OKAY, that is ridiculous!

HOLY BUTTFUCK, DoomGuy, if you’re reading this (which you probably aren’t), I want to gawp at your recent performance on ULSG RIGHT NOW.

Congrats on hitting the 999-trillion point mark, and congrats on unlocking the AXEL Super Ship, but SUPER CONGRATS on lasting 4255 seconds! That’s like… 71 minutes!! In ONE GAME?!! Surprised

I think RSI would kill me if I played one game for THAT long. Tongue out


I’ve just played an ULSG speedrun… and I was as quick as hell. And I mean, LITERALLY, quick as hell. No really, look at the time taken:

How AWESOME is that?! Open-mouthed


That’s the CHOCLIT replaced with AWESOME. Tongue out

I found a new Chocolate Rain remix that’s gonna replace the current CHOCLIT RAYN powerup music in ULSG. It’s, like… one of the best remixes I’ve ever heard. Open-mouthed


Just after the first 43 seconds or so, it starts to pick up, and I’ve created a loop between 1:26 and 1:47, which will be the powerup music. Open-mouthed Sounds AWESOME. Open-mouthed

I’ve also gotta make a Choclit Rayn Challenge, which I think I have all planned out. You’ve got unlimited Choclit Rayn, but your only weapon is the Choclit Ray! Every twenty seconds or so, it’ll get harder, as well. Open-mouthed You’ve just gotta survive for as long as possible until either you die or too many enemies get past. May make that soon, when I’m not doing the Counter Challenge game. Smile

Anyhoo, I thinks that’s all for now. See yaz later! Open-mouthed

HOLY CRAP, enough stamina?!!

I just had a peek at the Single Player high score table for ULSG, which has two new names on it. One of the new entries is a frankly terrible 3.4 million in 75 seconds by Connor. ConfusedYes, Meesh, I can see the scores people submit. Wink I’d expect he’d be better at this. Tongue out I can also see the 1353 miles he managed… how can you last for that small amount of time?! Tongue out You should play Single Player and submit a score. Open-mouthed

HOWEVER, the other entry is quite incredible. DoomGuy, who I knew at NEW College, set a score of 191 trillion. Not too shabby, but what REALLY amazes me is how long he lasted… 3200 SECONDS! That’s nearly 53 1/2 MINUTES! Surprised!

DoomGuy, you may only be number 8 in a list of 9, but you have inadvertantly set the world record for the longest game time ever recorded in ULSG with no cheats active! Even I only managed to last 20-30 minutes… and that was with “SCORELOCK” on… and, well… it’s my game! Then again, I can’t get massive times because I end up hitting the score cap before I hit 15 minutes, anyway. Open-mouthed

By the way, if you ever want to check the ULSG high scores at any time, you can bookmark these pages:

ULSG Single Player High Scores!
ULSG Survival High Scores!

They have the full high score tables on them, not just positions 1-15 like you get in-game. Open-mouthed I’ll try to make them look shiny after V13 is completed, but I’m not very good with HTML. Tongue out

While I’m on the subject of ULSG, NO, I haven’t been updating it recently. Sad I HAVE made the Multiplayer lobby and Race Mode a LOT more stable, and with MUCH allowance for lag (about 5 seconds of it, to be precise Wink), but other than that, not really. I did get the idea that any leftover Creditz at the end of a game would be converted into Experience (Not much, about 1XP per 5CZ), and that the third unlockable Super Ship would be the Resupply Ship, which will be a little faster than the Failien Cruiser, and it will have two autocannons, but it will be bigger, and since it’s a bigger craft, it will disable the Resupply Ship. Because, you know… you can’t fit a Resupply Ship in a Resupply Ship. Tongue out Still don’t know what the fourth Super Ship’s gonna be, anyone got any ideas? Open-mouthed

But ya, I’ll start updating it when I finish off this Counter Challenge game. It’s gonna be easy to make, UNTIL I get to the AI part. THAT’S gonna be hard, I can’t think of many ways to program the AI to make thoughtful moves. I’m gonna have to do a search on all the AI’s counters to determine the most points the AI can get out of a single move… and I guess that’d take a lot of time and a LOT of events… Confused

I’ll get there, though. Open-mouthed

WOW, I just got the bargain of the century.

