I JUST ordered Spore: Galactic Adventures.

I installed Spore again, and as it was downloading a patch, I decided to check out their website. Seems like they passed 100 million creations, which is quite incredible, to be honest. Then again, every time you make a change in the Creature Stage, it doesn’t save over your old creature, it just creates a new one. Once you take that into account… there probably only going to be about 20-40 million unique creatures. Confused

Anyhoo, I watched the trailer for Spore: Galactic Adventures, and because the trailer was so funnily stylized as a comic book style adventure, it sold me! Open-mouthed It’s not JUST that that sold me, though… it increases the replay value to around infinity, because there are loads of adventures included in the expansion, and then once you’re done with those, there are the community created adventures, which never stop coming. Open-mouthed

Not sure what the gameplay experience of the expansion is gonna be like, but I did like Spore, I mean, I REALLY liked it… but then I started thinking of all its faults near the end of the Space Stage, and then the ending that was trying to be funny just wasn’t funny enough. I was expecting something really bad to go down, and then there be this emergency final mission to stop the galaxy from imploding or something, just something to give the game an EPIC finish… but no! Sad Then the first couple of expansion packs put me off even more, because they didn’t really add anything gameplay-ish to the game. They only added extra components for creatures… and I didn’t buy them, because I’m not the kind of dude that wants to sit in front of a monitor and make creatures all day. Tongue out If I buy a game, I want to PLAY it, not mess around with making stuff for it that I won’t really use. Tongue out

Anyway, I’ll tell ya what the expansion’s like when I get it! For now, I’ll sees yas later! Open-mouthed

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