Ooh dear, one of my hard drives has failed for no apparent reason. Confused Ironically… it was the backup drive, LOL. Open-mouthed It did have a few episodes of TV Burp and Top Gear on there, but nothing vital, thank God. It was that same drive I removed from the external case after the fan stopped working, I wrote about that a while back. I was expecting it to fail at some point anyway, it is a fair few years old.

But still, that’s kinda freaked me out a little. I’ve just realised that if the computer makes just one little mistake, one bad positioning of the needle inside the hard drive, it’s game over, and bye bye all 250GBs of data I’ve collected, including the two most important sets of data I’ve ever created: source files and graphics to the Ultimate Lame Ship Game and all 200-ish pages of Dragon Tail and its (relatively small) Draconic Dictionary counterpart. Those things took me years to make, losing them completely would be a nightmare. Confused

So, I’ve VERY promptly backed them up onto my external hard drive, but I’m still freaked out about THAT failing, too, because I’ve never fully trusted external hard drives. So, I’m gonna be getting another hard drive soon when I have some more monies – it’ll be a big one, 750GB or 1TB if I feel like it. Open-mouthed I’ll probably end up partitioning that into a smaller boot drive and a larger data drive. After reading up on boot drives, I get why PC manufacturers make a system partition and a data partition now – it supposedly speeds up boot times. Smile

And as a bonus, I’ll have 372GB of extra space from the spare hard drive! Open-mouthed And… ehe, I actually knew that WITHOUT looking. Geez, I know so much about my computer, hehe. Open-mouthed

Yeah, so… I’d recommend that you please backup your stuff. Seriously. It feels nice to know that your important data is safe… unless lightning strikes you about three times and EVERY hard drive you own fails at exactly the same time. Tongue out

Anyhoo, I’ll see yous all later! Smile

2 thoughts on “SHIT!

  1. having hardware problems??? dont send it to wales…i now agree with you useless people take forever its been soooooo long. i could re-freekn-wire a console in this amount of time and i passed my practical part of t.d…soldering even i’m a pro!

  2. LOL! Ya, they wouldn’t exactly be my first choice for hardware repairs, hehe. :DMy computer seems to be completely falling apart, though. One of the three fans on the top of the case just stopped spinning for no reason last night when I was playing a game. :S I should really check that out, maybe the wire’s just fallen out or something. 😀

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