I are running Windows 7!

Yep, the Release Candidate actually WORKS! And ONE SECOND, my keyboard wooden slideout thing that has my keyboard on it feels extremely loose. Tongue out

Okay, maybe that’s worked… ya, good, now it doesn’t feel like it’s gonna fall off while I’m typing. Open-mouthed

Anyway, this Windows 7 RC… it feels… completely stable. I’m even running the 64-bit edition, the edition that can use a lot of RAM but can’t run anything, and it’s installed everything I’ve needed to so far – Firefox, Thunderbird, Microsoft Office, Daemon Tools… without any problems! Hell, it even knew what my graphics card and screen resolution was before I even installed any drivers!

Well, there IS one thing that didn’t install – OneCare. Kinda annoying, because I like OneCare. Instead, I’m installing a Windows 7 Edition of Kapersky… and I don’t like Kapersky after it almost destroyed all my data not so long ago. But what the hell, I’m running a pre-release of an operating system! SOMETHING’S gonna go wrong at some point. Tongue out

Right, I gotta restart my computer to enable a couple of things, but I shalt be back in a jiffy! Smile

<Ten minutes or so later…>

I’m BACK, and Kapersky is annoying me already. FIREWALL CHANGE PROCESS CHANGE PROCESS CHANGE SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITY FIREWALL CHANGE FIREWALL CHANGE PROGRAM CHANGE every freaking few seconds! There’s this thing that’s known as "being OVERPROTECTIVE"? Kapersky, you need to chill out a little bit. Tongue out

Seems to have shut up for now, though, which is nice. Smile

Anyway, yeah, Windows 7, what’s new? Well… from what I can tell as a "normal" user… It’s not TOO much different:

BIG Screenshot Link!

(WHOA, Windows Paint is a LOT different, now. Looks like it incorporates the Office 2007 ribbon menu now. I like it, it looks pretty modern. Open-mouthed)
(Also, no, that’s not my normal background image, that’s the best of the Windows 7 preset ones. Mine’s not THAT weird [although that one does look relatively cool]. Tongue out)

It looks shiny, just like Vista was… oh, and there’s that new taskbar which is quite weird at first, as it seems to merge the Quick Launch bar and the Taskbar together, but it’s a nice idea. Eg: I can hover over the Windows Explorer button and see a display of all open windows, and when I hover over these displays, all other windows go invisible just so I can see the window I want to see. Neat! Open-mouthed I can also pin applications to the taskbar and start them just by clicking on them!

It also seems faster, smoother and less stupid, although that might be a side-effect of having to wipe my hard drive to be able to partition it like I want to, without having to wait several decades. It boots a little faster, and everything I ask it to do, it does without question and without stalling. So yeah, I can’t complain about it right now. Smile

Aaand, one second, DAEMON Tools is asking me to reboot. Be right back.

<About five minutes later>

I’m back again! And there’re some more Windows updates for me. Open-mouthed They sure do update this quite a lot, given that it’s just a pre-release. Open-mouthed Anyway, what else is there… oh yeah, there are some cool new window controls. If you’ve got a load of windows open on your desktop and want to minimise all but one, easy, just grab hold of the window you want, shake it, and all other windows will minimise! If you want them to come back, just shake the same window again! Pretty sweet!
If you want to tile two windows on different sides of the screen, say you want to have a word processor on one half of the screen and a web browser on the other, you can just grab each of the windows and push them against the side of the screen, and they’ll automatically tile against the sides of the screen! Not a bad idea, in my opinion. Smile

So yeah, I can’t really fault it at the minute. It doesn’t contain much more than Vista or XP did, but maybe Microsoft have finally figured out that adding more features is… well… not more, because "more" to most people sounds like they’re making progress.

If people who are trying the Windows 7 Release Candidate don’t think it’s any good and think XP is still better… then, well… you’re a bit dim. Tongue out There’s nothing wrong with Windows 7, and it’s faster, smoother and feels better than XP, they haven’t just made it "shiny" this time. Trust me on this.

Keep it up, Microsoft, don’t mess up now, you’re onto something here with Windows 7. Smile

Anyhoo, I’ll get back to setting my PC up again. See you all later! Open-mouthed

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