Windows 7 Screenies!

As requested. Open-mouthed There aren’t that many cosmetic differences, but trust me, it runs MUCH faster than Vista ever could. Tongue out You’ll need to click the blog title to view these without having them trimmed off at the right. Open-mouthed

The desktop! Not much different from Vista’s, apart from the new Taskbar.


(People who are cool and use Firefox can right-click that image and press "View Image". Open-mouthed)

You can rearrange the icons on there and pin programs to it, so you can open them with one click. Kinda combining the Quick Launch bar and the Taskbar. Open-mouthed

Got a lot of windows open and need to look at the desktop?

Move your cursor down to the bottom right of the screen… and…

They disappear! Yes, I personally can’t see ANY technical benefit from this, but fools who use the resource-eating desktop-hogging Sidebar and it’s useless modules could find use in this. Tongue out

Got a word processor open and need to write a report whilst researching on the net?

Grab one of the windows, and push it against the side of the screen…

Then let go!

It’s tiled, and ready to rock!

Then you can do the same thing with the other window:

And you’re ready. Open-mouthed You can pull the windows away from the side of the screen, and they’ll revert to their original size! Open-mouthed Pretty handy.

That window display when you hover over a button on the taskbar has been improved, too:

Now, when you hover over a display window, it’ll make all other windows transparent, so you can easily see the contents!

And you can close windows using the display, too!

Aaaand, that’s all I can think of showing off. Open-mouthed As I said, not much visible difference, but my computer boots a hell of a lot faster than it used to, and NOTHING has gone wrong yet. Open-mouthed User Account Control is less intrusive, too, sometimes it won’t even ask for confirmation if you’re running on an admin account. I like that button in the bottom right, too, because it completely replaces the "Show Desktop" button that I constantly had to have in the Quick Launch bar on XP and Vista. Now I can just move to the bottom right, click, and I’m at the desktop. Open-mouthed

Anyhoo, if there’s anything that I’ve missed that you want screenies of, just yell. Open-mouthed

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