ULSG Ultra-Slim Multiplayer Edition!

Oh yes, it’s here! A public version of ULSG! Open-mouthed Sure, it’s missing Single Player, Lame Survival, Two Player, Duel, Experience Level, Challenges, Achievements, Master Achievements, Options, the Intergalactic Mall… so yeah, about 90% of the game. But it DOES have Multiplayer! Open-mouthed I’m aiming to get at least eight people in the lobby, and get an 8-player race going, because I’ve never actually tested the seventh or eighth player yet. I have on the same computer, but that’s a little different from connecting through the Internet. Open-mouthed

So, here you go, have a link to it. Smile

ULSG Ultra-Slim Multiplayer Edition!
(It’s a RAR file, so you’ll need WinRAR, if you haven’t got it already. First link in the list. Smile)

This probably won’t work on Macs, because I’ve never even used a Mac before, and ULSG was developed on Windows. Sowwy, dudes. Sad

When you load it up and go into Multiplayer, just enter your nickname, and then for the Address, type in ulsg.game-host.org. That’s my server. Smile You could also use the public server, but I’m not sure whether it’d work. It’s being a bit stupid and not letting me connect at the moment. Sad

I’m gonna try and get some people to give it a try so I can see if it works 100% or not. Smile Don’t be expecting many people on, though, it’ll probably be empty or turned off 98% of the time. Open-mouthed

Anyway, have fun with it if you do try it, and I might see you on there! Smile

2 thoughts on “ULSG Ultra-Slim Multiplayer Edition!

  1. Haha… absolutely no-one has downloaded it yet. :PNevar mind, maybe I’ll ask the dudes on Skype to see if they’ll give it a try… that is, if they’re not "busy". 😀

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