All those that are going to preorder Windows 7… you should have done it around the time that I did it. When I pre-ordered it, four days ago, it was £44.97. Today, I just went to check if the price had changed at all, and um… it HAD. It’s now £74.97. Surprised But never mind, because I pre-ordered it, I get it at the lowest price! <Captain Falcon Mode> YESZ!!

To all of you that did get it at that ridiculously low price, NICELY DONE. *high fives y’all* Open-mouthed To all of you that didn’t… TOO SLOW! Tongue out


I JUST got an e-mail from UCAS… about my course…

Dear Mr Holmes
Congratulations; The University of Huddersfield has asked us to tell you that it is offering you a place for
Computer Games Programming, G602; starting in September 2009
at point of entry 1.
The conditions of the offer are:
This offer is subject to you obtaining
A minimum of 240 UCAS Tariff points

Your Tariff points must include

a minimum of one 6-unit and two 3-unit awards

This offer excludes Key Skills

excluding General Studies

Alternative conditions for course:
A minimum of 120 UCAS Tariff points

This offer excludes Key Skills

excluding General Studies

See http://www.ucas.com/students/ucas_tariff/index.html for Tariff notes

HAHA, focking YES!! My grade landed me 320 UCAS Tariff points, and even if idiot teachers at NEW College got it wrong, I can’t possibly have gotten worse than an MMM grade, which gives the 240 points needed! I must’ve made a really good impression with my letter thingymabob! My l33t writing skillz must’ve paid off! Either that, or everyone else got crappy grades. Tongue out

HELL YEAH, finally, a place where I will be able to LEARN something I actually WANT to learn! Uni, here I come! Open-mouthed

<blasts off like Superman, only more rockety-like>

LMFAO, this is the BEST news story IN THE WORLD, EVER.

My bro has just phoned me up to tell me something. Usually it’s not anything interesting, it’s usually "I7 rocks" or what plane he’s going on holiday on or his most recent route on Flight Simulator… but this was FOCKING HILARIOUS. Open-mouthed

A MAN, was charged… and I’m not joking… 23 QUADRILLION dollars for a packet of cigarettes. LOLOLOL!! That’s more than all the nations on the planet PUT TOGETHER are worth!

You don’t believe me? Have a link!

LMAO, that is the best piece of news I’ve ever read. Open-mouthed I wish stuff like that would happen all the time, it’d make news sites more interesting. Tongue out Open-mouthed


I found another news story that SO deserves to go on FailBlog… so I uploaded it there. Open-mouthed


ZOMFG, I just pulled off my first EVER Bejeweled Twist Spectacular!! Open-mouthed

Have a VIDEO, too! It looks REALLY pwetty!! Open-mouthed

OOOOH YEAH! Open-mouthed The way "The Voice" says the ranks, too, it makes it SOUND awesome and spectacular, it’s as if he’s saying it in a "OH MY EFFING GOD, WHAT DID YOU JUST DO?!" tone! Open-mouthed I was nearly peeing myself with excitement when it hit "INCREDIBLE!", because I was already at that even before my second Fruit Gem started to explode… and I knew that was gonna cause some damage. Open-mouthed Then when The Voice said "SPECTACULAR!", I yelled "OH YEAAAHHH, A Spectcaular!" quite loudly. Open-mouthed Been wanting to earn one of those for a long time. Tongue out UNFORTUNATELY, there were a few snags.

