Guitar Hero: Greatest Hits is out tomorrow!

Or today, for all those who pre-ordered it from GAME. Tongue out I’m not so sure that buying this game is a good idea… because… well… um… it’s technically an expansion… and has nearly all the songs that I personally have played before… and yet it costs £40. Confused

Ouch… I would’ve paid £20-30, no problem… but £40 is a bit excessive for a bunch of tunes from previous Guitar Hero games rolled into one game. Sure, they’ve got drums and vocals added into the songs now… but I don’t sing, and I don’t have a drumkit yet. Tongue out

Ya, I may give this one a miss, or get it pre-owned. Smile

In other news, I have just found the worst song in the world! It’s B.Y.O.B by System Of A Down! I played it on GH4, after seeing my rating was only 3 stars, because I’d forgotten what the song was like. And I have now established that anyone who likes this song has no music taste whatsoever… because… well… it’s not a song! The chorus is good, sounds nice and has a tune… but the rest is just noise and idiots yelling. Tongue out Didn’t improve my 3 stars, mainly because I couldn’t hear the song because it didn’t have any distinguishable tune, beat or rhythm… and partly because I couldn’t be arsed and stopped trying to strum to the music after the first solo. Tongue out

More news, COLLEGE IS FINISHED!! Open-mouthed Well, okay, almost… we’ve got a week off, then we’ve gotta go back on Tuesday and Wednesday to do a presentation to finish off our work. And just as long as I deliver a good presentation and pass all my other units (which I’m almost certain to), I’m gonna get the 204 unit points for the DMM grade I need! WOOTAGE! Life is good. Open-mouthed

Anyway, I’m-a off for now. I’ll see y’all later! Open-mouthed

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