Oh ho ho… I feel so sorry for the guys in the year below us.

No, it’s not because they’re at NEW College. Tongue out It’s because they SUCK!

Before I left college on Thursday, I downloaded all of their Flash games to my hard drive so I could play them at home. And they were all CRAP, MILES worse than all of our years’ Flash games. Tongue out Some of them had good graphics, but hadn’t changed any element of the gameplay at all, and hadn’t fixed any bugs. Some people had given their ship lives or shields, which is good… but still… if the game gets IMPOSSIBLE after level 5 because of the game’s crap coding, there’s not much point in lives. Tongue out

Here’s to none of them becoming game developers! Otherwise, we’ll probably go through another video game crash. Confused

5 thoughts on “Oh ho ho… I feel so sorry for the guys in the year below us.

  1. Actually the lives and shields sound like good ideas, makes me wish I could of been bothered to download their games too. XP

  2. Ya, that was a good idea… but most people who added shields/lives hadn’t bothered to change the difficulty of the game, or even change the fact that it’s easier to get to higher levels because you score more points and the score barrier to the next level is still only 100 more than normal… so after level 5, the enemies were moving at light speed, and shields didn’t really help. 😛

  3. I meant so I could nick their coding and use it… >_______>Actually I might try giving HP for the enemies myself (Should be less difficult for enemies than it should be for the player), sadly I haven’t gotten around to working on my Flash game yet cause I’v been concentrating on my Torque game.But yeah I agree, at the end of the day, health and lives are useless if it doesn’t help you go much further into the game anyways. I don’t know what was going through their minds other than "Lets add more stuff to it!"But me I was like "… Well I have no ActionScript programming knowledge at all, so I’d be better off trying to fix the simple things, rather than adding new stuff to it." XD

  4. Ah, I see. :DYa, fixing bugs is better than adding stuff while bugs are there. Besides, you generally learn more about code by fixing bugs. For example, as I was fixing the "higher levels are easier to get to than lower levels" bug in the Flash game, I learned how to declare and modify variables, and so that helped me make my combo system! :DBlah, Torque sucks. 😦 If I manage to get into uni and then find out we’re using Torque for the majority of the three years, I’m going to shoot myself. 😛

  5. Lol, hopefully it’ll be something like C++.Fixing the score requirements, enemy stat increments and possibly tweaking the player projectile speed a little were pretty much the only things I changed with the Flash game (Other than changing the graphics).

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