I would love you forever. Open-mouthed Don’t worry about my share ratio, I share what I leech… uTorrent says I’ve got a ratio of 1.878 (7.86GB uploaded, 4.18GB downloaded), which you’ll find is very respectable. Wink

I’m amazed, though, that the textures still look seriously detailed, even at HDX2 resolution! I was expecting them to become a stretched mess of pixels after HD, especially Whirlwind’s, who is actually at 200% scale… but nope! These textures, and this rendering engine is da bomb. Open-mouthed Slow sometimes, but still da bomb. Wink

I still need to modify Ifri’s eyes, though – they’re supposed to be red… and speaking of eyes, Whirlwind’s are supposed to be light blue. I’ll do that later on, but it shouldn’t take too long to do. Smile

Also, I managed to find a shadow-catching plugin that I’m gonna experiment with later. It basically allows you to take pictures of the real world and add shadow maps and reflections from different non-real objects into them, therefore making the objects look more realistic, as if they’re actually in the scene, and not just floating in 3D space. Example from the manual:

<LOST, because of my idiot webhost. Sad>

GENIUS. Open-mouthed Yep, that’s a real photo, just set as a backdrop, with a 3D hippo rendered into it. Open-mouthed So, if I put my mind to it, I could put the Millenium Cat next to my own cat, I could have Michael 4 in a Superman costume flying overhead laz0ring something, or maybe a SubDragon/MilDragon could be perched on top of my roof! And it would look relatively realistic, because of the shadows the plugin projects!

I’ve SO gotta play with that plugin later on. Open-mouthed But right now, methinks it’s time for a lickle break from posing. I’ll see yous later! Open-mouthed

PS: Chazz, you’ve got spyware! Just got this IM from you:

Hey, how are you. Just wanted to let you know about these new supplements I tried. I lost 12 pounds in just a week and a half. Best thing, it only cost me $5. Check it out here: http://www.bagnice.com

Yeah, as I said, blatantly spyware, it came through MSN, and it can’t use targeted ads. Tongue out I’m not the kind of dude that would use supplements. I don’t care about my weight, and besides, if I lost 12 pounds, I think my skeleton would pop out. Tongue out

Recommend you do a Spybot Search & Destroy scan. Wink

4 thoughts on “LMAO, I love made up statistics… they make me laugh.

  1. The US has a population of about 306,908,000 people. so saying 12 mill of those a year lose or get phones stolen is not actually that unfeasible esp when you consider some people may have a business and a private phone. (They probably lose them rushing as the doors of McDonalds open on a a morning! lol) Pic is quality btw – do the dragon on the roof – that would look awesome! 🙂

  2. Ah, yeah – theirs is a pretty big country. 😛 Besides, lots of them may have their phones squeezed out of their pocket without them noticing because of their fat, HAHA. 😀 But 33,000 a DAY? That’s a bit of a retardedly high number. They’re saying that within 25 years, the whole of the American population would have lost their phones. :S Meh, whatever. :PThank yous, I’ll try and see if I can manage to do that render later on! 🙂

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