My verdict on Spore: Galactic Adventures?

It’s pretty good, but it’s let down by a few minor faults, and one MASSIVE fault. I’ll start with the minor faults.

Character control is a bit crappy in places. I was flying along in one mission, and I overshot the thing I wanted to land on, so I tried to move backwards. Of course, in real life, you can’t really do that, but I don’t care, because this isn’t real life. Tongue out Thing is, I pressed back, and expected my creature to slow down, stop, and then start gliding backwards. But no! He IMMEDIATELY started to go backwards at the same speed he was going forwards, which, because I wasn’t expecting it, then made me undershoot the target, hit the lava and die. Confused Grrrreat.

There’s also a few bugs which clearly show they didn’t put any effort into testing. I was using the special sprint boost you can equip, which is a little faster than normal sprint, but it recharges the sprint bar much faster. I used it when I had low energy, and when my energy hit zero, I was expecting it to stop and not allow me to reapply the sprint until I gained a bit more energy. NO! The sprint stayed on, even though I had no energy left! And even worse, it wouldn’t allow me to deactivate sprint, because the button was greyed out! That’s probably because the developers coded it so that if your energy was below "X", disable the sprint button. Really stupid bugs that could’ve been avoided if they’d actually paid attention to testing, or if they’d hired proper game testers, not chavs who think that game testing is an easy job that just pays them to play games. Tongue out

Those things are minor, though, and I’ve gotten used to them. Now, the biggest problem? No-one can make adventures.

This is nothing to do with Maxis, it’s to do with the general IQ level and imagination of the Spore community. Out of the seven user-created adventures I’ve played so far, I’ve given FIVE of them a crap rating. Three of them I actually had to quit on, either because they weren’t possible, or they were so mindblowingly SHIT that I couldn’t take them anymore. Like one of them, you’ve got to find a scepter on a planet within 20 minutes and return it to another creature. Lame imagination… and the level was also lame, it was just a boring planet with rubbish NPC vehicles on it. Then when I thought I’d found the scepter, I went to pick it up, and something blew up, and I died. WTF?!
Another crap one, you’ve got to get this sword from the end of this "maze" that isn’t a maze. There are also these creatures along the way who are supposed to be your enemy, but they’re set to neutral, so they wouldn’t attack me… and I could even impress them so they’d become my friend. I got the sword, and after a few minutes of trying to figure out where to go next, I reached the next objective. I had to take the sword to this museum thing, so I did. I put it down, thinking I wouldn’t need it anymore, and it fell THROUGH the building. Then, I went through the portal again, and found out that "Oh no, the planet is exploding!" and I had to put the sword back within 2 minutes. But I couldn’t pick up the sword, because it had fallen through the building. GAH! USELESS NOOBS! Angry

The only truly good user-created adventure that I’ve played so far is Super Spore Bros. and although it was in French, I got the gist of what I had to do. It was a bit badly made in places, and near the end, it got ridiculously hard because I kept running out of energy so I couldn’t do much damage to the enemies, but overall, it was pretty good, you could tell the guy had put some effort into it.

So ya, this is a good expansion, but it’s let down by bad game testing and idiots who saturate Sporepedia with CRAP adventures.

Right, I’m gonna see if I can find a good user-made adventure to play. See yas laters! Open-mouthed

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