HOLY CRAP Bejeweled Twist ownage!

With the help of a powerup that I never knew existed until today, I just scored a ridiculous amount of points in Bejeweled Twist’s Blitz mode. 882,375! Surprised

The best move was NEARLY Spectacular rank, but it still managed well into Incredible. At x10 multiplier, I matched a Flame gem, which then blew up my Supernova gem, which then destroyed six coals, dropping about 20 geode bonuses, which then covered my screen in points, and then there were two more cascades after that, one of which made a Flame gem. Have a video! Open-mouthed

I tried to take a screenshot of my final score and the stupid amount of stars I earned, but when I tried to paste it into Paint, it just pasted a picture of my desktop for some reason. Confused Must be a Windows 7 bug, or maybe my computer’s being a bit thick. I’d better use Fraps’ screenshot-taking thing from now on. Smile

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