Just checked Clickteam’s site… and found out that build #249 is nearly complete, which (I think) is the one with hardware acceleration, which will completely destroy any framerate drops in most games. Great! Open-mouthed

And THEN, I read this:

"Some of our users may have spotted our earlier April fools day joke on the forums, where we linked to two flash games. For our UK users who might not have seen this on the forums, we are
pleased to report that a Flash Export option is in development. More
details about price and availability will be released when it is

OH MY GOD, Multimedia Fusion 2 is going nuclear! First Java, now Hardware Acceleration, and soon… Flash?! If they finish the Flash option, I’m gonna be able to put a slim version of Ultimate Lame Ship Game on Kongregate! Open-mouthed

Seriously, if you’re making 2D games, and you HAVEN’T got MMF2, you’re missing out on SO, SO MUCH. Tongue out I’m so glad I found The Games Factory, and stuck with it, and kept checking back on Clickteam’s website… otherwise I probably wouldn’t know about MMF or MMF2 today. Open-mouthed

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