One, it happened in Zen Mode, so it didn’t help me to break the one million mark in Blitz mode, nor did it save my ass from a bomb at the last second in Classic mode, so it wasn’t quite as cool as it could have been. Sad
Two… there is actually a rank ABOVE Spectacular, "Unbelievable", which I only found out about after I uploaded that video to YouTube.
But… the worst snag was number three. In the bottom right of that vid/screenie, you’ll see a LEMON. That’s a Fruit Gem, and if it was blown up or matched, it would’ve continued the cascade after things had settled down by blowing up all yellow gems, and would have most probably scored me an Unbelievable. If I’d have had a purple flame gem there, it would have blown up the lemon… and I’d be much, much happier than I am now… and I’m pretty damned happy right now. Open-mouthed

Never mind, though… I still got to see prettiful colours and lights, and it made me feel massive satisfaction for some reason. Open-mouthed I’ll let you know when I get that Unbelievable that I now want. The blog entry will probably start with "OMFGZOMFGOMGLOLZOMGOFGMG TOO AWESOME!" Open-mouthed

Windows 7 pre-orders, anyone?

It’s coming, dudez! On the 22nd of October 2009, we will have a version of Windows that people will not moan about! Well, okay, SOME will, like Mac and Linux fanboys, and those who constantly moan about Windows anyway. Tongue out It irritates me how everyone bitches about Microsoft nowadays. They were even moaned at by the EU when they were bundling Internet Explorer with Windows, and it looks they’ve been pressured into taking it out, because Windows 7 won’t come with a browser, or barely any of their own software, for that matter. I find that ridiculous. I don’t LIKE Internet Explorer, at all, but Mac OS X comes with Safari pre-installed on it, why can’t Windows do the same with IE? It’s damned annoying, they make an amazing OS that is used by 90% of people around the world, and to allow people to get up and running with their OS quickly, they pre-install certain programs like a web browser, picture editor and e-mail client… yet they’re moaned at because of that. It’s as if people want it to be more complicated than it should be…
And it’s not their fault that people actually BUY their operating system because it can do everything you want the computer to do… I’d like to see the people who moan build an OS like Windows. Tongue out

Seriously, though, you NEED Windows 7, ESPECIALLY if you have Vista. Windows XP is old now, and yes, Vista wasn’t much good – it was slow, sluggish, stupid, prone to crashes, didn’t use system resources efficiently, and didn’t work with a lot of things, especially when it was in 64-bit mode. Windows 7, though, is very stable, and much faster than any other Windows operating system – trust me on that. I was expecting to uninstall the Windows 7 RC after a few days because I thought it would explode or something, but nope! Not a single mistake! I HAVE had two blue screens, and a few freezes now and then, but that was because I overclocked my processor a little too high. It prefers to run at 3.0GHz, not 3.5. Tongue out

Microsoft are having a limited offer, basically to say "thanks for your support". You can pre-order Windows 7 and get about 40-50% off. It’s expected to be around £99 for the Home edition, and £199 for the Pro edition, but they’re offering it for £49 and £99, respectively. Smile I’ve got my pre-order in… I’d recommend you’d do the same, this offer WILL sell out. Tongue out

What are you waiting for? <Arnie Mode> Do it… NOW!!!! Open-mouthed

HOLY CRAP Bejeweled Twist ownage!

With the help of a powerup that I never knew existed until today, I just scored a ridiculous amount of points in Bejeweled Twist’s Blitz mode. 882,375! Surprised

The best move was NEARLY Spectacular rank, but it still managed well into Incredible. At x10 multiplier, I matched a Flame gem, which then blew up my Supernova gem, which then destroyed six coals, dropping about 20 geode bonuses, which then covered my screen in points, and then there were two more cascades after that, one of which made a Flame gem. Have a video! Open-mouthed

I tried to take a screenshot of my final score and the stupid amount of stars I earned, but when I tried to paste it into Paint, it just pasted a picture of my desktop for some reason. Confused Must be a Windows 7 bug, or maybe my computer’s being a bit thick. I’d better use Fraps’ screenshot-taking thing from now on. Smile