WOW, NEW College are getting on my nerves.

Okay, so we’ve got this awards evening tonight… and Grace was nearly literally pissing herself for me to go, because it was "quite important that I be there". So… I thought that it was important… myabe I’d won something that was actually meaningful, instead of "Well done, you were here at least 90% of the time!" or whatever. Tongue out

So, I made arrangements to go, and told Grace that my sister wanted to come, if there was enough space. She said "that should be fine", so I texted my sister to tell her the times and stuff, and she said she’d be able to take me and bring me back. Great! Open-mouthed

However… just as I was about to leave the class, Grace said that I COULDN’T go, because I hadn’t returned the form or something. Which is really stupid… why would I need to return a form when she could just reserve places for me there and then? So, I cancelled the arrangements, and I was extremely annoyed… but I was quite quiet about it.

Today, I found a message on the voicemail that I must’ve missed that was left yesterday at about 9:00PM. It was from someone from NEW College about the awards evening (probably to say that I can now go), and asking me if I could ring in the morning. I find this REALLY fecking annoying, and really damned rude!

Basically, they’ve said, "Oh, you can come if you want to… oh no, you’ve REALLY gotta come, it’s SO IMPORTANT! Oh, now you can’t come, sorry. Wait, no, sorry, you CAN come now…" Damn it, I wouldn’t get pushed around this many times even if I was in a freaking pinball machine! And I bet that if I decided to phone them now, they’d put the icing on the cake and say "Oh, sorry, no, that was a mistake, you can’t actually come."

King organisation skillz by NEW College(!) Sarcastic They fail at organising units, they fail at making units, (one of the units was CHANGED midway through, and only people that hadn’t passed them had to do the unit again, which I find extremely shit) they fail at computing, they fail at organising awards evenings… basically, NEW College fails, a lot.

So… I don’t reckon I’ll be at the awards evening after all… although my sister is (annoyingly) phoning them right now for me… even though I specifically said "I’m not going", because they’ve had their chance to get me there. If they wanted me to think they were serious about it, and that it truly WAS important… they wouldn’t have changed their minds so many times by now!

110% focus on passing the course with at least DDM mark, now… I’d rather not have to go back there and redo the course. Tongue out

4 thoughts on “WOW, NEW College are getting on my nerves.

  1. Yay! I’m mentioned in paragraph 6 in the parenthesis! Aaron too I guess.But yeah it sucked that I had to do the unit all over again just because I forgot to hand it in last year. If I hadn’t had to do that unit again I’d probably be finishing off a bunch of other units to get a better certificate.NEW College fails! Pass it on!

  2. Haha! I’ve already done my bit, methinks… I passed on the NEW College offline Administrator password by whispering it into one of Aaron’s videos he took at College, which he’s probably gonna post on YouTube. And I’ll pass it on here, too! :DPeople who ever do go to NEW College Bromsgrove, if you ever get bored of the crappy speeds you can achieve on your network account (which you will)… login as "administrator" with the password "br0m5". Make sure you change your domain to "this computer"! Pass it on! 😀

  3. At the awards evening someone in our group that was doing the media course had a blank certificate…It’s official, NEW College fails. Who’d have thought the password was that simple and easy.

  4. LMFAO!! I think Japan just heard me laugh. :DA BLANK CERTIFICATE? How the HELL can they not realise that they have a piece of card with nothing on it?!Dumbasses… 😛

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