Back at home, with my new RAM!

Yeah, I’m back at home… oh, it’s so nice. Open-mouthed Using my own mouse, got my own programs, my own desktop, and using my own hardware that doesn’t crash the PC! Open-mouthed

So, I’ve got this new RAM that’s 266MHz faster than my old RAM, which is cool. I plugged it in, configured it, overvolted and changed the memory timings, and it was good to go. Loaded up Windows 7, no faster than before, and ran the Windows Experience Index test – yes, not the best of computer tests, but it’s pretty handy, and quite accurate, IMO.

Now, previously, out of 7.9, I had a 6.7 for processor, 6.7 for RAM, 5.9 for graphics, 5.9 for gaming graphics and a 5.5 for hard disk. Guess what I have now? IT’S EXACTLY THE SAME! I went all the way up to Bradford, enduring my Mum forgetting the keys to the house and realising when she was ON THE TRAIN, then causing us to get five buses because she got on the wrong bus TWICE, enduring my bro being a boring dick, then enduring my Mum again causing us to nearly miss the train to Redditch, all that to get some new RAM, and I got NOTHING for it! Angry ARRRGH!

Craig, if you’re reading this, seriously, you can’t build computers and you can’t choose hardware, and you’re depressing and you should lighten up. I am running at the same speed as I was before I plugged in your RAM, and Windows Experience Index agrees. I’m pretty sure most other tests will also agree that there is no noticable performance gain. Tongue out

That’s settled that, then, because I can’t see any benefit of having a I7 processor or DDR3 RAM, and because this PC is so stable, I’m not upgrading this PC anymore. The only things I’ll buy for it within the next 10 years are a new graphics card and a watercooling system. Tongue out

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