I is in Bradford!

(On bro’s computer, it has Google Chrome, and that won’t let me use the Emoticons button, so the post looks lame. And I refuse to use Internet Explorer. Great. Sad )
(Back at home now, I’ve updated the post to look nice! Open-mouthed)

Ya, Bradford! Popular tourist destination… Sarcastic

Anyhoo, ya, I’m here in Bradford. I came here because I thought it would be different and maybe fun, which it isn’t… also to pick up two sticks of 1066MHz RAM from my brother who’s trading his RAM for mine, and also to check out his PC.
He bought a Rampage II motherboard for it a little while ago, and they’re freaking expensive, but also allow use of an I7 processor. He, therefore, has also got an I7 processor, which are also freaking expensive, but are supposedly the fastest processors on the planet. My bro’s not been shutting up about it, texting me to say "I7 rocks" and phoning me and getting me in a ten minute conversation about how fast the I7 processor is.
So, let’s get one thing straight very quickly. I7 does NOT rock, and is NOT fast. My processor is just as fast.
You’re probably laughing at me now, because, as you may or may not know, an I7 processor has eight cores and, on this particular model, each core runs at about 2.66GHz… so that’s a theoretical speed of 21.28GHz. My dual core E6850 is supposed to run at 2.66GHz, but I’ve overclocked it to a totally stable 3.5GHz. Even so, obviously has only two cores, so that’s a theoretical speed of around 7GHz, so my processor should technically process stuff about 300% slower than my bro’s I7.
My bro started up the PC, and it loaded Vista quite well… until I realised that it was a near-fresh install – he’s got barely any programs on here. When I took that into account, it actually loaded slightly SLOWER than my PC did with its own fresh Vista install. My install took about four sweeps of the Vista loading bar to finish loading, whereas my bro’s PC took six sweeps.
So, as he didn’t have many programs that I could test his CPU on, I had to load up something from my external hard drive – the ULTIMATE LAME SHIP GAME! It’s actually not a bad test, because ULSG only uses the CPU to do everything – no graphics card helps at any point in the game. As I was playing, everything seemed to be fine… and when I got into Fruit Frenzy, it showed no signs of slowdown at all… even though it shows no slowdown on my CPU either. Tongue out
THEN, halfway through a Choclit Rain powerup at 200 trillon points or so, BOOM, I get a total computer freeze with no BSOD. It’s one of those where you get that horrible stuttering sound coming from the speakers, repeating the last 1/8th of a second of audio over and over again. Confused Great CPU, freezes whilst playing ULSG… Sarcastic
So, I rebooted, and tried again, this time scoring 300,000 points before a freeze! WOW! (For the record, no other PC [other than Ped’s fail laptop] has crashed whilst running ULSG. Tongue out) So, my bro messed with some settings in the BIOS, and said that it would work. And to be fair, it did, I managed to clear the game without it crashing. I doubt the BIOS settings had anything to do with it, though, because just about 30 minutes ago, with the "fixed" settings, the PC crashed whilst playing Bejeweled Twist on Level 2. Confused
My bro has this incredible trait of making excuses, as well. He says he’s "got a faulty processor", even though he’s taking no action in order to return it and get a new one, therefore proving that the processor is in full working order. Tongue out If I bought a £300-£400 processor, and it didn’t work, I’d IMMEDIATELY send it back and request a replacement, not hang around waiting for store warranty to run out…
He’s also got this ridiculously ostentatious mouse called a Saitek Cyborg. I like Saitek, they make good hardware… but this mouse is CRAP! It has so many buttons on it that you can’t use the PC normally without pressing one you don’t want to press. It’s also designed to only look cool, not fit to the shape of your hand. You can even change the length of it, which seems utterly pointless in every way. There’s also this selector on the bottom that allows you to change the "scroll force". On one, it acts like a normal mouse wheel, but on three, it becomes very stiff and clicky and harder to move. What good is that?! And they’ve spent so much of their budget on the extra features, that when they came to do the main left mouse button, they had about 20p left! To click something, I need to click REALLY HARD, and the amount of times it’s become "unclicked" when I’m clicking and dragging stuff around is ridiculous! My bro’s excuse to the crap left mouse button is that "someone got chocolate down it". Wow, I want to know how they did that – there are barely any gaps around the edge of the button, and the mechanism to actually make the click is well hidden, so it can’t be stuck. Tongue out
Going back to the PC itself, he’s got two of the same make of graphics card by two different companies in SLI… not particularly intelligent, as they may be at different speeds, therefore killing his graphics, but I may be wrong. He’s got 6GB of DDR3 RAM, and that’s 2GB too much… he’s got FOUR hard drives, which is too many, and even though he won’t admit that it’s too many, it’s obvious… because he’s only used 100 GB of the 2500-3000GB at his disposal. Tongue out And his case is super-boring, and he hasn’t even got it maxed out, there are two empty spaces where he could mount fans, and his top fan isn’t working. Probably why his CPU is failing so much. Tongue out
The only things I like about his PC is the monitor (which is pretty sleek and very clear), the keyboard (a Saitek Eclipse II, which is nice to use and looks pretty smart), and his sound system. Rest of it, though, it’s pretty naff. He still won’t admit his CPU is crap, even when his computer crashes. Tongue out
So there you go… if you are upgrading your Intel based PC from a single core processor, you’ve got a £700 budget and you want a nice, fast, stable processor, get an Intel E6750 and save yourself £550-£600 – that’ll go up to 3.5GHz on the Crazy setting on an ASUS Striker II Formula, and it can go all the way up to 3.8GHz if you’ve got a good motherboard and you know what you’re doing. Some people have apparently got it to 4GHz and up! Surprised Make sure you’ve got a motherboard that can support a dual-core, though, most Socket 775 motherboards should. Smile
On the other hand, if you are upgrading your Intel based PC from a single core processor, you’ve got a £700 budget and you want to show off screenshots of task manager with eight processor core windows to your friends, whilst hiding the fact that your PC won’t stop crashing on simple, casual games like Bejeweled, by all means, buy a I7 ready motherboard and an I7 processor. Tongue out
Right, that’s me for now. I’ll see y’all later! Smile

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