Oh, how ironic. About Windows 7 RC.

Right, so a few days ago, my secondary hard drive failed, yeah? Amazingly, today, I’ve just heard about the new Windows 7 Release Candidate. And now, I want my other hard drive to be NOT broken, so I can install it on there and try it out without having to remove Vista and start my computer all over again from scratch. GAH, typical! Angry

Oh yes, Windows 7 RC has been released, if you didn’t already know. Sounds pretty sweet, they say they’ve listened to our views on what was wrong with Windows Vista (ehe, not much rly lol… [extreme sarcasm]) and they’ve made Windows 7 faster, smoother, safer… but then again, companies like Microsoft SAY a lot of things. Never mind, I’m still trying it, but I’m a bit worried about that "Release Candidate" bit. Installing an unstable operating system onto your PC is basically like getting the government to build your house for you. No matter how good it seems, it’s gonna mess up at some point and end up damaging you and/or your stuff. Tongue out That’s why I want my other hard drive back, so I can install Windows 7 RC safely onto there, and if it screws up and corrupts all the data on the drive, it shouldn’t do anything to my OTHER drive. SHOULDN’TThinking

Since I don’t have two drives though, I’m willing to take a risk on my only drive just to get away from gay Vista for a while. I would partition my current drive to be able to get Windows 7 on there, which should sort of make it safer… but firstly, I kinda don’t trust an operating system that’s a release candidate, because it’s likely got a zillion bugs that will eat all the data on my drive… and it needs 20GB of space.. and the most I can shrink down and partition is, for some reason… 12GB. Even though… I have 117GB of space free, but oh well… Tongue out

Still downloading it though, and I’ll find a way to get more space. Open-mouthed This HAS to be better than Vista, otherwise Microsoft are seriously having some sort of nervous breakdown. ANYTHING’S better than Vista, damnit! Let me talk to MS for a bit about Vista: I don’t care if it’s shiny, Microsoft, it just doesn’t work properly and takes a thousand years to start and stops me from using any program without confirmation, and then when I lose patience and turn User Account Control off, it has a spaz attack and keeps nagging me to turn it back on! Please tell me, that in Windows 7, you’ve given me full control over my PC again…?

Ahem. Sorry, I had to let that out. I dunno why, it’s not like they’ll read it or anything. Tongue out Ah, well, we’ll find out soon enough whether they HAVE given me back control of my PC. In about 12-14 hours (would’ve been around 6 hours, but somehow I’m in the top 2% of O2 bandwidth users in the UK for this month AGAIN, and so they’ve cut my bandwidth. I swear other people who sign up to O2 don’t even USE the Internet. Tongue out) I shalt have an extremely buggy version of Windows 7! Open-mouthed

If you’re feeling brave and adventurous, you can get it here. Smile Just… for God’s sake… only get it if you know how to use a computer, it tells you the minimum capability you should have somewhere in the FAQ. And I suggest you backup your stuff if you do try it… although you probably already knew that. Open-mouthed

Anyhoo, I’ll sees yas laters. Buh-bye! Open-mouthed

2 thoughts on “Oh, how ironic. About Windows 7 RC.

  1. I wouldn’t get the first release, I would wait for a service pack 2, by then they’ve ironed out all the bugs they can find.

  2. Aye, that’s a good idea… but then again, they’ve had Vista out for a while now and the furthest they’ve got is Service Pack 1. :S I’m pretty sure they’re not stupid enough to release Windows 7 with as many problems as Windows Vista had – they never released an RC or a Beta for Windows Vista, if my memory serves me correctly, so they really must by trying to get it right this time. :)I’ll probably get Windows 7 a few weeks after it comes out, that is, if the RC turns out to be good and it’s an okay price. Not tried the RC yet, though, might try to install it later, after I’m done with today’s slab of college work. 🙂

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