Okay, so maybe Windows 7 is starting to become really impressive.

I see your face go Surprised because I just said that. Yup, I’m starting to really like this version of Windows.

Today, I tried to install the drivers for my keyboard’s LCD display, and it failed, saying my version of Windows was not supported. Wasn’t really annoying, because not many things have actually been made for Windows 7 yet. So, I right-clicked on it, and saw an option: "Troubleshoot Compatibility". I tried that, Windows scanned for problems with the program, and set the compatability options automatically (strangely enough to XP Service Pack 2, even though the app was designed for Vista. Confused). I said "what the hell, worth a try", and started the installer, not expecting it to work.


Immediately, I said "HOLY CRAP, Windows just did something INCREDIBLY SMART!"

Another thing! You know how the pic on your desktop can sometimes become a bit boring after a while, so you change it? Well, Windows 7 lets you have a slideshow on your desktop, instead of a single picture! It’s a nice little feature, because when I first turned on the PC, I had one image, and then after a while, I went back to my desktop, and it’d changed! It’s AWESOME! Open-mouthed

Also, the icons in your system tray can be organised so they don’t look out of place! If you want to hide an icon, you don’t have to go into a menu like you did with XP and Vista, instead, you simply drag the icon out of the system tray. Job done.

Windows 7 is just so LIKEABLE. Open-mouthed If you’ve got your own PC and have full responsibility of it, I’d recommend you get the Windows 7 RC and try it out. It’s a hefty download, but worth it. It actually feels like the finished product, and there are even updates for it through Windows Update, too. Smile I’ve only had a compatibility problem with one program so far, and that’s OneCare… and I haven’t even tried using Troubleshoot Compatibility, yet! I’m just gonna try that now, just a sec. Open-mouthed

Aw, it tried, but it didn’t work this time. Sad Never mind, there’ll be a Windows 7 version of OneCare at some point. Open-mouthed

The only thing that’s wrong at the moment is this damned Kapersky Anti-Virus, constantly asking me what it should do and saying every installation is suspicious. I don’t even see why I need anti-virus, it’s not like I download files from dodgy sources, and I’ve not had a virus for the past God-knows how long. Well… at least it doesn’t have that focking ultra-loud pig squeal sound every time it finds a virus or something suspicious. That was on a previous version. It’s nice to see that they found some intelligence and figured out that people hate loud, sudden sounds. Open-mouthed

Anyway, get Windows 7 RC, it’s cool, and it works, unlike Vista. Open-mouthed I’ll see yas later!

7 thoughts on “Okay, so maybe Windows 7 is starting to become really impressive.

  1. Haha, it’s more of a shock that there’s something to like about a new version of Windows! I thought that Windows 7 was gonna be a shiny mess of poo that would explode when people put the discs into their drives, but no, it seems to be going well! 😀

  2. AHAHAA, Funny shit. :PTell… um… uh… crap, I forgot the name of your boyfriend. NO WAIT, it’s Andy. Yeahh! 😀 Tell Andy to get the Windows 7 RC for his laptop, it’ll help him replace that piece-a-crap that is Windows Vista. :D…he has got a laptop, right? 😛

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